August 20, 2017

Rolling out sugarpaste – Top Tips

Learning how to handle sugarpaste/rolled fondant comes with practice, however my practical tips may help shorten your learning curve!

  • Knead the sugarpaste/icing until it is soft and pliable – for comments on the consistency of your paste, please see my blog post on ‘why does my sugarpaste crack?’
  • Smear your work surface with white vegetable fat e.g. White flora or Trex. I never use icing sugar (florsocker, flormelis, tomusokeri) as it dries out the sugarpaste and can leave unwanted marks on the paste.
  • Start with a ball of sugarpaste that is perfectly smooth a free of any blemishes.
  • Place 5mm spacers either side of your paste. I use strip wood that I have cut to size, its available from DIY stores such as B&Q, Wickes etc
  • Use a large non stick rolling pin – if you are a beginner, my advice is that it’s worth investing in one of these early on.
  • Roll the paste out a little in one direction, rotate the paste 90° androll a little more, you are aiming to keep the sugarpaste in a more or less circular shape. As the circle becomes larger and thinner pick up the paste using the rolling pin rather than your hands as this prevents the sugarpaste stretching.
  • If you have an air bubble in your sugarpaste, pop it as soon as you see it, by inserting a scriber needle or pin at 45°and stroke out the air, then continue to roll.
  • Keep rotating the paste and rolling a little more until the rolling pin runs smoothly over the spacers.

You should now have a circle of sugarpaste of even thickness that is ready to cover your cake.

If you’d like to see me demonstrate this and are unable to come to any of my workshops, then my new ‘Wonky’ Cake DVD, which is out in May, is an option – if you’d like more details please take a look at some of my other posts!



  1. Hello Thea Morris,

    You can either place some waxed paper or an appropriately sized cake board between the cake and the board.

  2. Aly Flint says:

    Daft question alert…I was making cake toppers for cupcakes using sugar paste, which I rolled flat and painted on with food colouring. Now are these edible?? Would the food colouring colour your tongue?! (I have used black to create a zebra print effect)
    Thanks in advance


  3. Hello Aly,
    If you have used sugarpaste and edible colouring the topper would be edible, but I think they would make your tongue black if you used black colouring!

  4. Hi Lindy,

    I am finding all this information brilliant, but i am having problems with sugar paste, i am making butterflies, leaving them to go hard then putting them on my buttercream frosted cupcakes and then i put them in an airtight container, the next day the sugar paste has gone all soggy and soft and the butterflies have flopped over and not standing up or hard any longer. Why is this happening..?? is it the airtight container..?? I am new at making cupcakes and have no idea how to resolve this problem. Please help.. xxx

    Many thanks xx

  5. Hello Lorna,
    You need to make your butterflies from pastillage. With pastillage you can put the butterflies into the buttercream and they will not absorb the moisture.

  6. Hello Lindy,

    I’m very glad to have found your website and hope that you can answer some of my questions.

    1. Is it essential to freeze madeira cake before carving it? I am making a birthday cake for Sunday and wish to bake the cake on Thursday evening, carve it on Friday during the day, buttercream and cover it in the evening and finish off the details on Saturday evening.

    2. I want a silvery but not shiny surface to put my cake on but don’t want to use sugarpaste to cover the board. Would the taste and appearance of a covered cake be affected if I were to cover the board with metallic wrapping paper?

    3. I will be making sugar lego models to go with the cake. Would it be best to assemble the model immediately on the cake once made or would I need to let it dry before attaching it on and what would I attach it with?

    4. If I need to leave the models to dry first and do not have sugarcraft foam (fingers crossed that it has arrived), then what could I use instead and where would I need to store it before using?

    Many thanks for reading and I look forward to your response.

  7. Hello Oei-Chi,

    – It is not essential to freeze a madeira cake before carving it but it does make it easier.
    – For the silvery surface, we would recommdn using sugar paste with edible lustre dust (light silver) or foil upside down.
    – Before attaching the Lego Models we would let it all dry and then attach with sugar glue. Here is a quick video that will help about sugar glue:

    We hope that it all goes well!

  8. Hi Lindy! Your advice please. I am a very new, inexperienced cake decorator.

    I have to make some cupcakes for my nephew’s wedding. This will be in 2 parts: a Hindu ceremony on Saturday 7th May and a registry office ceremony Sunday 8th May. Cakes will need to be dropped off at the reception venue on Saturday 7th, and I will not be able to access them again until I set them up on the stand, about an hour and a half before the Sunday ceremony.

