August 19, 2017

Baking The Perfect Madeira Cake

After several requests from workshop students, I am posting the “Madeira Cake” blog.  Good luck and hope this helps you.

Before working at Lindy’s I had never made a Madeira cake.  My first attempts weren’t great – they came out of the oven domed, very crispy on the outside and really dry.  I had conquered the decorating but the cakes weren’t getting eaten! So Lindy set me a challenge –  to create the perfect Madeira!

Well it’s taken three attempts and I’ve cracked it.  I used Lindy’s 8” Round Madeira recipe (see below).
Here are the extra tips Lindy has given me from her years of  baking experience, plus a few of my own :

  1. Use real unsalted butter.  Margarine and spreads have a too high water content.
  2. Make sure you take your butter and eggs out of the fridge so they can reach room temperature.
  3. Lindy’s Madeira should be cooked at 160°C but, as I have a fan oven, I turn it down 20 degrees to 140°C and place a bowl of water on the shelf.  My oven has baking trays that slide directly into it so I put one tray in for the cake to sit on and place another tray above it giving enough room for the cake tin plus about three inches clearance.  If you don’t have trays that slide in, just use the shelves and place a baking sheet under the cake and on the shelf above.
  4. Cream the butter and sugar until white.  What I do is turn on the mixer and leave it to do it’s thing while I get on with the next stage.  This will take about 5-10 minutes.
  5. Line the inside of the tin as usual and then line the outside of the tin with newspaper – I use lots – at least 5 pages folded to about the height of the tin and secured with Sellotape.  This means that the cake will cook slower around the outside and more evenly throughout so you do not end up with a dome in the middle.
  6. After I have added the eggs (each with a little flour to stop curdling) I then add the flavouring.  Lindy’s recipe asks for the zest of two lemons.  I love lemony flavours so I add the zest of four lemons and the juice of half a lemon (make sure you put a good spoonful of flour in with this to stop curdling).  At this stage you can add glycerine.  You need ¼ teaspoon per egg.  This helps to keep the cake moist.  Add the remainder of the flour and gently fold in.
  7. When you spoon the mixture into the baking tin you need to scoop out the middle, so all the mixture is around the side of the cake tin and you can see the tin at the bottom (a bit like a ring doughnut!)  Don’t be nervous and just make a small dip in the middle – you really need to scoop it up the sides of the tin.
  8. Put it in the oven and bake for 1½ hours.  Check after this time with a skewer in the middle.  If it comes out clean the cake is done.  If not, depending on how much ingredient sticks to the skewer, give it 10 minutes more until the skewer comes out clean.  My cakes take longer than the recipe states because of the newspaper the lower cooking temperature – usually about 2-2¼ hours so don’t worry if it is still a bit “wobbly” at 1¾ hours.  Just check every 10 minutes.
  9. Leave your cake in the tin to cool, then transfer to a cooling rack.

This should produce a firm but moist cake.  Why not have a go!

Jane Dolder

Madeira baked as a mini cake

Madeira baked as a mini cake using a multi mini tin

8” Madeira Cake

350g (12 oz)              Unsalted Butter

350g (12 oz)              Caster Sugar

350g (12 oz)              Self Raising Flour

175g (6oz)                 Plain Flour

6                                Large Eggs

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160°C/325°F/Gas 3. Grease and line the cake tin (pan) with baking parchment.
  2. Cream the butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl until light, fluffy and pale. Sift the flours together in a separate bowl.
  3. Beat the eggs into the creamed mixture, one at a time, following each with a spoonful of flour, to prevent the mixture curdling.
  4. Sift the remaining flour into the creamed mixture and fold in carefully with a large metal spoon.
  5. Transfer to the lined bakeware and bake, see above but everyone’s oven is different.. When the cake is ready it will be well risen, firm to the touch and a skewer inserted into the centre will come out clean.
  6. Allow the cake to cool then, leaving the lining paper on, wrap the cake in foil or place in an airtight container for at least 12 hours before cutting, to allow the cake to settle.

