August 20, 2017

How do I make Sugarpaste?

Sugarpaste, also referred to as rolled fondant or ready roll icing,  is available from supermarkets and cake decorating suppliers in many countries of the world. However not everyone likes what is available to them and many countries new to the craft of cake decorating do not have a ready source of sugarpaste, so I’m often asked how is it made.

We are very lucky here in the UK we have a number of different brands to choose from, however it hasn’t always been the case. When I attended my very first sugarcraft course back in 1991, the whole of the first lesson was spent making our own sugarpaste! I then continued to make my own for quite a number of years.

Even if sugarpaste is easily accessible to you, I actually think it’s a good exercise to have a go at making your own – you’ll see how easy it really is and be able to appreciate what goes into the icing itself.

Here is the recipe that I have always used; it’s also the one that I include in my books….


Ingredients Makes 1kg (2 1⁄4lb)

  • 60ml (4 tbsp) cold water
  • 20ml (4 tsp/1 sachet) powdered gelatine (you can use the vegetarian version)
  • 125ml (4fl oz) liquid glucose
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) glycerine
  • 1kg (21⁄4lb) icing (confectioners’) sugar, sieved, plus extra for dusting


    1.  Place the water in a small bowl, sprinkle over the gelatine and soak until spongy. Stand the bowl over a pan of hot but not boiling water and stir until the gelatine is dissolved. Add the glucose and glycerine, stirring until well blended and runny.


  1.  Put the icing sugar in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and slowly pour in the liquid ingredients, stirring constantly. Mix well. Turn out on to a surface dusted with icing sugar and knead until smooth, sprinkling with extra icing sugar if the paste becomes too sticky. The paste can be used immediately or tightly wrapped and stored in a plastic bag until required.

Have fun and let me know how you get on



  1. With regards to the hot pink colouring which was mentioned ages ago, I’ve found that adding cerise colour dust does the trick brilliantly – you get a really bright, zingy pink without it going too ‘peachy’.

  2. Hello Jayne,
    I’m afraid I don’t know any suppliers in Spain, although we are able to ship products to you in Spain.

  3. Dear Lindy,

    This recipe is fantastic. It really works well. How long can it be stored without freezing?

    Jayne, there are various online shops here in Spain (I live here too),, mundoresposterí and Many UK shops ship, but the postage can sometimes be a bit expensive.

    Have fun.


  4. Hi Charlotte
    The Sugarpaste will last for months as long as it is kept airtight and cool – pleased to hear that my recipe works for you.

  5. Dear Lindy,

    I have made my own sugarpaste and was just wondering how to store it until I need to use it and also how long does sugarpaste keep for?


  6. Dear Lindy
    Can I use sheets of gelatine rather than powder I’m afraid my local shop does not supply powder gelatine and I live miles away from any supermarkets.

  7. Hi,
    if i make ur recipe of sugar paste and put it on a cake and kept that cake for a full day out of fridge, will the sugar dry and become hard?

  8. hi lindy, I love ur blog. I’ve been decorating cakes for 6yrs now and know how to make my on sugarpaste but the problem I have is with the colours. E.g red colour, I use wilton paste colour. I’ll have to use almost the whole bottle b4 I can get a sharp red colour. Pls can u advise any colour that is good. Thanks Agnes from Nigeria.

  9. Tilly Smithton-Green says:

    Hi Lindy.

    I can’t thank you enough, I used to make all my childrens cakes, friends cakes etc, I am self taught and make great cakes that everyone remembers.

    After several years gap of not making cakes, I became ill and just couldn’t stand there moulding etc.

    Suddenly, I’ve started again, our first little grandson is one and after success with the Bapistism cake, I’m making his 1st Birthday cake. However, its two tier is so many are coming, the sugarpaste and a few extra would have come to about £40 and I had second thoughts, I’m thrilled, made all the paste I needed and in the colours for about £6.00 !!!!!

    Many, many thanks, wow you will save me so much money with this.

  10. Hello Ralph,
    You shouldn’t store your iced cakes in the fridge. When you take then out of the fridge they will get covered in condensation and make the sugarpaste soggy. You should store your covered cakes in a cardboard cake box and then the sugarpaste will dry and crust over.