    I will be using piped buttercream icing with a butterfly decoration on each cupcake. I was wondering: will the butterflies folded wings “flop” if I fix them on the cakes on Saturday 7th? If so, how can I get over this problem? I really need to put the butterflies on the cakes Saturday, and leave them alone – quite confident they will be OK on Sunday 8th!

    Desperately need your help. Many thanks!

  9. Hi, can you give me advice on covering a square cake? What do I do with the corners? Thanks.

  10. Hi Lynne,

    If you are putting the butterflies in the buttercream they need to be made from pastillage as this won’t absorb any moisture.

    Good luck and enjoy making these.


  11. Hi Sarah,
    To cover a square cake always start with the corners. As you work around it cup up the paste and with the elasticity of the sugar paste it will naturally follow the correct shape.
    I hope this helps you.

  12. elizabeth says:

    i live in spain and the weather is usually hot can you tell me how to store a lot (20 kg) and how long will it keep

  13. I love your design.,With pastillage you can put the butterflies into the buttercream and they will not absorb the moisture.

  14. Carolyn Mclaren says:

    Hello Lindy, I am doing a 3 tier wedding cake and intend to use your recipes from Cakes to Inspire and Desire for the fruit and Madeira cakes.I want to know if the temperatures given in the book are for a fan oven. I assumed they werent so lowered the oven temperature when I did the fruit cake and it took a lot longer to bake than expected. I would like to know before doing the Madeiras.
    Also I would like to sandwich and crumb coat the Madeiras with buttercream but am worried about it staying fresh in summertime. I did read somewhere that the high sugar content stops the butter from going off is that correct?

  15. Mandy Knight says:

    Hi Lindy

    I am a big fan of your cakes and love using your books as inspiration for my cakes.

    Would you be able to advise me on using my chunky cookie cutters.
    I use cornflour on the cutters and I roll my sugar paste on cornflour quite thickly so that i can use my chunky cutters and then the letters can stand upright on the cake. However i have trouble getting them out of the cutter as they are so chunky. i ususally end up trying to tease them out with a a paint brush or a modelling tool, but this normally leaves small marks on the letter.
    would you be able to suggest how i can get my chunky letters out of the cutter without marking the sugarpaste.
    Mandy :)

  16. How far in advance can I decorate a fruit cake with Marzipan and sugarpaste?

  17. Corrine says:

    Hi Lindy,

    I’m making a tall dragon cake for my daughters 3rd birthday and whilst I’m fairly okay with sugarpaste I’ve always done squarish things in the past. How do I join a head to a body with no visible seam around the neck? Can you just keep smoothing and the seam will eventually disappear or is there another trick.
    Fantastic tips and wonderful that you’re happy to share them.


  18. Hi Corrine,
    How Lindy would cover a 3D shape would depend on the shape of the cake. It is always easier to cover in sections but sometimes it is also possible to cover as a whole. If you are covering in sections think about where the joins are least visible. It is possible to blend the joins away but this takes speed to cover and then time to smooth and of course a bit of experience helps!!!!
    Good luck and have fun!

  19. Hi Lee,
    You can decorate a fruit cake with marzipan and sugarpaste months in advance if you want as it keeps, but to prevent any decoration spoilling it is probably best to only decorate your cake a week or two in advance if this is possible.

  20. Hi Mandy,
    Lindy always use mouding paste to decorate her cakes, the gum in the paste makes the paste firmer than sugarpaste so it is easier to remove shapes from cutters, it also means the paste is easier to handle. I suggest you have a go adding some gum to your paste and have another go!!!
    Enjoy practising.


  21. Hi Elizabeth,
    Sugarpaste needs to be kept cool and if this is done it will last until the best before date.
    However if this is not possible we would recommend freezing it.
    I hope this helps.

  22. Hi Carolyn,
    The temperature can vary for each oven, we would recommend that if a cake cooks too quickly at the recipes recommended temperature you try lowering it by 10 degrees celcius at a time until you get the desired effect.
    Mine needs to be 20 degrees lower than Lindy’s!
    Once you have crumb coated the Madeiras with buttercream and covered them with sugarpaste, keep the cake somewhere cool and dry. All Lindy’s buttercream recipes will keep fresh if kept cool. Lindy does not recommend using Swiss Meringue buttercream in summer if it is hot, as this type of buttercream is not stable at warm temperatures.
    You are right high sugar content does help.
    Enjoy making the wedding cake.

