July 21, 2017

Wonky cake class – students at work

My wonky style cake classes have always been very popular; they are also ones of my favourite classes to teach. Students arrive not really knowing what to expect and go home having learnt not only how to carve and cover my signature style cakes but also armed with lots of tips and ideas to  help them decorate their own cakes. Friday’s class was no exception; as usual we had a complete cross section of students, some fairly new to sugarcraft, others there to update their skills or to simply perfect the wonky shape, which can be quite a challenge!

The majority of the morning was spent carving the cakes; with a wonky style cake is very important to carve the cake bases correctly to achieve the desired shape. Mistakes can and do go wrong and as much as Sally, my assistant, and I try and keep our eyes on everyone we don’t have eyes in the backs of our heads so sometimes students carve the cakes slightly differently to how they have been shown! We’ve seen it all before so there is always a solution – It’s also a fantastic way to learn, as usually students don’t make the same mistake twice!

In case you are wondering, my wonky cake DVD will include a detailed trouble shooting section, where I explain the problems that can occur and how to solve them!


Wonky Style Cake Class - Students work

Wonky Style Cake Class - Students hard at work

The afternoon was spent covering, stacking and decorating. As always I conducted a sugarpaste taste test, we had three varieties to test and the results were completely mixed. Some prefer one brand others another, I always find this fascinating as for each class the result are always very different and there is never one overall winner!

Everyone covered and stacked their cakes and most were well on the way to completing their decoration. The decoration is the students choice and tends to be just simple flowers – I find that everyone is usually very tired by the end of the day and many students opt to finish there cakes at home.

If you like to join me on a future class please visit the teaching page of my website

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  1. The workshop was great, my husband and I had a great time :)and I learnt a lot!!! THANK YOU LINDY!!!! I dont know if I can upload a picture of my cake, so everybody can see all the amazing things one can produce with a little bit of imagination and inspiration 😉

  2. Hi Dianne
    So pleased to hear you both enjoyed yourselves. If you’d like to email a picture over to us, I’ll post it up on the blog for all to see!!!

  3. Dianne says:

    Hello Lindy! Here is a pictures of my funky…very funky wonky cake! I got inspired with this American cereal called Lucky Charms… had the box infront of me! I hope you like it, please feel free to comment about it!:)
    We had a little accident on the way back home, you will see an indent on the board and also on the top tier, tried to hide it as much as possible… I will make another wonky cake for this wkend, will also e-mail you the pictures.
    Regards Dianne
    Dianne's First Wonky Cake

  4. Hi Dianne
    Well done, I love your use of colour and the flowers look really effective. I’ve never used a cereal packet as inspiration, although I have used a drink carton – it just shows that we are literally surrounded by objects to inspire us. The rainbow makes an excellent topper.
    I look forward to seeing your next creation.
    Best wishes

  5. I love this cake and the colours are fab. I am hoping to learn the wonky cake one day. I have just started my beginners course in April and I’m completely hooked!
    I would just like to know how you secure the rainbow so it is able to stand, I think I may have a go at doing it as I am doing a cake which would look great with that on top. Any hints and tips will help me with my learning.

    Thanks, Kerry

  6. Hi Kerry
    Thanks for your comment, I assume you are asking about bows on the top of cakes. Well using the correct icing is the key, I would use a fairly stiff modelling paste and support the loops with kitchen paper whilst they dried.
    Hope this helps

  7. Hello Lindy, enjoyed the wonky cake course so much, managed to get my cake home safely, have now finished decorating cake, looks really good; I have also received the dvd’s and enjoyed watching them, really superb, took me back to the course, improving my techniques the more I watch them. To anyone thinking about doing one of Lindy’s workshops, don’t hesitate, it is good fun, and you really do come back, with a lot more knowledge than you went with. Thank you once again, and I hope to see you in the not too distant future to expand my knowledge and hands on experience.
    Kind regards,
    Elaine Mansour

  8. shelley says:

    hi lindy ,
    have had the wonky and the jewelry dvd…both brill…made first wonky cake last week turned out fab!!! have you ever used garlands round the base of a wonky cake ????? do you think it will look too much….going to be doing a black and hot pink one…black board, pink base and black top with black and pink polka dots and a fountain …but really fancy a beaded garland too……
    Shelley's wonky cake