  11. Hello Agnes,
    Try using Sugarflair Red Extra. You won’t need as much as the Wilton paste colour.

  12. Annie,
    Homemade sugarpaste will last a long time, six months or more. You would store it the same way as sugarpaste you buy in the shops – in an airtight plastic bag.

  13. Hello Izabela,
    Yes you can use the sheets of gelatine instead of powdered.

  14. Hi

    I have been asked to make a 30th birthday cake and they want it fuschia with purple lettering. I have read the comments above about how to make fuschia sugarpaste but have you got any tips on how to make purple?

    Many thanks


  15. Just made my first ever sugarpaste using your recipe Lindy and it was a success,I was doubting myself not your recipe :o)Thank you Andrea x

  16. Hi Lindy
    I just wondered to colour the sugarpaste, can i just use normal food colouring or do i need special colours for icing?? And if so where would i be able to et hold of those. Thank you xx

  17. Claire Boyd says:

    Hi Lindy,

    I’ve just bought and watched your ‘wonky cakes’ dvd which is fantastic. I’m making a 3-tier cake for my friend’s wedding in March and am inspired by your stencils.

    Do I presume correctly that I can only stencil on to a flat surface? For example would I be able to stencil a ‘wallpaper’ like design onto sugarpaste to cover an entire tier? I’m imagining not – I’m guessing the royal icing needs to be scraped onto a flat surface.

    Thanks for your help, was desperate to come to your forthcoming wonky cakes course but it’s on a school day and I’m a teacher so no can do unfortunately.

    Many many thanks for your help and for your inspiring website and products.


  18. Hi Lindy & the team
    I am loving the site, been making celebration cakes as a hobby for many years & still learning
    I notice you use powdered gelatine, I couldnt get this so I had to buy the 20g packs of fine leaf gelatine
    I have mastered the conversion and I hope this is useful to my fellow cakies
    in a 20g pack there are usually 12 leaves of gelatine
    this is the equivalent of 6 tsp of powdered (approx)
    2 sheets is 1 tsp of powdered gelatine
    I have used this conversion sucessfully to make your sugarpaste and it turns out great.

    Keep asking the questions girls – we can teach each other so much

  19. I have osteoporia and my hands do tend to seize up at times so if I have a large batch of sugarpaste to colour in one particular colour I use my kenwood and dough hook……one miserable day it broke (yes my faithful friend Ken Wood let me down)
    I threw the paste into the bread maker and added the colour it worked great and got the majority mixed in the final knead by hand was all it took to make sure it had blended well
    as for my friend Ken Wood….he has been restored to his former glory as 2nd chef – next time I will check the fuse first!!

  20. Hi, I make sugarpaste/cmc cake toppers but i am never sure how long they will keep for once made. If i kept them in a box would they last a few months and would they still be edible???? Thanks in advance :) xx

  21. Hi Squirt,

    Great news that you are enjoying our site, and thank you for your tips, it’s great when we can help others.


  22. Hi Karla,

    The sugarpaste/cmc cake toppers will last forever in a cardboard box in the dark, however the colour will naturally fade over time.
    We wouldn’t suggest eating them after a week though!
    Hope this helps.


  23. Thats great thanks Marina :) xx

  24. Hi Tanja,

    Please see the link below for information on colouring sugarpaste.

    The colours are also available on Lindy’s website, please see the link below:

    Have fun with the colouring.


  25. Hi Squirtie,
    It sounds like you had a stressful time!
    I’m glad to hear that your breadmaker came up trumps for you.
    Well done for thinking outside of the box.
    Maybe others with your dilema can use your advise.
    Thank you for letting us know.

  26. Hi Nichola,

    Please see the link below for information on colouring sugarpaste.

    The colours are also available on Lindy’s website, please see the link below:

    Have fun with the colouring.


  27. Hello!
    thanks for the recipe! i have to make my first cake covered in sugarpaste tonight!! i have two really urgent questions. One, using gelatin sheets, you need to soak them in water, wont that affect the consistency of the sugarpaste? And two, can you advise me how to achieve an “airforce” blue colour? adding a bit of black to a baby blue sugarpaste? Finally, and not so urgent, what can i use to give the cake a milk chocolate flavour?? Thank you ssooooo much!!

