August 19, 2017

Lindy’s Cake Stencil Workshop March 2011

We could not have been more excited about this new Lindy Smith Stencil Technique Course.  Is this the start of a new sugarcraft technique love affair? We think it is! Cakefriends let me introduce you to the…drumrollStencil. Today Lindy taught her first Stencil class and judging by how well this class was received by our students, and the quality of the work produced, I can safely say this is going to be on our workshop programme for some time to come. Stencilling is one of those techniques that produces impressive results, intricate and elaborate designs, yet is incredibly easy to do. Lindy is the first to admit this too! And because the process is easy it allows you to really experiment and take stencilling one step further by using more than one colour to create miniature works of art. Today our students arrived with covered cakes and boards. Lindy was keen that the students were able to experiment with as many stencils as possible, on this one day course,  as well as practicing the technique of stencilling the ‘side’ of a cake.  The students were also encouraged to stencil cupcakes & cookies…quite frankly if you stood still long enough you may have even got stencilled yourself…such was the enthusiasm of Lindy and our students!!

Stencilling can turn the ordinary into spectacular, the plain into the patterned, the flat into the embossed, the matt into the shiny. Such a simple technique yet the possibilities are truly endless…

Stunning Stencilled Cookies & Cupcakes

Today we used stencils from Lindy’s own collection as well as ones we sell at our on-line shop. For colour we used royal icing mixed with  Edible Paste Colours and the magical Superwhite for the ‘Daz’ effect!  We also used Edible Metallic Lustre Dusts for sparkling results and matt dust colours for graded patterns.

Stencilled Cakes...on all sides. Fabulous!

Lindy had fun demonstrating stencilling and her design ideas. She used her own design Wellington Boot cookie shape today, as well as some of the new designer stencils we sell on-line. The Royal Crown Stencil, Gem Pendant Stencil, Daisy Lattice Stencil, Filigree Damask Stencil and the Victorian Circle Set were all used today. To add a touch of glamour to her cake Lindy used the ‘new’ fabulous Pearl Impression Mould to create a string of pearls around the base of the cake.  As for the colours….WOW!

Lindy's Demonstration Collection

We are all absolutely thrilled with how this workshop went. We received super feedback from our students and I think you will agree that the results, as shown above, are fabulous.

Set in Buckinghamshire just outside of London with a maximum of 10 students, everyone gets one to one time with Lindy.

Our next stencil workshop is on Friday 24th June. Come and join us…you’ll be amazed at what you can create! Click here to find out more.



  1. WOW!!!

  2. Julie Marney says:

    Just the best class ever! Learned sooooooooo much – would recommend it to everyone! Thank you Lindy and team for such a fantastic day.xx

  3. Pat Cliffe says:

    Yes I agree – it was a great day.

  4. che meraviglia…sono rimasta a bocca aperta….davvero splendide….
    complimenti di cuore!
    a presto,

  5. I love Lindy’s classes and Julie’s recommendation has tipped it for me. Julie’s opinion is to be trusted! Have booked myself on the next stencil class in June. Hope I get a place. So excited!