  23. Hi Lindy, I have tried to smear my work surface with white vegetable fat to roll out the fondant as you advised but the fondant keeps sticking to the surface. I was forced to go back to using icing sugar and this of course dried out my fondant. Is there something I’m doing wrong? How do I stop the fondant from sticking to the surface?

  24. Hi Tess,
    To stop your fondant sticking to the fondant use more white fat than you previously tried. Definitely avoid the icing sugar.
    Over and Out

  25. Jaimee Barker says:

    I have a picture of a cake that someone has asked me to make for their wedding and it has really sharp edges to it. How do you achieve this. No matter how hard I try mine always look curved :0/
    Thank you Jaimee

  26. Hi,
    My husband has just bought me a ‘Sil-pin’ (a silicone rolling pin) to roll out my sugarpaste. I have used it twice, and despite claiming to be non-stick, both times the sugarpaste has stuck to it. It does say it is meant for dough – is this the problem, or am I doing something wrong? Are you familiar with this product? Should I ask him to take it back and buy an acrylic rolling pin instead?

  27. Caroline says:

    When i roll out my sugar paste, i use cornflour to stop it sticking to my hands and worktop, but have found that it marks the sugarpaste quite badly. How can I stop this from happening, I do have a liquid to brush on the sugarpaste, but it doesnt seem to get rid of the white marks, nor does brushing it with a paintbrush?

    Help – ppplllleeeaaassseee??

  28. Hi Bex,

    How nice of your husband to buy you a rolling pin! I would firstly assume that you are not putting enough white fat or similar down before rolling. This usually does the trick and stops sugar paste sticking. Just a small amount wiped on the surface before you start should do it. I would try this first and see if it helps. let us know!

    Best wishes


  29. Hi Caroline,

    We find rubbing a small amount of white fat on your hands/surfaces works a treat ! Give it a try and let us know if it helps.

    Best Wishes


  30. Hi Jaimee,

    Lindy would recommend doing each side in pieces, if you take a look in her Cakes to Inspire and Desire book, there is a cake on page 92 called Op Art, and page 86 Christening Bricks which have very straight sharp edges. This should provide you with all the info you are looking for…

    Kind Regards


  31. Hi there, I have been decorating for about a year now and the only thing that really bugs me is black fibres on sugarpaste, I clean with hot soapy water first and then for an added extra I wipe down my table with white icing that then gets thrown away, someone told me to try it to take away all the horrid little fibres that stay behind, but they are always there, any tips on how to get rid?

  32. Hi Karen
    Little black fibres can get into sugarpaste from a number of sources. To help minimise fibres, think about what you are wearing – we find that our students notice fibres in their paste if they are wearing dark fluffy jumpers for example. Also think about how you are drying your hands, at classes our students all use paper towels but at home many have coloured hand towels which easily transfer fibres into paste – you’ll probably be surpised how many times you need to wash your hands when decorating cakes. Also if you are clearing up your kitchen before cake decorating leave time for the dust to settle and then wipe down your worksurface with a damp cloth and dry with a paper towel before rolling out your paste. I personally think using sugarpaste to clean your surface is a little extravagent!
    Hope this helps
    Happy baking

  33. Hello, just after a bit of advise on sugar paste.

    I am helping my friend with her wedding cake, she wants me to surround the out side of the cake with tiny bunting made from icing. I just wondered, if I were to cut out the triangle pieces from the sugar paste, how soon can I make a start on sticking them to the cake? The wedding is in a couple of weeks and I didn’t want to leave it until the last minute. Will it dry out once I have added it to the cake? Also, how do I go about sticking it to the cake?

    These are really stupid questions, I know. But I hope you can help.

    With thanks, from someone who has never done anything like this before!

