August 19, 2017

Wedding Cake for Sex and the City 2

It’s not about the movie…. it’s not about SJP…. it’s not about who is Samatha’s latest squeeze… nor is it about the Manolos… it’s about the CAKE! Here at Lindy HQ we’ve been ooohing and aaahing over the recently released photos of the Wedding Cake created for the Sex and the City 2 movie, due for realease 27th May 2010. According to our sources, or rather what we’ve been able to decipher from the web,  the five tiered, uber glamorous white wedding cake was created by the celebrity wedding cake artist Ron Ben-Israel and his team at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes.  But what particulary caught Lindy’s eye was the use of Swarovski crystals…

The 'SATC 2' cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes - NY

This cake is dripping in them, they tumble from each layer chandelier like, majestically dazzling. This cake is a serious piece of bling – but then you wouldn’t expect anything less from SATC!  As you know Lindy uses Swarovski crystals in her own cake jewellery. They are very very special, truly beautiful, exquisite and very very expensive!

Dazzling Swarovski Crystals

Interestingly Lindy would not put these splendid crystals directly onto the icing of a cake… litigation, broken teeth and swallowed gems spring to mind!!  Most importantly Lindy ensures that all non-edible decorations such as cake jewellery are easily removable for the cutting of the cake. And cake jewellery does make a stunning forever keepsake! So we are intrigued and mesmirised by this beautiful cake. Of course anything goes in the movies and perhaps this was created purely for effect,  but it does give us something to ponder about in our cake world!

Let us know what you think!

* SATC2 cake photos and information source


  1. Sarah Ramsey says:


    What a stunning cake, I could only dream of having something like that at my wedding.

    I bet the crystal sparkle like crazy.

    Oh well back to dreaming..

  2. Nooooo!!Sorry – this is just wrong on so many levels!

    It doesn’t exactly look “appetising” does it?! Might as well be made out of cardboard.

    I guess it’s just a “catwalk” cake but not to my tastes, I’m afraid…call me a snob but I think it looks completely naff!

    Give me a good loe British classic design anyday!

  3. Hello Jess,

    Thank you for your comments on the SATC cake.
    The truth is the cake is almost certainly made out of polystrene which will affect how “appetising” it looks. Real cakes are not great under studio lights!
    I think it is true to say this cake is a marmite (or vegemite depending on where you come from) cake – you either love it or you hate it!
    Bold designs often divide opinion.

  4. vitreophile says:

    Beautiful….but how do you think all those heavy strands are attatched???

  5. Royal icing?

  6. Patti LeDay says:

    I think the over all look of the cake is a “WOW!” kind of cake. But…it’s not something I would want to serve to guests. You MUST make absolutely sure that every last sparkly is removed from the cake. I have a thing about non-edibles on cakes…don’t like it. May Ron should have make gems from isomalt!

  7. How amazing, this cake caught my eye as soon as it came on screen whilst watching the film. Its definately a dream cake and the detail is incredible, well designed.

  8. We totally agree with you Riddy – it’s fabulous!

  9. What exactly is holding the cake up inbetween the teirs? Where can you purchase something like that…this is going to be my wedding cake

  10. Hello missarah4,

    The cake is being held up with a custom made acrylic stand.
    I would suggest contacting Ben Israel cakes in New York who created this wonderful cake.
    Good luck with your wedding!

  11. im atempting this cake for my mums wedding not worried about the cake its just trying to find someone that can make the stand its a nightmare anyone got any suggestions?

  12. Ilove this cake, we’ve just been asked to re-create this cake in November & I can’t wait.

  13. It looks like chandelier not a cake!

  14. this is one of my favorite cakes ive ever seen. i actually saw this on the tv show “Staten Island Cakes”, and fell in love with it. i want this cake for my wedding! i will save every penny i can for that cake. Ron and his workers did an amazing job!!!!

  15. has anyone found a link or vendor that I can order that cake stand–i have a bride that wants that same cake……….