  28. Hi Phaedra,
    – Lindy only ever uses powdered Gelatin, but either way the gelatin will absorb the water and should not affect the consistency of the sugarpaste. Does anyone else have any experience of working with Gelatin Sheets?
    – To create the Airforce Blue, Lindy would use the M&B Sugarpaste in Navy Blue and add a small amount of black until the correct colour appears. The sugar pastes are available to buy from Lindy’s shop but by collection only as they are heavy:
    – Lindy has experimented over the years with milk chocolate cakes and find that they do not taste very much of the chocolate, hence she uses plain.
    She recommends buying a good quality Milk chocolate say from Green and Blacks with a fairly high cocoa content and see how it turns out.
    I hope it all turns out well for you.


  29. Hi Claire,

    Its great to hear you are enjoying the Wonky Cakes DVD!
    You could stencil onto the sugarpaste before covering the cake, however it may distort when you shape the icing onto the cake.
    Has anyone else tried stencilling first on a flat surface then covering the cake?
    Lindy cannot advise on this as she hasn’t done it this way, also she wouldn’t use Royal Icing, she would use White Fat and then edible dusts such as:
    Hope this helps and you have great fun practising.


  30. thank you! i used a royal blue and black gel colour on white sugarpaste and came out perfect. also, i really agree on the milk chocolate issue – you cant really taste it, but thought i wasnt doing something right. in any case, i used milk chocolate buttercream but one can also use milk chocolate ganache to fill. thank you!

  31. is the liquid glucose actually 125ml or 125g wherever i see liquid glucose it is only measured in weight not volume

  32. Hi Darrell
    The liquid glucose is 125ml using a measuring vessel like a jug.
    Happy crafting!

  33. Hi,

    How much food colouring should i add to make the sugar paste coloured?
    And would i be best off to use gel colours?


  34. Hi Emma,

    The best way to achieve the colour you are after is to add a little at a time until you get to the colour you need.
    Lindy uses Paste or Gel colours, not liquid.
    These are the ones Lindy uses:
    Have fun playing.

  35. Hi Lindy,

    Thanks for this great, easy recipe that allowed me to make my own sugarpaste in a place where I can’t buy it ready-made (an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where it’s not easy to get lots of things!). Since lots of other users seem to be in places where they have trouble with not being able to find things, here are some observations :

    – I can’t get glycerine here and the recipe worked fine without it, though I did add a couple of teaspoons of warm water to get the consistency I wanted;
    – I couldn’t get white fat so asked my butcher for something I could use and he gave me goose fat, which seemed to do the trick for my hands and my work surface;
    – I can’t buy paste colour here so used liquid by colouring a tiny bit with a drop and then kneading it in. It took a long time to get strong colours, and I had to add icing sugar periodically to keep the consistency right, but it did work.

    Hope this might be helpful to others.


  36. Hi Tam,

    Thank you for your blog comment, I imagine this will help quite a few people.


  37. Hi Lindy, this was the first time I have ever made sugarpaste icing and it has turned out really well, I am making 4kg in total but did a 1kg batch as a trial to make sure I was ok following the recipe, the only problem I had was measuring the liquid glucose (it would not come out the pot!) and when I was trying to bring the icing together I had to add 2 extra teaspoons of water as it just wasn’t coming together but it was fine after that and I have wrapped it up ready to use in a few days! Thanks for the easy to follow recipe!

  38. Geraldine says:

    Hi Lindy,
    Can you help me. How do you get your cakes so level.
    I cut mine with the cake leveler and they never end
    up level. Please help!

  39. alison dockree says:

    i want to use your sugarpaste recipe but I only have fine leaf gelatine and not powdered, in 20g sheets. How much do I use, your recipe for 1kg calls for 20ml powdered gelatine. please help?

  40. Hi Alison,
    Lindy only ever uses powdered Gelatin, but either way the gelatin will absorb the water and should not affect the consistency of the sugarpaste.
    Does anyone else have any experience of working with Gelatin Sheets?
    Hopefully someone can help you with the quantity.


  41. Hi Geraldine,

    Cake levellers tend to only work with light cakes and not the firmer ones.
    Lindy uses a very sharp knife and stands the cake on its side helps.
    If not Lindy’s Wonky Celebration Cakes DVD – teaches you all you need to know about levelling cakes:

    Good luck!