Different sized/shape tin? Please click here to see a simple chart for changing quantities

If you fancy having a go at baking a batch of madeira minis, we sell some wonderful sets of multi-mini tins, available through our online shop. They come in 3 sizes: 5cm (2in), 6.5cm (2.5in) and 7.5cm (3in), just click on the size that interests you for more information. Have FUN!



  1. Hi Paula
    Standard cakes in the UK are 3inches deep, ocassionally I do deeper but normally it’s 3in. We are now stocking a range of invicta tins all 3in deep.

  2. hi Paula,

    I would like to make this cake but into cupcakes instead, however everytime i make cupcakes about 3-4 hours after they have been baked the tops of the case become really sticky and the paper starts to peel away from the cake.

    how can i avoid this from happening as i dont want it to happen to this cake?

  3. hi lindy

    Im trying to make a 12inch square madeira cake. Im using a gas oven and used your tip to wet paper inside foil, its been in the oven for almost 4 hours and the middle is still uncooked. Do you have any ideas what I’ve done wrong or how I can stop it happening next time?

  4. Does anyone know a way of making the madeira cake toffee flavoured? I have been searching for a toffee cake recipe but would love to know how to incorporate it into a madeira cake.

    I am also going to try a lemon madeira with a strawberry buttercream at the weekend – I think it will be gorgeous.

  5. When the recipe states ‘egg’ is it a large or medium egg? Going to attempt this tomorrow
    Many thanks in advance

  6. Eamonn O'shea says:

    Hi Lindy

    I was searching your site for the perfect madeira cake for my girlfriend. She loves making kids/novelty cakes. I noticed there was an issue in respect to quantities for different size cakes. I decided to write a program. It might not light up the world for its uniqueness but I thought it might help some of your customers to better gauge the quantities…rather than trying to work out 1+1/4 times an 8 inch round cake quantities. I can not post it here, but if you email me with an intrest. I will return mail with it attatched.

    Eamonn O’shea

  7. Hi Cheryl
    I always use large eggs

  8. Does anyone use sugar syrup to make the maderia cakes even more moist? If you do wend do you ad it. After its cooled or after a few days whne you are ready to cut and decorate?


  9. Hello Szeky,

    Many people do add sugar syrup to cakes. You will find that most supermarket cakes use this technique. It makes for a moist cake but can make the cake taste rather sweet – it really is a matter of personal taste. Sugar syrup can be another way of introducing a different flavour to your madeira – for example a lemon sugar syrup can be very effective.
    Experiment and see what you think of the flavour.
    If you do decide to add it, this should be just just before adding your buttercream.

    Hope this helps

  10. No wonder i found the supermarket cakes so too sweet.
    Could you reduce the sugar in the cake to compensate for the sugar syrup?

    Many thanks


  11. Hi
    A question about a bowl of water in the oven with the cake.
    Does it make any difference whether the bowl of water is above the cake on a tray or under the cake on a tray. I have an electric oven which I can turn the fan off.

    Many thanks


  12. Hiya everyone, i’ve also tried sooooo many recipes for a good maderia and this one is the best by far that i’ve tried….yay…yippee for Lindy :))))) thank you so much x x

  13. sally williams says:

    Hi! I have been asked to make a cake for my mother-in-laws 60th next month. I’m planning to make a 3 tier cake . . . could someone please tell me how I would tweak this recipe to make a 10″ and 6″ cake as well.

    Many thanks


  14. For the poster who asked about toffee madeira I would be tempted to look at Jamie Oliver’s sticky toffee pudding recipe for flavour inspiration. You could put in finely chopped (maybe food processed so would be very finely distributed?) dates (maybe the same weight as what is suggested if you add other dried fruit), plus he puts in a bit of ovaltine powder. Typically, you would use brown sugar in toffee type cakes. I might be tempted to substitute a bit of the caster sugar but I would be careful as this sugar might make the mix too moist. Just my suggestions, have never tried it!

  15. Hello Eve,

    It is fine to use the same cake recipe for your book cake pan as you would for your 8″ round cake tin.
    We are not familiar with the term “set up board”. We would recommend cutting a hardboard cake board into the shape of your cake – you will need the support of this to transfer your cake, otherwise you run the risk of your icing cracking during transfer.

