July 21, 2017

More Cake Jewellery Workshop

Want to add some Razzamatazz to your cakes… Keen for your cakes to Shimmer… Looking for cake Bling factor? Read on…

At Lindy’s cakes, Cake Jewellery has really taken off and our jewellery workshop has become super popular. If you want to take cake decorating to a whole new creative level then look no further.  As one student put it  “this gives me another string to my bow, another style I can work with beyond sugarpaste”  well put. We love working on the jewellery workshop because it’s different and there is so much capacity for creativity.  Lindy demonstrates her style step-by-step, showing you a range of techniques. She guides you through beads & wires and the tools required.  The rest is up to you! It’s great watching the creative process on this course. Observing the students choosing the beads is great fun… Wooden, Miracle, Japanese Rocailles, Glass & Pearls. Or Swarovski Crystals if you are really posh!  The colour combinations, pinks, blues, purples, multi, autumninal… to name a few.

Splendid & Sparkling

Cake jewellery is quite simply… dazzling! You will learn how to make a selection of cake decorations that can be used for the top of the cake or attached to the side. Bands to wrap around your cake or abstract flowers for the top!  As you desire.  And the truly wonderful thing about cake jewellery is that they are a forever treasure to keep and can be used again… now that’s what I call glamourous recycling… very 2010!

We had a ball on this jewellery workshop, a hoot! The students were fantastic – inspiring & talented. We all had fun and they learn’t a new skill.  It’s what our workshops are all about. And look at the results – resplendent!

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  1. Jan Adams says:

    Hi l live Australia, and would love to be able to come to your classes, but l think it is a bit far. Never mind l was wondering if you use edilbe jewels or not in your creative skills. As they all look wonderful. Regards Jan

  2. Hello Jan,
    Lindy has used edible crystals on her “Purrfectly Exotic” cat cake in her “Party Animals” book. She made them using a glass jar, a piece of string and water with sugar dissolved in it. The crystals will form on the piece of string and you can then stick them directly onto your cake. You can also buy edible crystals but unfortunately we don’t stock them here at Lindy’s.