  42. Zoe Boyce says:

    Hi, and thank you for this recipe, it’s great and as a COMPLETE beginner I had no troubles with it at all. Great stuff!

  43. Sandra Hopkins says:

    Hi Lindy
    Just looking at your recipe for homemade sugar paste. Please could you tell me how long it lasts once applied to the cake? I have made my daughter’s wedding cakes, I have already applied marzipan and would like to sugar paste this weekend on 29 May. the wedding is in 4 weeks time 25 June 2011 and would like to know if the sugar paste will be still fresh after 4 weeks?

    I have made my own in the past, which I also like working with. However, I use egg powder, glycerine, glucose, icing sugar and and caster sugar but have not used gelatine? What does the gelatine do? Do you think my recipe would last 4 weeks?

    I would really appreciate a response today if at all possible as I say I would like to ice this weekend. Many thanks

    Kind Regards


  44. Malecka says:

    Dear Lindy,

    Thank you very much for creating this blog, it’s great to find someone ready to help us to improve.
    I tried the sugarpaste recipe and it works good but everytime I try to cover a cake, the sugarpaste breaks, can you please give me some advices?
    Thank you very much

  45. I followed instructions for making sugarpaste. It rolls out fine but when i drape it over the cake it just falls apart, what am i doing wrong? please help soon as my daughters birthday is imminent.

  46. Hi Gaynor, I suggest you read my post on “why does my sugarpaste crack?” – I think it may help

  47. Hi Malecka, I suggest you read my post on “why does my sugarpaste crack?” – I think it may help

  48. Hi Sandra
    The sugar in sugarpaste acts as a preservative so its self life is quite a few months. Assuming that you are covering fruit cakes, icing them 4 weeks before the wedding should be fine. The secret is storage – place the cakes in cardboard cake boxes and place them somewhere dry and cool.
    I hope the wedding cake all goes to plan
    Good luck

  49. Blogwog says:

    These tips are great! Thank you! I am a bit of an amateur and am in serious need of help! I have to make a vegetarian cake and so obviously will not be able to use gelatine. On the vegel (veg gelatine) box it says that measurements must be adjusted because vegel is not as strong as gelatine. Can you please help…am i able to use th same amount of vegeal (1 sachet) as you have stated in your receipe above! Sorry, but i’m frantic!!

    Thank you! :)

  50. Isabelle says:


    I wonder is genuine maple syrup could do as well as corn syrup or liquid glucose?

    Before finding your recipe here, I tried another one that didn’t use glycerin, but asked for corn syrup. I replaced the corn syrup with maple syrup, but the result, although it tasted wonderful, was somewhat disappointing: the sugarpaste was easy to manipulate, but it dried incredibly fast.

    In this first trial, it didn’t really matter, as I was making a medieval castle (found in one of your books) and I convinced my audience (the kids at my son’s kindergarten) to attribute the little “crumbling” aspect to the fact that it was such and oooooold castle 😉

    I’m not a professional, I just do this for fun, but I would like to have something a bit more workable for the next cake.

    I wonder… did the absence of glycerin cause the dryness, or was it the maple syrup?


  51. Hi Isabelle,
    The use of the maple syrup in your sugarpaste would have caused the dryness. We don’t recommend substituting the liquid glucose.
    Liquid glucose is know for its anti-crystallinity and therefore suits sugarpaste.
    Wishing you the best,


  52. I was wondering what liquid glucose and glycerine are and can you buy these from any supermarket.?
    Can you cover a whole cake with sugarpaste and also can you make figurines with it to top the cakes..?
    This is going to sound like a stupid question but is the liquid glucose and glycerine edible.
    last thing is the sugarpaste edible too?