  34. Hi Lindy,
    I’ve been browsing your blogs for about the last two hours and have had so many of my questions answered – thank you!
    I do have a question of my own however; I have been asked to create a wedding cake for some friends and plan on totally covering the bottom tier in little tiny flowers How would you attach them? Should I use icing or edible glue or something genious that I don’t know about yet?!
    Also, since the wedding is in France (!) and the thought of using someone elses oven terrifies me, I plan on making the cakes (chocolate sponge) on Tuesday, transporting them in air tight containers to France on Wednesday and then covering and decorating on the Thursday and Friday! Do you think that will work, or would you cover them before transporting?
    Many thanks,
    Laura x

  35. Hi Laura,
    It’s good to hear that our blog has been helpful.
    To attach the flowers (we would make out of modelling paste) on the bottom tier of the wedding cake use sugar glue.
    We don’t recommend covering a sponge cake as its not dense enough to carry the weight and stop being mishaped. We recommend Madeira cakes or the chocolate fudge cake – both here on the blog –
    In heat sugarpaste changes dramatically so we would recommend covering and dowelling the cakes in the UK first, but not stacking them on top of each other until you get to the venue.
    Once covered do not keep these in an airtight container, just a cardboard box will suffice.
    Hope it is a sweet success!


  36. Hi sarah,

    You could make the flags earlier than they are needed by using modelling paste – Gum trag or CMC added to Sugarpaste.
    They can be attached using sugar glue.
    The rule with the Madeira or Choc fudge cake, is one week to decorate and one week to eat.

    Hope this helps.


  37. Belinda Berry says:

    Thanks so much for the great hints and tips; thanks to your sugarpaste recipe I have succeeded in creating the daisies for decorating my son’s big wedding cake; next I’m going to try adding some gum to make the decorations for the cupcakes to go with it.

    What kind of cake would be best for the cupcakes for a wedding? Ideally to be made several days in advance or well ahead and frozen.

    I propose to cover the tops with sugarpaste or maybe a swirl of buttercream and then some sugarpaste daisies. I will need to make and get them all decorated in advance – how long can I keep them once they are decorated?

  38. Hi Belinda,
    Its great to hear that you are enjoying the blog and our recipes.
    Any of the recipes on this site are good for cupcakes and also the ones in Lindy’s book – Bake me i’m yours cupcake celebration –
    These cakes can be frozen so that you can make them in advance before decorating them.
    If you are making sugarpaste flowers and using them on buttercream you will need to make them out of pastillage so that they will not wilt.
    The buttercream decorated cakes will only last a couple of days.
    Kind thoughts,

  39. Thank you for your lovely web page and all the great information and tips. Can you tell me though what brand of Sugarpaste you reccommend. When I want just plain white icing, I tend to use supermarkets own brand for my cakes as obviously its a lot cheaper. In your opinion, are the likes of Regalice, covapaste, PME etc worth the extra money???

  40. Hi Liza,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog.
    Lindy uses M & B sugarpaste as it suits her. We sell M&B but only by collection from our premises.
    Regards supermarket brands, consistency of quality is often the problem with these. Some times they are excellent and sometimes not. We find all our students have their own favourites when it comes to sugarpaste brands, so suggest you try a few to see which suit you – a lot depends on the heat of your hands! If you are covering lots of cakes then it is probably worth opting for professional paste but if your cakes are for family and friends then supermarket brands will usually be OK.
    Kind regards,


  41. OMG, what a fantastic website. I’ve been searching the web for such a long time for information on sugarcraft and baking but mainly found sites from the US. I’ve just spent the last few hours reading through the previous posts and have picked up lots of tips.
    Wonder if you can help with a sugarpaste question. I will be making a cake this weekend and covering with sugarpaste but wondered how do you get a nice ‘shine’ on coloured paste. I’ve used lustre spray in the past which gave a lovely pearlised finish but was not the finish I was after as I had used bright blues and greens and the spray made the colour less vibrant. I sometimes see cakes online which seem to have a shine on them – not sure if it’s the photography or a particular product.

    I read somewhere about gently wiping the cake with some trex/white Flora on a kitchen roll – does that sound correct?

  42. Hi Shirley,
    It is wonderful to hear that our site has been inspiring you.
    Most cakes have a matt finish, but if you are looking for a shiny look Lindy also wipes hers with white flora.
    Lindy only does this on a few, such as the frog to make it look wet and on a car so that is it shiny.
    Happy decorating!

  43. Hi there, loving all the tips and tricks am learning on here, just wondering one thing, can i use white fat on my wooden rolling pin before i get the chance to invest in a non stick one to stop my black sugar paste sticking to it ??

