July 21, 2017

Bride & Groom Toppers Workshop…

The Bride & Groom Topper workshop creates much excitement and anticipation at Lindy’s Cakes! Partly because we do this course just once a year, partly because it’s a lovely diversion from cakes, cookies and cupcakes and partly because Artista Soft is such a wonderful medium to work with.  The results are both stunning and humorous in equal measure. This course makes me smile! I love seeing those heads on sticks with their wide smiles – just waiting to be popped on to a body,  fully dressed grooms arm in arm with half dressed brides, brides in gowns with no heads…

Bride and Grooms to be!

Lindy has a wealth of experience in making cake models, she has been creating them for quite some time now. Originally Lindy worked with sugar but today she uses a soft, super lightweight, modelling clay called Artista Soft. This non-edible clay is malleable and very easy to work with. Artista contains no toxins or resins and is predominantly made from rice and potato flour. It doesn’t become sticky so is wonderful to work with!  It comes in a range of colours and can be blended to create bespoke colours as you would with sugarpaste. Lindy uses a sugarshaper to create the fine strands of hair then creates the individual style from there. She also uses embossing sticks to give fabric like definition to the clothing, as seen on the grooms waistcoats and brides bodices . Once dry your Artista creation becomes a ‘forever’ keepsake!

Stunning Bride & Groom Toppers

The big colours for weddings in 2011 are going to be red & blue! Given a certain Royal Wedding in April we are not at all surprised! Oh and expect a lot of nostalgia styling too! With this in mind Lindy decided to use red as her accent colour for her bride & groom below….

Lindy's Bride & Groom - Beautiful!

Our students did a fantastic job over this 2 day course. Bride & Groom models are a lot of work but I think you will agree that the results are fantastic…and better still… they are forever. Just like a marriage…hopefully!!

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  1. Hi Lindy, I had a great time really enjoyed myself, and I have been making models of doctor who! for my little boy. My family thought my bride and grrom were fab!! Thank you