  53. Hi Blogwog,

    I’m afraid that we do not have any experience of using Vegel (Vegetarian Gelatine) instead of Gelatine in Sugarpaste.
    Can anyone else on this blog help Blogwog??????
    Wishing you the best,


  54. Hi Gemma,

    Many thanks for your questions. Liquid Glucose is a kind of sugar, we sell glucose syrup here at Lindys. It does not crystallise as sugar does. Glycerine is similar, and is usually used for thickening and keeping moisture in cakes, it can be purchased easily at most supermarkets. Yes, you can use sugar paste to cover whole cakes, to make figurines with your sugar paste you need to add CMC or Gum Tragacanth to your sugarpaste which will help harden it enabling you to use it for modeling etc. Click on this link to learn the difference between CMC and Gum Trag.

    Best wishes


  55. hi
    ive just started getting back into my baking with a paasion…could you tell me which book is best to show me how to use the suagrpaste to make all the decs for my cupcakes please…thank you

  56. Hi Zoey,

    So pleased to hear you are getting back into baking, well done. Lindy has just written a new book called, The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible, you can pre order this on our website, it’s due beginning of October. This should be perfect for you!

    Let us know how you get on !
    Best wishes

  57. Hi. I am wanting to start my own cake business. Small to begin with, to see if I can manage. I love baking cakes and decorating them but have always bought my icing ready-made. I would to make my own icing/sugarpaste, but was wondering how I add the colour to them. I have tried in the past but it ends up sticky or sloppy. I am wanting to mould the sugarpaste to create character cakes.
    Many thanks.

  58. Charlene says:

    Hi, i would like to decorate a minnie mouse themed cake. is this recipe of sugar paste good to make embossed/3d things?. And how do i add color to the sugar paste ?


  59. Hi Charlene,
    We would recommend adding CMC or Gum Trag to the sugarpaste to make the embossed/3d things –
    To colour the sugarpaste we recommend adding a small amount of these colours and gradually building it up until you get the colour you like –
    Take care


  60. Hi Joanne,

    To colour the sugarpaste we recommend adding paste colours, not liquid colours, add the paste gradually until you get the colour you like –
    When moulding sugarpaste you need to add CMC or Gum Trag – to make the paste firm enough.
    If the sugarpaste does become too sticky or sloppy Lindy would recommend adda pinch or two of CMC and leaving the sugarpaste to rest for a while.

    Good luck


  61. charlene says:

    Hi, to add color, which is the best, the liquid or powdered? And another question, the powdered arabic gum is good to use instead of CMC or Gum Trag? and how much should i use for the recipe above. thanks

  62. Hi Charlene,
    You can ice the cake using sugarpaste without CMC/Gum trag.
    The above ingredients are used for firming sugarpaste to create shapes/figures.
    To colour sugarpaste you should use paste colours not liquid colours as these make the paste too wet. Lindy doesn’t use dust colours to colour her paste, although others do, as specs of dust colour often remain in the paste. Which make of paste colours you use is very much personal choice, Lindy regularily uses both Squires Kitchen and Sugarflair:
    Why not take a look at one of Lindy’s books as these will give you lots of ideas and techniques -My personal favourite is Party Animal Cakes –

    Happy baking!

  63. Charlene says:

    Hi, today i tried to make a figurine with the sugar paste and it came ok for the first time. Now i would like to make more, but i need them for august and i was thinking, since i am a beginner it’s better to start now making the decorations.

    How can i store them so they will stay ok, and then how to stick them on the cake?

    Thanks for your help

  64. Hi Charlene,

    To stick them on the cake use sugar glue and keep them in a cardboard box like a cake box. We recommend adding Gum Trag or CMC to the sugarpaste to give you a firmer paste so it keeps its shape.
    Best wishes


  65. Charlene says:

    Hi can i use Gum arabic instead of the Gum trag or cmc to the sugarpaste to make it firmer?


  66. I’m afraid not Charlene :-(

  67. I am making a wired star cake topper for my cousins 16th birthday, i did a trial run using regal ice with a pinch of cmc but after a day or so the corners snapped off, now i really want to make them today but arent actually needed until next saturday, i was told to use flower paste instead but there isnt anywhere local that sells it, what do you reccomend??