    Also i am having trouble gettin my letters out of my alphabet tappit cutters if i was to melt some white fat and dunk my cutters in would it help or any other tips ? would be grateful as I am baking my mums birthday cake and desperately want to do a good job

    Many Thanks


  44. Hi Lindy,
    Please can you help me overcome the problem I have when kneading sugarpaste. Everytime I knead sugarpaste I think I have kneaded it long enough so when I get round to rolling it out I always find air bubbles not just one or two but several. I am assuming I am not kneading the sugarpaste properly. Is there a certain technique to rolling out sugarpaste. I am icing a 12″ cake soon so any adivce that can be given to me before I attempt it would be fantastic.
    Many thanks

  45. Hello Claire,

    It could be your kneading technique, it’s a difficult one to judge without seeing it! It is more likely to be that than you rolling out technique. When you do roll out your paste make sure you start with a nice round ball with a smooth surface and be sure to pop any air bubbles as soon as they appear with a scriber or cocktail stick.


  46. Hello Kerrie,

    I wouldn’t recommend putting white fat on your pin, it may change the consistency of the sugarpaste.
    For the tappits you need to use firm modelling paste. Roll it out very thinly and then place over the tappits. Use a rolling pin to roll over the paste. Take away the excess paste and then turn the tappit upside down and flick it (a bit like a ruler!). The letter should come out a lot easier.


  47. Helen Bartlett says:

    hello Lindy.
    I have your book Cakes to inspire and Desire. I have practiced one wonky cake as I need to make one for a wedding in February. My questions are 1. I am starting off with a 11 inch bottom cake, so what sizes will I need for the other two cakes. 2 .In the book there are no instructions for the correct carving of the 11 inch wonky cake, could you tell me what they are please, 3. what is the overall height of a 3 tier wonky cake. thankyou.

  48. Hi there
    I wonder if you can help. Today I used fondant icing to ice a round sponge cake which I had covered in a thin layer of buttercream. The fondant icing went on OK, but I couldn’t seem to smooth out the ‘pleats’ on the side of the cake where the icing had overlaped.
    Do you have any suggestions please?
    thanks, Lara

  49. Hi Lara,
    This is a common issue with round cakes and sugarpaste.
    Do not press down on any pleats, instead open them out and redistribute the paste using a cupping motion going upwards will encourage smoothness.
    I hope this makes sense.
    Lindy details this process with photos in her new book The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible –
    Best wishes

  50. Dear Helen

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    To give your cake a similar look to Lindy’s, the difference in size between each cake should be 3″ (7.5cm).

    Please see the link below which details all the carving instructions.

    Good luck with your wonky cake!



  51. hi, can someone help. when using sugarpaste to cover your cakes. how do you work out how much sugarpaste to use. unless I am following a cake from a book a lot of the time it is guess work and i end up with a lot of waste. many thanks :)

  52. Dear Davina

    I’m afraid it is guess work. I usually use 1kg sugarpaste to cover an 8″ (3″ deep) round cake. If you have any sugarpaste left why not make some cupcakes? Sugarpaste keeps well if stored in an airtight bag/container.

    See the link below for inspiration!

    Hope this helps!


  53. Hi
    Just wondering if I can put cake wire directly into a sponge cake?



  54. Hello

    I started sugarcraft classes last year and I am having a fab time, though I
    wish I had more time to make celebration cakes so tht I can use the skills I
    am learning. I also purchased the Conteporary Cake Decorating Bible and it
    is WOW. All the projects are beautiful.

    Question: I have looked at so many books now and one thing I have realised
    is that there are not a lot of ideas for decorating cakes for men. Am I
    the only one who thinks this is a problem??


  55. Dear Anna

    I would not put cake wire directly into a cake if the cake is to be eaten! Apply some oasis fix at the bottom of a posy pick then push the posy pick into the cake. Wire will then stick to the posy pick.

    Hope this helps!


  56. Hello Bambi

    I have noticed that too. Maybe I will suggest to Lindy that she includes some cakes for men in her next book!

    Glad you like the Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible. I hope it inspires you!



  57. Hi

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips on covering a chocolate cake with white icing? I covered one and managed to get bits of chocolate icing on the white icing, hopefully I will be able to hide it with the decoration but I just wanted some help for future reference please?

    Cheers Ollie

  58. silly question but is pastillage edible

  59. Hi Lauren

    Yes, pastillage is edible.



  60. HI, I’ve just used corn flour to roll out sugarpaste which I then used to cover a butter creamed cake. I’ve only just read that cornflower can react to marzipan under certain conditions?!! Should I be worried?

  61. Hello Ollie,
    It’s always tricky when covering a chocolate cake, not to get any crumbs on your sugarpaste. You just need to make sure your surface is free from crumbs before you start kneading and rolling out your paste.