    I hope this helps.

  16. Hello Paula,

    Lindy does sometimes use the madeira cake recipe to make cupcakes.
    The trick is to add a little more milk to the mixture to make it less stiff.
    This should make the cakes less sticky.
    If you cupcake cases are peeling away from your cakes this could be due to using an inferior quality cupcake case?
    We find that supermarket cases really do not hold up as well as a higher quality product.
    Click here to see the full range of cases we offer which are all of good quality – in our experience it is usually worth paying a little more to avoid problems.

  17. Hello Julie,

    4 hours to bake a 12″ madeira cake does not sound right at all.
    I can only suggest that you invest in an oven thermometer and check the temperature of your oven.
    We would expect baking time to be nearer 2 and a half hours – you didn’t have a power cut during baking time did you?

    Sorry we cannot be of more help!

  18. Hello Szeky,

    What we find works for us is leaving the fan on and putting the bowl of water on the same shelf in the oven.
    If it does not fit however, with the fan on it should not really make too much difference where you place the bowl – the fan should keep the humid warm air circulating around your cake as it bakes.

    Good luck.

  19. Hello Sally,

    We get lots of questions about tweaking recipes – see our blog post for details of how to factor recipes up to suit the cake which you wish to bake.

  20. Hello Lindy

    I’ve followed your tips and I now have a cake i’m proud of.

    I was just about to start icing it when i’ve had a panic over using a jam filling. Will the jam in it keep for a week before cutting it? The cake will be sealed by sugarpaste.

    Thanks v much


  21. Hi

    Just wanted to say I have found this site extremely good. I followed all the tips exactly and my 1o” square cake has turned out really good. All level due to the square well (as instructed) I left in the centre. The colour is equal and has risen well. I used newspaper stuffed between the baking tin and a larger one to stop edge cooking first. I also used the glycerine and bowl of water. I am really no cook but I am pleased with how it looks. I have yet to taste it but can’t see it failing.

    For my 10″ square tin I used one and half the amount of mixture given above for the 8″ round tin and it’s worked a treat, so many sites have given different quantities.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my success.

  22. Hi Nicola
    The sugar in the jam will act as a preversative so it should keep. I do however suggest that you boil your jam before using it and spread it on warm.
    Hope this helps

  23. Hi Szeky
    A little perhaps

  24. Hi Lindy,Why does your recipe for Madeira Cake have SR Flour and Plain in it.

  25. Hello Angie,

    The madeira cake recipe which we recommend is carefully balanced so that the chemistry of the ingredients works perfectly when the cake is baked.
    Too much self raising flour and the cake will rise too much – the proportion of ingredients and their interaction with each other have been tested and the recipe does we believe give the best results.

    Happy baking!

  26. Hello Lindy,
    As a big fan of you and your books and a newcomer to cake decorating, could you please help. I am making a 3 tier cake, fruit, chocolate and madeira which are to be covered with marzipan and sugarpaste. Will this be ok for the chocolate cake or what would you advize

  27. Hello Anne,

    There is no problem covering chocolate cake with marzipan and sugarpaste. It will work fine – it is simply a matter of taste as to whether you feel that the chocolate flavour and marzipan flavour will compliment each other. Also remember to check that no-one suffers from a nut allergy when using marzipan!

  28. Hi Lindy & team

    I have just popped a 4″ chocolate cake (recipe from Cakes to inspire and desire) into the oven. I have covered the sides of the tin in newspaper, placed it on a baking sheet and also placed a baking sheet with a bowl of water on it into the oven too. My question is, the recipe says it takes 45mins to 1hr to bake but doing it Jane’s way ie. covered in newspaper etc. how long will it actually take, am I looking at an extra hour?
    Does baking either the Madeira or chocolate cake Jane’s way automatically add an hour to the baking time for all cake sizes in the book, as I have to make an 11″ Madeira cake and am not sure of the baking time.
    Also I didn’t add the glycerine, should I? And by error I added 3/4 ounce of cornflour (thought it was icing sugar) in to the receipe along with icing sugar. Any idea what to expect from making this mistake?

