August 19, 2017

Artista Soft modelling class

I’ve just returned from teaching a 2 day intensive bride and groom modelling class.


Students bride and groom toppers

Students bride and groom toppers


As you can see the students have excelled themselves, aren’t the figures fab…….I’m sure any bride and groom would be very pleased to have these  models in pride of place atop their wedding cake. 


The models are made from Artista Soft, a fantastic lightweight modelling medium. I must admit, for modelling, I prefer using Artist to sugar! It’s slightly different to work with, for example you use water to blend joins and smooth and it does shrink a little.


If you fancy joining another of our workshops, please click here to visit our website where you’ll find a full list of our current classes.

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  1. they look really good, wish you could do a workshop in my area!

  2. I had such fun on this course and as always picked up loads of tips. It was great spending a couple of days with fellow sugarnutters. The only disappointment was from my kids when they discovered that they couldn’t eat my bride and groom!

  3. Hi Lindy
    I had a great time on the course – I got home and have brought loads of bride magazines! Can’t wait to get started and do lots of bride and grooms for display!

    It was lovely meeting other people as sometimes it gets a bit isolating working on my own.

    See you at the next course!


  4. Hi Lindy
    I had a great time on the course. You have great patience and lots of inspirational tips. Yes I got the bride and groom home in one piece.
    It was good to work with Artista Soft. Yes I must admit it is better to work with than sugar.
    Good Luck with you DVD.

    Kind regards


  5. loretta nicholas says:

    Is Artista Soft available in the USA? Or is there an equivalent you can recommend for the same workability/results?

  6. Yes it is available in the US but its sold under a different trade name, the name escapes me at the moment so I’ll get back to you shortly.

  7. loretta nicholas says:

    I sincerely appreciate your research here! Looking forward to hearing back on this issue.

  8. Success, a very similar modelling medium available in the US is called ‘Delight’, I guess because its a delight to use! This is the product that I used last year when I was teaching fairy modelling in Toronto, Canada – it worked a treat!
    The craft store Michaels sell it but you have to buy it in store, however I’ve found a few other online suppliers including Primitive Originals
    Buy some, try some and let me know what you think

  9. loretta nicholas says:

    Thank you so much Lindy – hope to try it out this week and will et you know my results!
    Warmest regards from

  10. maggie mcivor says:

    Hi there i have been throught the site which is fab!!!!

    I am disabled and dont get out very often and was wondering if there is a dvd that shows you step by step instructions on how to do the bride and groom.

    Ant help would be very much appreciated x

    Maggie x

  11. Hi Maggie
    I’ve not made a bride and groom modelling dvd as yet but I’ll bear your request in mind when I’m deciding what my next topics will be.

  12. sue harding says:

    hi lindy, do you have a book showing how to make a bride and groom, if so would you let me know, many thanks, sue

  13. Dear Sue
    Bride and Groom Cake Toppers can be found in Celebrate with a Cake on the Pink Sparkle cake.
    You may also be interested to know that Lindy has just released her workshops for Spring 2010 and she is running a Bride & Groom Topper 2 day workshop on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th March 10am – 4pm.
    You can find details at
    Kind regards

  14. This blog is so helpful – full of useful tips! I’m just about to make a bride & groom topper out of Artista soft ( which I’ve never used before). I have the book with instructions for a sugarpaste topper, but wonder if there’s anything I need to do differently when using Artista soft instead? Does it still need spaghetti to support it inside? I’d be grateful for any advice please…

  15. Hi Sarah
    Artista is different to working in sugar, with artista you use water to stick and can use water to blend away any joins etc. One thing to watch out for is shrinkage as it drys, however for modelling I certainly prefer it to sugar

  16. Thanks Lindy
    I’m now partway through making the bride and groom, but I have a long thin crack across the back of the bride’s dress which I didn’t notice until it was dry.
    Do you think there’s anything I can do to repair this without it showing, or should I just start all over again?
    (By the way, I’m really enjoying using artista soft, it’s less messy and sticky than sugarpaste, and it stays where you put it!)

  17. Sarah,
    If you wet the crack and then smooth it over with you finger or a paintbrush the crack should easily disappear. If it’s a large crack, fill with a little artista and then wet and smooth until all traces have gone.
    Good Luck!

  18. gloria koromvokis says:

    Hi Lindy,

    just wondering if Artista is available in Australia

  19. Hello Gloria,
    You may find it under “Hearty”. If not we can ship it to you in Australia – it is very light so the postage should not be too expensive.

  20. how do I order form the UK? and how do I read the money exchange? would love to place an order….wonder how much shipping would be to Dublin, Ohio, USA 43016? can you find anyof this in the USA, especially the Artista Soft? or is there a home made recipe? thank you

  21. Hello Sarah,
    Go onto our online shop. When you put items in your basket it will give you the equivalent amount in dollars under the “Total” figure. It will also show you how much the postage will be. You can do all of this before you pay, so no obligation! We don’t have a recipe for the Artistasoft, but Google it and you may find a supplier in the US.
    Good Luck

  22. Hi Lindy
    Can we use Artista with our normal cake tools? Can the tools be used again for sugar afterwards?
    How long will toppers keep?

  23. Hi Yalda

    Yes you can use Artista with your sugarcraft tools and re-use them on sugarcraft – give them a good wash.

    The toppers will keep forever but may fade over time.

    Kind regards
    Lindy’s Team