July 21, 2017

Cat Novelty Cake Workshop

‘This is the perfect day out’ remarked a student on this ever popular novelty cake course. The cat cake is an excellent course for the beginner to intermediate sugarcrafter. Lindy got things started by getting the students to cover their cake boards. The ladies used lovely shades of pinks & purples, the perfect background for a white cat! Then the fun really begins with the carving and shaping of the cat shape. Lindy has a unique way of teaching these techniques. The curved and rounded edges of the cat really gives students the chance to get to grips with this skill. Under her guidance she makes what looks like a very difficult shape to work on, actually achievable!   The results were really impressive.  The students were enthusiastic and worked hard throughout the day to get these feline fancies looking cool for cats!

Cats in progress!

Cats in progress!

Moving on to placing the sugarpaste on to the cake was a superb insight into how sugarpaste works. Shaping a rolled, flat paste onto a rounded shape looks virtually impossible but it really does take to the shape of the cat and can be smoothed beautifully.  At this stage you can see the cat taking shape.  But the best part is creating the eyes, whiskers and mouth. This is when your cat comes alive and takes on it’s unique cat quality.

Here’s what our students said on the day:

” This is so exciting, it’s like being a big kid!”

“I’m really chuffed with the shape, I didn’t think it would turn out so body like”

“My partner just won’t believe I have done this”

“I’m in my element here, I’m playing… we can’t finish at 4!”

The cats that got the cream!!!

The cats that got the cream!!!

The ‘Cat’ is a cake loved by all ages. The students achieved a lot in one day and they were thrilled with the results.  Rightly so, we at Lindy’s Cakes are too!

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