  29. anne marie says:

    Thank you so much Lindy for your speedy response i will take your advice on board and let you know how i get on

  30. Hi Everyone
    Am so glad I’ve found this picking up lots of usefull tips! I’ve got a 70th birthday cake to make and have decided to try Lindy’s madeira cake recipe for the first time as I usually make a victoria sponge recipe. I’m wondering if I need to flavour it with vanilla extract if I’m not using lemon as they want a plain cake not a ‘flavoured’ one….can anyone advise?

  31. Hello Martina,
    The baking time depends on your oven. It’s a case of adding another 10 minutes after the baking time given and checking each time. I found the chocolate cake baking times differ from the Madeira. When I baked the chocolate cake it was cooked in the time stated in the recipe. The first time I didn’t add glycerine and the cake was OK but the second time I baked it I added the glycerine and it was slightly better. I do find with the Madeira that I don’t need to add glycerine now as I have baked it so many times, without over cooking, it comes out beautifully moist. I’m not sure of the outcome of your “cornflour error” – it may just make it a little dry.

  32. Hello Lisa,
    If you want to flavour your cake you can use vanilla extract – you would need to add 1tsp for a 6-egg recipe. Also you could try almond – 1tsp almond essence and 3tbsp of ground almonds (also for a 6-egg recipe).
    Good Luck

  33. Thanks Jane…am going to go with vanilla extract for the birthday cake but will try the almond idea for definate as I love almond flavour

  34. Molly from Ireland says:

    Hi, I made a 12” madeira following your recipe and it also took bang on 4 hours! Is the 160 deg a fan oven or reg oven?

  35. Hello Molly,

    It is 160 degrees in a regular oven.
    Glad to hear you liked the recipe!

  36. Made a 10″ square madeira following Lindy’s recipe and it was a great success!!! I ended up with a lovely deep, flat cake and the bits I trimmed off were delicious..I flavoured it with vanilla extract. It is now in the process of being decorated ready for my customer. Thanks for all the tips on here I will definately be using it again.

  37. Hi, I am new to baking cakes, I bought lindys book and used to maderia cake recipe, I put too many eggs in as i misread the recipie and used the bowl over water but the cake came out fine and 3 days in is still tasting good. My question is about the height of the tins you use as although you state the diameter you do not state the height, all my tins are 3″ high but when I made the above recipe it was originally for the 8″ round but there seemed to be a lot of mixture, and my tins say to only fill 1/2 to 2/3 full so I ended up putting the mixture in the 10″ knowing it would obviously not come out as high as I wanted, should I have still gone ahead and filled the tin higher or should I be using higher tins? please help

  38. Hi Lisa
    I use 3in high tins – standard height in the UK – the mixture amounts given in my books should give you a cake that is 3in high.
    Have fun baking

  39. Thanks Lindy,

    I am going to bake another this week, this time I will follow the recipe correctly!! I will try the 8″ again with my 3 ” tin and let you know how I get on.
    Thanks Lisa

  40. Hi Lindy,

    I’m trying to make two perfect madeira cakes for my first wonky cake :-) from your recepie above. My problem however is my oven and it’s complete inability to hold a the correct temperature. I use oven thermometers and even bought a mimi oven hoping that might work, but it was worse!! Can you tell me what kind of oven would be best for baking as I dont know where to start. I can only use electric and have only room for a small 50cm wide one.

    Thanks Rach

  41. Hello Rach,
    I use a fan setting on my oven for baking, but we have students who have gas, Aga, and conventional ovens. I couldn’t really recommend a type as everyone has their own preference. If you have the option of electric only you could opt for an oven that has fan and conventional settings and then try either to see which setting you prefer.
    Good Luck

  42. Hi, i want to make a 10inch x 15 inch cake please can you tell me the amount of ingredients and would it be best to do the same recipe twice so i can layer it to put a filling in the middle?

    thank you

  43. Hello Ash,
    You would need to use a recipe for a 12″x12″ square cake. You wouldn’t need to do two cakes as it should rise to about 3″ high – just slice the cake and fill the middle. Have a look at our blog on Cake Recipe Quantities.
    Good Luck

  44. Hi, no need to reply to my earlier question about eggs, I read back through your previous replies and someone else had the same question. Cake is in the oven so I’m hoping it emerges a triumph. It’s predecessor was a disaster, ha. I’ll report back to let you know. Great blog by the way, a lot of good advice, lets hope I followed it correctly.

