August 19, 2017

Christmas Bauble Workshop 2010

The countdown to Christmas has officially started at Lindy’s Cakes! As we commence our festive inspired workshops we are all feeling very Christmassy indeed! Our hugely popular ‘Bauble’ workshop got off to a great start with so many familliar faces.  It is lovely to see students coming back to our workshops, a testament to Lindy’s teaching!

I remember when I first saw Lindy’s Bauble cake at HQ…I simply couldn’t believe that you could create and cover  a ‘ball’ shape! As you can see it can be done and with Lindy’s step-by-step instruction, and one-to-one guidance on the day, it is so very achievable! The  ‘ball tins‘ that we sell on our on-line shop have been chosen by Lindy as the perfect tin for baking your ‘Bauble’ cake and you can bake a fruit cake, madeira or similar in this tin which makes it so versatile.  Lindy, as always, starts her classes with a refresher on the basics. As this class is not a beginner class she didn’t need to spend too much time on this however she believes it is always worth touching on. We often see our students picking up little tips from Lindy even though they may be experienced sugarcrafters!

Christmas Baubles in production!

The students started off with the covering of the board, then moved on to covering the ball shape with the sugarpaste. This is a delicate process and much time is spent on the shape and finish of your cake. It really is worth the time and energy getting this right and will serve you well when you come to adorn your cake with all it’s Christmas finery! We are always trying to achieve that professional finish!

A stunning 'Bauble' collection

Today we used stencils and cutters to decorate the baubles as well as the piping of small dots…a Lindy signature look! The great thing about a workhsop is that you get the chance to experiment with lots of different decorating techniques. Lindy has the most impressive range of stencils and cutters that she shares with her students and even if a technique or style doesn’t make it to your cake you can , at least, have a go!  It is a joy to see how students put colours together, combine shapes, add detail. As you can see from the wonderful baubles above they are all so different!

Lindy's Fabulous Bauble

Even Lindy surpassed herself today with her demonstration bauble!! Traditional colours, a splash of purple and a hint of contemporary style…perfect for Christmas 2010!

Our lovely students with their fantastic festive 'Baubles'

Well done ladies…your Baubles are fabulous and it was great working with you!

Will these cakes last to Christmas…somehow I think not! Oh well… you have the skills to create this cake again…phew!!


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  1. i just made a bauble and after putting the sugar paste the cake desintegreate it. What did i do wrong? I did the Madeira cake…helpppp the party is tomorrow…

  2. Hello Monica,
    Something has gone wrong! If you use a Madeira cake this should support the sugarpaste perfectly. Did you use Lindy’s recipe? Try looking at our blog post “Baking the Perfect Madeira”