  9. Hi Shelley
    Great to hear you thought my dvds were both “brill” and that your first ever wonky cake turned out “fab”. I don’t think I have ever used a garland around the base of a wonky cake but that doesn’t mean you can’t – Go for it, your cake I’m sure will be much admired! I love pink and black – made a black, pink and red swimsuit today in my cookie class to prove to a student that any colour scheme can work provided the colours are repeated. Same principle goes with your beads – so repeating the beads in your fountain on your garland will work. Do send me a photo of your finished cake.
    Best wishes

  10. shelley says:

    would love to send a picture but not sure how i would upload it onto here!!!! just another quick one…why dont you ever fill the cakes with buttercream ??? going to have a go at your mud cake today also…have a wedding cake for the weekend to finish and may give it a go !!!! Shelley
    Shelley's black and pink wonky cake

    Jewellery cake by Shelley

  11. Hi Shelley
    If you send me an email with the picture you’d like to add attached I’ll upload it for you, alternatively if you’ve already published it on the web, just type in the web address and if necessary, I’ll do the HTML code bit so that it shows here.
    Regards buttercream I do sometimes fill my cakes with buttercream – see my party animal book. However I personally am not a great fan of buttercream so I only fill with it when requested, my daughter on the other hand loves buttercream so I always add layers when I make a cake for her.
    Hope the mud cake was a success

  12. Hi there these cakes look fab! i’m making my first wonky cake at christmas! I think it will be a real eyecatcher I was going to do the snowflake cake in Lindy’s Inspire and Desire book and turn that into a wonky cake, I might have a trial run with some smaller cakes first lol xx

  13. Hi Lindy,
    I have been asked to do a wonky cake for a window display…..can i carve the dummies in wonky cakes…if not what do you suggest ??

  14. Hi Shelley
    Yes I have carved dummy wonky cakes out of dry oasis. Tip: don’t do it in your kitchen as the bits get everywhere!!

  15. ah thanks alot…i was going to use the cake dummy things the white ones….but may try oasis!!

  16. kuldip sohal says:

    I would like to move into the cake baking industry and would be grateful> if you could advise whether you have any cake baking courses currently> being run on a part time/weekend basis. I am looking to move into this> area from a foundation level and move onwards from there. I have had a> look at the Cake Decoration Level 1 Certificate (ABC) course, but not sure> if this covers the foundations from baking through the decorating.>>>> Please could you advise if any relevant courses are available>>>> Thanks

  17. Hello Kuldip,
    We run 1-day workshops on Tuesdays or Fridays. Have a look on our website under classes. Our workshops cover the decoration of cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

  18. Ali Hicken says:

    Hi Lindy,
    my sister and myself have just set up a small cake company and would love to attend one of your wonky cake courses, could you tell me when the next one might be running?
    Many thanks

  19. Hi Ali,

    We are currently working on new dates for Wonky Cake courses.
    As soon as these are decided, we will advertise them on the website.

  20. Hi,

    Am going to be doing a test run of my first wonky cake in the next few days, and have started to watch the brilliant dvd….however, it looks like the cakes are buttercreamed and pasted, but not layered/filled?? Is there a reason for this?? Whoever has the larger end will have a lot of cake huh??!!

  21. Hi Sasha,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Lindy’s DVD.
    Lindy doesn’t tend to torte her cakes as adding extra buttercream layers can make them more unstable.
    However she suggests giving it a try: -Bake, tort and then freeze and then carve the cake whilst it is still frozen.
    I hope this helps.
    Happy baking!


  22. sarah Jose says:

    Hi Lindy,
    I have a wonky cake for a wedding on friday, made the madeira yesterday, is it better to freeze it before carving it or is it ok to do it fresh

  23. Hi Sara, it’s always easier to carve the cake from frozen however it’s perfectly ok to also carve it fresh – just a few more crumbs!!!
    Have fun

  24. Love your books & cake designs.

    In America they seem to cut out a section from the top of each Wonky cake to slide the one above into. You don’t do this so are your cakes safe to transport – how don’t they just slide off ? I’ve been asked to make one and am concerned about transporting it. Help


  25. Hello Tracey,

    You will find Lindy’s method for stacking her Wonky cakes in several of her books. The cakes are of cake cards and then dowelled. Each layer is then tiered and secured using a small amount of royal icing.