  45. Help! My cake came out of the oven last night looking absolutely perfect, 3″ high, flat on top, moist. However, it was too late to stay up to wait for it to cool down before I wrapped it and put it away so I left it out on the cooling rack all night (about 8 hrs). It now feels like a brick and I’m worried I may have ruined it. I obviously won’t know until I taste it at the party on Saturday for my in-laws Ruby anniversary. Do you think it’ll be ok? I know you said Madeira becomes more moist after about a week but have I ruined it by not covering it sooner?

  46. THanks for your advice Jane :-)

  47. Dear Lindy,

    I tried the Madeira cake yesterday. I took it out to test it after an hour and a half and it looked fine but not finished cooking but wen I took it out after it had been in for over 2 hours the well in the middle was there and it hadn’t risen in the middle at all. Do you think wen I took it out to check on it as it wasn’t fully cooked the cold air made it sink?

    Also wen I turned it out the bottom and the lower part of the sides were very moist and wet. Is it meant to be like this? The top and upper part of the sides looked nice and not as moist.

    I cooked this in an 8″ cake tin and it rose very high.

    Regards Andrea

  48. Hi, I am making a 12″ chocolate cake (recipe is Lindy’s one from Cakes to Inspire and Desire), but i’d like to know how long it will keep for. Is it 2wks like the Madeira cake or a little less. Thanks.

  49. Hello, Me again!

    I seem to be having troubles with this, but I really want to get it right so any advice would be great. I’ve been doing an 8inch so I’ve used the recepie you have above. I have a fan assisted oven so I put the temp to 140 deg. I have put the baking trays as suggested on the cake shelf and the one above and I have put a bowl of water in the oven. I have also used two sheets of brown paper to put around the tin. I was wondering if you could give me any advice as to why my cake has come out like a volcano haha…. The cake itself tastes quite dry round the edges and top, but the middle’s good…I though the cooking temperature might be the problem so I’m cooking another as I type on 120deg, but again it’s risen massively and cracked on top. I’ve got a birthday cake to make for next Monday so if you can give me any advice I would really appreciate it :-) Thanks,

  50. Just to let you know I solved the problem, and yes it was my oven! I turned it right down and made the perfect maderia! :-) Thanks for all your handy tips on here, they really helped :)

  51. Hello Lynn,

    Glad you found the answer to the egg question – Lindy always uses large ones.
    Let us know how your cake turned out.

  52. Hello again Lynn,

    I think Lindy replied direct to you via email as we were having problems with our blog a couple of weeks ago.
    For the benefit of the other bloggers out there – what you should have done is cover the cake loosely with some foil or baking paper to prevent it drying out.
    I think you started from scratch with this one and had better results second time round!

  53. Hello Rach,

    Glad to hear you perfected your madeira.

  54. Hi, I always use Lindy’s receipe for the madeira cake and it turns out brilliant every time but I’ve been asked to make a cake for a child who has a lactose and milk allergy. I’m really stuck now. Have you any suggestions for a cake?

  55. Hello Tracey,

    Yes Lindy’s chocolate cake recipe will keep for 2 weeks, the same as the madeira.
    Happy baking!

  56. Hello Tracy,

    We would recommend investing in a lactose free recipe book as this really is a very specialist area.
    You can get a hard dairy-free margarine which can be used in place of the butter in the recipe.
    Does anyone have any good lactose and milk free recipes?

  57. Hello Annie,

    It sounds as if you did take the cake out too early. I would try again and leave it in for the full time before looking at it.
    Perfecting your madeira cake is a matter of trial and error and cooking times will vary from oven to oven.
    When you have found the time which works for your oven, scribble it down on the recipe so that you can bake the perfect cake every time.

  58. Thea Morris says:

    Hoping you can help. If I wanted to flavour the madeira cake with vanilla, can you please advise how much would I use for the basic 8″ cake mixture?