  62. Caroline Halliday says:

    Hello Lindy and team, fab blog! I am new to cake baking/decorating and am bravely (or foolishly?) attempting a wonky cake for my friend’s 40th birthday. I have 2 questions. Firstly, can I use packet royal icing to stick wonky tiers together? I am worried about using raw eggs in home made icing as there will be lots of little children eating the cake. The brand I have (silver spoon) always seems to end up a bit runny. It stiffens up OK if I add some normal icing sugar, but I am worried it won’t be strong enough to stick the wonky tiers together. Thanks. Second question – once the tiers are covered in sugarpaste, how long does this take to dry before I can stack the tiers together on the board? I don’t want to distort my (hopefully) lovely sugarpaste covering by trying to stack on top of soft icing. Ideally I plan to cover the cakes in the morning and had hoped to stack them the same day. Great DVD by the way, it has been a huge help. Hope you can help!

  63. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone has a ‘ready reckoner’ for how much paste is needed for covering different sizes of board. I have searched through countless books and websites and have not found anything. I am looking to cover a 14in square board and have loosely guessed at 500g. Would that be about right?

    Thanks, Lisa.

  64. Hello Caroline,
    Using the packet royal icing will work. If it is a bit runny, just add a little more powder. It depends where you are storing them but you would need to leave the cakes at least overnight. Check that the paste has crusted over before transferring as you will get finger marks.
    Good Luck

  65. Hello Lisa,
    You will need more sugarpaste, try 700g.

  66. Hello Cynthia,
    Yes, cornflour will react with sugarpaste and marzipan! We always use white fat (Trex, white Flora or Crisco) to roll our sugarpaste out.

  67. I bought the 2″ mini cake pans. The cakes turned out really well. The problems started when I tried to cover them in sugar paste. It was so frustrating as the paste kept splitting around the top. Do you have any tips to help me.

  68. Ros, they are a little tricky make sure you knead the paste really well so it is soft and pliable and then when covering the cake make sure you stroke your hand upwards and not downwards.ou’ll find step by step instructions in my ‘Contemporary cake decorating bible‘ book or why not come on a class and master the technique with us to help and guide you?
    Hope that helps a little
    Happy Baking

  69. I shall keep trying to do better. I do have your books and they have inspired me to tackle many new techniques and I have been pleased with my efforts. I would love to attend your classes but I live near Glasgow therefore the cost of travel etc would make it too expensive for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  70. This blog is excellent and can’t wait to try out the white flora/ trex tip!
    I’m making a 3D Digger cake for my sons birthday. I’m starting with an 8″ square cake cut in half and then one half cut again in half to make the cab. Do you think it will be possible to cover the whole cake in one go? It should be around 6″ high (at the cab end) and 8″ long. Will 1.5kg be enough to cover the cake? What size circle of sugar paste might I need to roll out?
    I’m going to make the wheels from rice krispy bars moulded into circles and covered in sugar paste. I’ve never done this before – any tips?
    Thank you so much

  71. Hello Leoni,
    You would need to cover the cake in sections. Don’t really know how much paste and what size circle but you could measure roughly with your rolling pin.

  72. Hi,
    I’ve seen a Hello Kitty cake which I’m going to attempt to copy. The cake is covered in stripes of pink and white sugar paste. How do I go about this? Does each strip just get placed on the cake or do I need to dampen the edges to seal to the adjoining strip? I’m worried that the cake might dry out if its not all covered properly, will this happen? Thank you in advance for the answer to my question, I hope I’ve made myself clear!

  73. Hi Debbie

    Lindy explains how to make striped sugarpaste in her book, The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible here is a link to it on our on line shop,
    Good luck with cake, I am sure your daughter will love it!


  74. Please can you put my mind at rest. I have made a large fruit cake for a wedding in october and marzipand and sugarpasted it this week.(cake is 5 weeeks old) Now i keep reading that you cant do this until a fortnight or so before the wedding and i didnt put anything between the cake and board. I am having major kittens right now!! If i dont have to rip all icing off where do i store the cake? Please help as all the different websites give different answers.
    I would love it if you could send me the answers by email.