  68. You could use, modelling paste, flower paste or pastillage however all these sugar mediums are fragile. What I recommend you use is artista soft, this is a non toxic, lightweigh medium which is idea for what you are trying to create, as once dry it is really robust and won’t snap or break. Click the following link for more details: As you will see this is a product that we stock and one that I use.
    Good luck with your cake

  69. Hi Lindy
    I offered to make my friend wedding cake for them in Oct as they are on a very tight budget. I’m looking at doing buttons to decorate the cake will i need to add the CMC (not sure if we can get it over here) or should I just let the sugarpaste dry out over a few days before sticking them to the cake? I’m not sure as yet if we’re going to ice the whole cake in sugarpaste or frosting, if I use frosting will it make the buttons go soggy after they are stuck on?

    Also I live in a humid environment (tropical QLD Australia) where else is a good place to store the cake once finished if I cant avoid the humidity?

  70. Hi Fi,
    Thank you for your post.
    You will need to add CMC to make the buttons harder, we sell it here and post to Australia –
    If using sugarpaste the buttons would be fine, if using frosting we would add the buttons at the last minute.
    We would store the cake in a cake box in an air conditioned room.
    Yours in cakes!


  71. do you know of a recipe for platinum paste? i’ve searched every where on the internet and came up with nothing. gi’ve heard so much good things about it. can be rolled out so very thin with out braking and is great for modeling.

  72. Hi Terri
    Platinum paste is a brand name, so I don’t expect you will find a recipe on the internet!
    Basically, platinum paste is a ready made flower paste which can also be used for fine modelling. I’ve not used it myself but I know fellow sugarcrafters who do.
    If you want to have a go at making your own flower paste, many of my books contain a tried and tested recipe that I find works really well.
    Hope this helps

  73. Hi
    Just like to know how to add color to the sugar paste? What would i need to use? and when do i put it in the sugar paste?


  74. Hi Joanna,
    We start by kneading the sugarpaste until it is soft
    then we add a few drops of colour usually using a toothpick and then knead again.
    Add more colour gradually until you get the effect you are looking for.
    The paste colours we use for sugarpaste are either sugarflair or squires kitchen,
    Happy experimenting!


  75. Hi, I bought some sugarpaste to make some stars and butterflies but the sugarpaste wont go hard enough and it breaks easily. How do I make it hard?


  76. Hi Selina,
    To make shapes out of sugarpaste , CMC or Gum Tragacanth need to be added to it to make modelling paste.
    Gum Tragacanth – A Natural gum that Lindy uses to make the modelling paste for all her cakes. Knead in 1 teaspoon of gum into 225g (8oz) of sugarpaste, the gum needs time to work before the paste is used. You will begin to feel a difference in the paste after an hour or so, but it is best left overnight.
    CMC /Carboxymethylcellulose/ E466/ Cellulose Gum is a synthetic substitute for gum tragacanth but has the advantage that it acts instantly. CMC is known by various names including Tylo Powder and Tylose
    Both of these are available here:
    Happy playing and creating!

  77. Hi just wondering could i use food colouring for the sugar paste? or will it make it watery?


  78. Hi Joanna
    You need to add paste food colour to colour sugarpaste rather than liquid food colour. Liquid food colour will , as you say, make the sugarpaste too watery.
    We sell a range of paste colours via our online shop, click here to see the colours availiable
    Sweet success

  79. Hi Lindy,

    I just tried making sugar paste flowers using the the following ingredients;
    Icing sugar
    Vegetable gelatine
    warm water
    The mixture came out fine and i was able to cut flowers out. However my flowers have not hardened and are still soft and soggy after a day. I havent refrigerated them as i read somewhere that i shouldnt refrigerate it. Can you please tell me how i should store my freshly made flowers so that they set?

    Thank you

  80. Hi Lindy,

    I just tried making sugar paste flowers using the the following ingredients;
    Icing sugar
    Vegetable gelatine
    warm water
    The mixture came out fine and i was able to cut flowers out. However my flowers have not hardened and are still soft and soggy after a day. I havent refrigerated them as i read somewhere that i shouldnt refrigerate it. Can you please tell me how i should store my freshly made flowers so that they set? or why it may be that my flowers are not hardening?

    Thank You


  81. Hello Repha,
    The quickest way to make modelling paste is to add some gum tragacanth to sugarpaste. Your recipe for flower paste is different to the one Lindy has in her books, so this may be the problem. Otherwise it may be just the way you are storing your flowers. You need to store them in a box, and not an airtight container as this will stop them from drying out.