    Many thanks


  59. Thea Morris says:

    Also, I have another question regarding your ‘changing recipe quantities’ link. I would like to make an 8″ inch square cake, which I understand needs 1/4 more of the standard 8″ round tin mixture. I am a little confused about the eggs situation though, as 1/4 of 6 eggs is 1.5 eggs. Do we actually use 7.5 eggs for an 8″ square tin, or just go with 7 eggs?

    Many thanks


  60. Thea Morris says:


    Just read all the above comments and noticed that you have already answered my question regarding the vanilla extract, so all sorted on that front. It would still be lovely to find out about the eggs situation though – what do you do about 1/2 eggs?



  61. Hi Jane,
    My customer requested a vanilla cake with chocolate chip for a novelty cake she ordered. Is it possible to put in chocochips into the batter? would they sink to the bottom or float just nicely?


  62. Hi, firstly I want to say how amazing this website is. I am a keen cake maker but often have no-one to ask the many questions I have so this is fantastic. I am making a 90th birthday cake and am keen to follow this madera recipe but can I confirm I need to double the mixture for a 10″ square cake making it a 12 egg recipe? Also, I need it for Saturday so have I left it a little late to mature properly?
    Am really excited to use all the tips – especially the glycerine.

  63. Hello Thea,
    I usually put 1 to 2 teaspoons in.

  64. Thea Morris says:

    Hi Jane

    Thank you for your reply regarding the vanilla. I have another question regarding your ‘changing recipe quantities’ link. I would like to make an 8″ inch square cake, which I understand needs 1/4 more of the standard 8″ round tin mixture. I am a little confused about the eggs situation though, as 1/4 of 6 eggs is 1.5 eggs. Do we actually use 7.5 eggs for an 8″ square tin, or just go with 7 eggs?

    Many thanks


  65. Hello Thea,
    On Lindy’s 8″ square Madeira recipe (Cakes To Inspire and Desire and Celebrate with a Cake) she uses 8 eggs.

  66. Hello Susy,
    Chocolate chips shouldn’t sink!

  67. Hello Laura,
    It shouldn’t be too late for Saturday. You’re right, just double the mixture.

  68. Thea Morris says:

    Thank you Jane – I have ordered ‘Cakes to Inspire and Desire’ and looking forward to perfecting my madeira cake. Excellent blog by the way – really, really useful.

  69. What a cake. Thanks so much for getting back to me – I thought I baked a mean cake before but I followed all the tips on this site and am sooooo pleased with my madeira. It’s 10″ square and is totally amazing. I was a little tentative about scooping the hole in the middle but am so glad I did it as it still rose (nearly hitting the roof of my oven) but it rose evenly. Brilliant. Thanks all for the tips :-)

  70. Hi, made my first Madeira tonight and it looks good so far. Followed all the hints and tips so thanks for sharing. I have a couple of questions about what to do now though. I need to cut it and sandwich it and then cover it in sugarpaste. When should I do that for the cake to be at it’s best for eating on Friday? Is it better to cut it now or wait til I ice it? Am I better to wait til Thursday to ice it to allow it time to moisten up in my airtight box? This is all a trial run for next month when I have 4 1st birthday cakes to make so I’m trying to iron out all the kinks now!

  71. Hello Thea Morris,

    You ideally need to use the equivalent of 7.5 large eggs so we would recommend maybe 8 smaller eggs or 6 large and 2 small ones.
    Use your judgement to try and come up with the closest equivalent to 7.5 large eggs and you should be fine.

  72. Hi
    I have just read through all the above comments and your recipe sounds great – what quantities would I need for a Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan?
    Thank you

  73. Hi, I wonder if I could have some advice please? Im baking a cake for my friends 40th in a 14inch x 10inch rectangle tin, can you advise me on what quantities I would need. Many Thanks

  74. Tracy Piper says:

    I’ve made the madeira cake many times and it seems to come out pretty good (I think)although they always take alot longer than what it says in Lindys books. I’ve had concerns about my oven temperature for a while now – I don’t think it’s as hot as it says, so I’ve bought an oven thermometer. I’m trying it out before I bake a cake. I have set the oven to 240C but the thermometer says 190C. Could it really be 50C out?