  75. please can you put my mind at rest. I have made a large fruit cake for a wedding in october and marzipand and sugarpasted it this week.(cake is 5 weeeks old) Now i keep reading that you cant do this until a fortnight or so before the wedding and i didnt put anything between the cake and board. I am having major kittens right now!! If i dont have to rip all icing off where do i store the cake? Please help as all the different websites give different answers and an email back would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  76. Hi Victoria

    There is no problem with the marzipan and sugarpaste, you are fine to have done this in advance! You do however need to put a barrier between the cake and the board, the fruit will react with the foil covering and can transfer to the base of the cake, you just need some wax paper or something to act as a barrier. Hopefully you will be able to do this without having to rip any of the icing off. The cake should be stored in a box (not in an airtight container!!)
    Hope this helps, Good Luck!!

  77. carol pritchard says:

    im new to working with with sugarpaste or fondant, what i would like to know is does fondant dry out enough and go hard to make small toppers etc as would like to make stars on a wire to decorate a cake im making and if so how long should i leave them to dry

    many thanks


  78. Hi Carol

    To make small toppers and decorations we would recommend using modelling paste. Modelling paste is firmer than sugarpaste and holds its shape better. To make modelling paste, you would mix 225g sugarpaste with 1tsp of gum tragacanth, this should be left overnight (1tsp of sugarcel CMC can also be used and can be used straight away).

    Hope this helps but if you need any further information please let us know.

  79. What a great site!!

    I’ve got a really silly question to ask. I’m about to start making my first decorated cake for a 70th birthday and was wondering where I put the cake when waiting for the sugarpaste to dry? Airtight container in fridge, box in airing cupboard or out on kitchen work surface!!!

    Many thanks


  80. Hi Lou

    Once a cake is covered with sugarpaste leave it in a cardboard box, NOT an airtight container. Leave somewhere cool.

    Hope this helps.


  81. I love this site its amazing !!!

    I have a question that has puzzled me, I normally use regalice or dr oetker when i am covering my cakes as they are mainly for the kiddies birthdays or for them to help mummy and find these are more affordable especailly when most gets eaten :) . However i attended one of your classes on the 28th sept ( the 2 tier with beaded fountain, which i must say was excellent and i will be saving up to go on another course asap ) and brought some M&B paste as advised to do the course, which handled lovely and gave a lovely finish. I found everyone wanted to see the cake so it was a few days before we cut it but after a couple of days i noticed the sugar paste got lighter and lighter which has never happened to me before, i used Americolor gel colours which are a USA brand but brought form the cake decorating company in the uk but i have been using these for a while now and never had any problem can you help what could i have done wrong ? xx Many thanks for your time laura xx

  82. Hi Laura, Great to hear you enjoyed the workshop. Am surprised to hear your cake faded as we don’t usually have any problem with this occurring. I can only think that maybe it was left out of its box and in direct sunlight for a period of time. Could this have happened? We do sell sugarpaste in ready mixed colours and they tend to keep their colours for a long time. Lindy uses Sugarflair or Squires Kitchen paste colours and doesn’t have problems with fading so perhaps it was the USA colours.
    Hopes this solves the problem and thank you for your positive comments.

  83. Hello, love the tips on this site, so wondered if you could provide any words of wisdom to help me with my next project. I am going to be icing a ball cake – a 3D rugby ball as it happens – and I just wondered how to get the sugarpaste icing smooth all the way under the cake as well as on the top of the cake. I imagine it all gathers up into large folds of icing as you try to smooth it back in under the widest bulge of the cake.

    Tips to help would be very much appreciated!

  84. Hi Holly
    It is the same principle as covering a ball cake, and full instructions are in Lindy’s book, The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible, The excess sugarpaste is cut off and the sugarpaste is them smoothed.
    We’d love to see a picture when you have finished!

  85. Hi
    I use your chocloate cake recipe and I have a problem with ‘bulging sugarpaste’
    I bake the cake, leave it overnight then split in half and fill with butter cream (quite a bit as I like it to have quite a bit) I then crumb coat and put in the fridge for half an hour. I then sugarpaste and smooth down the sides with a professional paddle but the cake seems to buldge round the middle so you can kind of notice where the butter cream is and there is a bulge. Am I using too much butter cream in the middle or is my sugarpaste too thin? Help becuase it does not look very good!

  86. Hi Rachel
    We would recommend leaving in the fridge for longer, eg overnight. It also sounds like you may be using too much buttercream, and the sugarpaste may be too thin! Let us know how you get on!