  82. Hi Repha,
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    Lindy makes Flowerpaste using icing sugar, gum tragacanth, cold water, powdered gelatine, liquid glucose, white fat and egg.
    The exact recipe is in each of her books.
    The flowers need to be kept in box where air can get to them and in a dry place, away from the kitchen.
    Happy sugarcrafting!

  83. Raahima Shayan says:

    i wanted to ask you if we packed it tightly and we used it after a while will the sugar paste expire??
    and the recipe is really good!

  84. Hi Raahima,
    Lindy estimates that the sugarpaste will last about 6 months.
    Great to hear you are liking the recipe.
    Sugar and sweet!


  85. Hi there i am in a very big dilemma !
    My daughter in law has allergy to gluten and glucose is made from wheat
    Can i just use sugar syrup for this recipe will it work just as well? or do you know of an alternative?


  86. i tried this recipe and it was absolutely wonderful.
    Thanks lindy

  87. Hi Yvonne,
    I’m afraid we have not tried to make sugarpaste with sugar syrup.
    Does anyone else know how to make sugarpaste for someone who is allergic to gluten and glucose?
    Onward and Upward!

  88. Hi Lindy,
    I have started experimenting with sugar paste but I am having trouble with it not hardening. I am using Ready To Roll icing with some Tylo Powder added.
    Do you have any advice as to where I may be going wrong?
    Thank you,

  89. Hi Natalie,
    Lindy only ever adds Gum Tragacanth or CMC to her sugarpaste to make it firmer.
    Here are more details about these powders:
    Have a go with one of these, and you will succeed.
    Hope it is a sweet success!

  90. HI folks
    Can you help? I read that if you use a filling that contains cream or cream cheese e.g ganache you must out the cake in the fridge afterwards until needed, however I also read in a different book that you shouldnt put an iced cake in the fridge, so how do you store a cake that has a ganache filling until you need it ?

    confused please help

  91. Hi Heather,
    Once the sugarpaste is on the cake it helps protect the inside ingredients.
    We recommend storing the cake once decorated in a cake box so that air can get to it and in a cool place but not in a fridge.
    Happy decorating!

  92. Iris alvares says:

    Hi Linda..
    Love our site.. Very informative.. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.. Need to know if I can store sugar paste in an airtight box after wrapping it with cling film and then keeping it in the fridge.. I live in india where it is quite warm through the year. Thanks iris

  93. Hello Iris,
    To store sugarpaste in a warm climate Lindy recommends wrapping it in a plastic freezer bag, ensuring you have removed as much air as possible, and then keeping it in an airtight box in the fridge or freezer.
    Cling film breathes and does not suit storing items that need air kept away.
    Enjoy your decorating.

  94. hey,
    I am a vegetarian. You said that we can use vegetarian gelatin. Will the measurement be the same for it as well?
    Thank you..!!

  95. hi Lindy,
    I live in Australia and I have never used or heard of sugar paste before,
    and I don’t know if it is a good idea to make sugar paste with that experience that I have
    (none). Do you know if you can buy sugar paste already made. and if you can buy it do you know any places in Perth western Australia?
    thank you
    Ella xx

  96. Hello Ella,

    Lindy always recommends that new (and experienced) sugarcrafters try making their own sugarpaste. It’s a great way to learn about the ingredients, and how they react. I don’t know of any suppliers in Australia – if any of our other bloggers can help please do.


  97. hi lindy ,
    this recipe was very useful to me . as i had a cake icing and decorating competition , dont think i am some elder girl . i am just 11 years old i had competition in school . this recipe helped me out to make the cake decoration beautifully

  98. Hello Palak,
    You would use the same measurements for the vegetarian gelatin as for the regular gelatine.

  99. Hello,
    Thank you for your post. We are delighted we could help you with your decorating. Good luck in your future sugarcrafting!

  100. Hey Lindy
    Thanks for the EXCELLENT website and blog – I’ve done basic cakes over the years, but am trying something a little more elaborate for my daughters 21st, so I’m going to try your sugarpaste recipe (I dont like the taste or texture of shop bought).

    When gathering ingredients, I accidentally picked up leaf gelatine….could I use this instead of the powdered stuff, and if so, any ideas on quantities?

    thanks again