  75. Hi I am making a 12″ round maderia cake and slighly confused how to size up the ingrediants. I am using Jane Dolder Workshop Co-ordinator 8” Madeira Cake but I believe I have to size up 21/2. However I have seen another posting by Lindys Team on 12 May 2010 that gives the details for a 12″ cake. However the 8″ mentions 6 eggs if I make this up 21/2 it is 15 eggs but the 12″ cake tells you to use 18!! Hope you can help.

  76. Hi Lindy, I have looked at a few receipes for Maderia Cake an they are all for an 8inch round cake.Why does the Flour quantity differ so much for the same size cake? In a book I have of Carol Deacons she uses 10ozs of SR Flour but yours uses 12ozs of SR & also 6ozs of Plain Flour. Will using more Flour make it taste more doughy? I have to admit I have a couple of your books but have used them mainly for decorating ideas & not actually used your cake mixture yet.Regards Angie

  77. Hi, I am aiming to make a madeira tomorrow but your recipe shows the quantities for an 8″ round and I need them for a 10″ round. I’ve had a look on your page about scaling up/down recipe quantities but am a little unsure as just timesing it by 1.5 seems to come up with different quanties to all the other online recipies I’ve found. Can you give me any assurance that I am getting it right lol :-)
    Many Thanks

  78. I am so happy I found your ‘Madeira Cake’ blog. I had to bake a cake for my sons 1st birthday, and was quite nervous as all my previous attempts have always had something wrong with them, but after following all of your advise, I am very pleased to say my cake was absolutely perfect, and so delicious and moist. Thank you! :)

  79. Jill Gordon says:

    Hi Lindy,
    Just wanted to let you and everyone know that I have tried making a 12inch Square Madeira Cake using the recipe on this thread. I have to say that this particular recipe is truely amazing!!!! I Followed the recipe step by step and made sure I lined the tin inside with greeseproof paper and 5 layers of newspaper outside with a bowl of water inside the oven and the cake was truely beautiful, I did have to level it (thats when I tasted it) but that was not a problem as it was exactly 3inches high. I have since decorated it for a 30th Birthday Party and it has turned out brilliantly !!!! So a BIG Thank you for sharing this recipe and for all your brilliant tips and advice.

  80. Hi, I have read all the blogs of this maderia cake, but no-one seems to have an Aga 2 oven cooker, which has no readable regulator, and only a very small top oven, with the baking sheet tray positioned on top runner, to avoid burn, there is only one rack position left, so there is absolutely no room for the height of the papers to
    wrap around the outside of the tin. Does anyone else have an Aga to cook with (hate them for cooking cakes)

  81. Meant to ask also, can you state exactly how much glycerine for the 12 oz SR and 6 oz plain flour recipe. There is no clear indication of how much glycerine to use, say for 8″ tin or 6″ tin. I shall be using a 6″ tin.

  82. Hello Tracy,
    It is sometimes amazing how different the temperatures can be. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. If it’s a new oven maybe the manufacturers would re-calibrate it for you.

  83. Hello Lesley,
    If you fill the cupcake pan with water and then transfer the water into one of your cake tins. If for example it fills an 8″ tin you should use an 8″ recipe.
    Hope this helps.

  84. Hello Midge,
    A 14″ x 10″ tin has an area of 140, so the nearest equivalent tin would be a 12″ x 12″ (144) so you can use a 12″ square or a 13″ round recipe.

  85. Hello Sally,
    The 12″ round needs 15 eggs and the 13″ round needs 18 eggs.
    Good Luck

  86. Hello Angie,
    Are you sure it was for a Madeira recipe and not just a sponge cake? Just using the SF flour would make it lighter and this would mean it may not support the sugarpaste as well.

  87. Hi Lindy
    I want to make this cake in the shape of a “2” for my two year old. I have hired the tin and made a practice cake but it got stuck to the sides because I could not use parchment paper due to the odd shape. How can I solve this? Also are the measurements in this recipie sufficient for a number “2” tin? (its not a very big tin.