  87. Hi,
    I’m making a 14 inch round madeira cake and always seem to find it difficult to roll out and then cover larger cakes. do you have any tips for rolling out sugarpaste and transferring it onto cover the cake with large cakes?

  88. Hi Lucy

    The same techniques are used for larger cakes as with the smaller sized cakes. Make sure you have a long rolling pin and large enough spacers as this will help.

    Try clicking on the link below to Lindy’s Blog for more tips.

    Good luck.

  89. Daniela says:

    Hi Lindy & team, I love your cake decorating bible, after baking & decorating my 1st ever Christmas cake from scratch I got the bug and i am now baking & decorating my mother in laws birthday cake for her 60th.

    I want to cover the bottom layer in brown icing, I could only buy Silver spoon food colouring so i tryed to colour the leftover sugarpaste I had from covering the board, but it makes it really wet and sticky. I added more icing sugar, but the colour is really not nice to say the least…. I wondered if i could use cocoa powder to colour sugarpaste, as it will be for covering chocolate cake I thought it would be a nice touch to have chocolate sugarpaste….. is this possible?

    Thanks, Daniela

  90. Karen

    I have the same problem with black fibres and it drives me crazy.

    I clean twice and I only ever use paper towels to clean with and to dry my hands after washing. I never use fabric towels but sure enough I will start using the paste and black flecks appear out of no where. I do where black clothes all of the time and i wondered if it was that. when I take my clothes out of the dryer, no matter how worn out they are they still shed plenty of fibres into the filter. Quite amazing.

    It is impossible for me to wear anything but black. I just cannot and definitely not white but that may be the solution in the end.

    I also use a small ball of paste to clean with.

    No matter how well I wash my hands my paste goes greay if I have to handle it for making toppers or sculptures. Very scary. Freaking me out a lot.

  91. Hi Cecilia

    I think you may need to invest in some pale cake decorating clothes! If you are decorating in black clothes, you will inevitably get some black fibres flying around.

    Give it a try next time and see how you get on.

    Kind regards

  92. Hi Daniela

    Why don’t you try colouring your sugarpaste with one of our sugarflair colours.

    Click on the link below and have a look at our Sugarflair range.

    Or Squires Kitchen range

    Hope this helps.

  93. Hi Lindy

    This is regarding the squires kitchen sugar florist paste. I made some flowers for some cupcakes I made for easter. I left the flowers to dry for 24 hrs before I put them on the cup cakes.. Then I put the cakes on a cup cake carrier over night and the next day flowers were all soft and weren’t holding there beautiful shape. Could you please explain why this happened? Should I dry them for longer or shouldn’t I put it in any kind of air tight container/carrier?

    Many thanks

  94. Hi Darshi

    The flower paste flowers need to be dried for longer – about a week. Lindy suggests putting them in your airing cupboard so that they really dry out.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


  95. Hi
    i am maging silhouette wedding cookies, i have got 2 sihlouette cookie cutters and i am rolling out white sugar paste first the same shape as the biscuit, then using the shilhouette cookie cutters to punch out the shape in black sugar paste, how far in advance should i roll out and punch out the silhouettes, should i let them dry before i attach them to the biscuits? what do i do to prevent my cookies icing from sticking to the cellophane bags i am putting them in?
    Hope you can help

  96. Hi I was just wondering how much sugarflair super white I should add to say 1kg of white sugarpaste to make it more white? I added a tsp to 1kg and it made it go dry and crack, I tried to add vegetable shortening to it but I couldn’t get it back to normal and ended up throwing it in the bin! I know in one if Lindy’s books with the snowflake cake it says to add a little but it didn’t say what a little was and to how much sugarpaste? Could you advise please?


  97. Hello Steph,
    You should roll out, cut your shape and place it on the cookies all at once. You can then use your finger to smooth around the outside edge of the sugarpaste so it fits smoothly on the cookie. Leave them to dry before placing into the cellophane bags.

  98. Hello Ollie,
    With Superwhite it’s a case of adding a bit at a time. You should be able to start with a teaspoon in 1kg of sugarpaste without it becoming dry – there may have been something else wrong here. I would suggest trying again, keep kneading it until it comes together.

  99. Hi
    Thank you for replying, much appreciated. How thick should I roll out the sugar paste for cookies.?

  100. Hi Steph

    The sugarpaste should be rolled out to 5mm thick. We sell spacers in our shop which help you roll your sugarpaste to this thickness. They come in 50cm and 30cm lengths. Here are links to them:-