  88. Hello Sheila,
    No one in the office has an Aga oven. Can any of our bloggers help?

  89. Sheila,
    We recommend 1/4 tsp per egg.

  90. Hello Leyla,
    You could use Cake Release to spray in the tin and then the cake will not stick to the sides.
    Fill the “2” pan with water, then transfer the water into one of your other cake tins, i.e. an 8″ tin. If the water fills the pan you should use an 8″ recipe.

  91. Hello Liz,
    The increased recipe quantities are just a guideline. They do tend to differ from the standard recipes.

  92. I need to make a chocolate Madeira cake….10 inch square but the recipe I tested came out way too bland….so do you have a chocolate version I could try please?

  93. Hello Karen,
    Why not try the Chocolate Mud Cake try this link for the recipe on our blog.

  94. Hi Jane,

    Funny you should suggest a Mud Cake…My client has ordered Mud Cakes from me before but this cake is a Thomas the Tank Engine for a 2 year old’s birthday cake. She asked for the cake to be ‘child friendly’ Vanilla and Chocolate Madeira…
    While waiting for your response to my question I made a Mud Cake…one that’s a bit lighter than my normal dense Mud.
    I will try the Mud you suggested as a fall back cake….thanks.
    It won’t go to waste because I will freeze it if I don’t use it.
    Thanks so much for your help and the Blog…great information here.

  95. I had to stop by and say a massive thanks for your help. I tried the Madeira recipe using all Jane’s tips above and it came out perfect. You have given me the confidence to try a two tiered cake for my sons birthday, and you have sparked a massive interest in making more complex designs. I have bought your cupcake celebration book – fantastic; your storybook cake book – amazing, and have downloaded your cakes to inspire and desire to my iPad through kindle. All your books feature amazing and breathtakingly gorgeous cakes, which before reading, I would never have had the confidence to tackle. Your straightforward advice and guidance is invaluable, so thank you, and keep up the amazing work! Just need to perfect the sugar paste recipe, which I suspect isn’t going right due to my not getting the right amount of liquid glucose in the recipe. But I know I’ll get there with practice! Thanks again Lindy and Jane x

  96. Tried and tested, best Madeira cake Ive ever had. Thanks

  97. For anyone with an AGA oven,

    I have been baking cakes for friends and family for the last 2 years and now I’m baking and decorating cakes, including wedding cakes for everyone!!

    I’ve been using exclusively Lindy’s Madeira cake recipe. I have an AGA (not by choice, it came with the house).
    I encountered the problem of not being able to fit anything larger than a 12″ cake tin. Very frustrating.

    Because you can’t regulate the temperature on my AGA, I bake the cakes approx 1/3 towards the bottom of the oven cavity. As the cakes tend to burn at the top, I also place a double baking sheet circle/square directly onto the cake mix, ensuring that there are no gaps, to minimise burning.
    I also have to increase baking time by approx. 20% to ensure the cake is fully cooked in the middle. I normally check the cake when the maximum cooking time is up by inserting a baking needle into the cake. If not fully cooked, I put it back in the oven for another 20 minutes and check again.

    Because your baking results very much depend on the temperature set within the AGA, it’s all a matter of trying out what works best for you.


  98. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us Susanne

  99. Hi

    I am really interested in using this recipe to create a pirate ship birthday cake for my daughter.
    I have read all the comments on the blog but just need some additional help if possible.

    I need two 9″x13″x2″ cakes. Upscaling the recipe to this size suggests 3 times the quantity of an 8″ round. Will each cake I need really need 18 large eggs? And how do I make make the ‘well’ in the centre of an oblong tin?

    Many thanks, Lori

  100. I hope you can answer this query as it’s more to do with the filling than the cake, which is the Madeira as above.
    I have filled it with jam & butter cream that has a small amount of fresh cream custard in it, to make a softer consistency. I made the cake last Saturday, filled & completely iced with fondant icing on Wednesday for this Saturday, to be told that it is to be kept for a second party the following Saturday, a full 2 weeks after baking and a week & half after filling. The obvious question is will it all be ok?
    Thank you for all the tips you have posted and the answers to all the questions, great help.