August 19, 2017

Cupake and cookie – texturing technique class with Lindy Smith March 2012

Lindy is constantly striving to create new and fresh designs and ideas and this class is a great example of that. The Texturing Technique class is a new blend of sugarcraft ideas and techniques which focus on embossing, brush embroidery and fabric flowers.

Our 10 lovely students arrived with cupcakes, cookies and an arsenal of tools, pastes and colours ready to get stuck in. Lindy commenced the class with a tutorial on embossing. Her demonstration pieces were a crown shaped cookie and a cupcake. We predict a big trend this year for red, white and blue and all things royal. With this in mind Lindy created a fabulous crown cookie in these colours. By texturing and layering sugarpaste she has create a style so Lindy-different yet fit for a Queen! On the cupcake she used her own design crown sugarcraft cutter to cut the shape to place on the cupcake. She embossed the crown and the disc of paste then added some spot detail… Jubilee cupcakes in the making! Embossing is easy but incredibly effective, you simply press a shape on to sugarpaste and voila your paste is embossed.

Our students tend to be great bakers, it kind of goes with the territory. However, not everyone has the time to bake before they come on a course. I loved the innovative approach of friends, and busy mummies, Tasha and Maria. They popped into their local grocer and bought a pack of mini cupcakes and simple round biscuits for the course. Way to go girls! Let’s face it with young children we often have to move mountains to take a day out for ourselves… why make it any harder than it needs to be! They have been busily, and beautifully I might add, adorning their shop bought gems today. Classes are such a fun thing to do with a friend. Maria has given this workshop as a birthday gift to Tash… wonderful! We often have friends who do Lindy’s classes together, it’s a fantastic way to catch up, have some fun and learn a new skill.

Tasha's delightful mini cupcakes and cookies

Tasha's delightful creations

Maria's pretty mini cupcakes and cookies

Maria's pretty mini cupcakes and cookies

Moving on to fabric flowers Lindy showed our students how to create flowers out of modelling paste that look like fabric… and they really do! The girls have created some very pretty flowers. Lorraine has really gone to town and has created a garden on a cupcake!

Love the colours used by Lorraine on her cupcakes

Love the colours used by Lorraine

Julia, who is officially ‘bonkers’ having just jumped off her bike after cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats, joins us for her 5th Lindy workshop. She’s addicted! I am joking about her being bonkers, we do admire her especially having raised money for cancer research. Julia’s cookies are fab, she is using light and dark purples, yellow and white today… lined up they make a lovely display.

purple and yellow - lovely colours for spring Julia

purple and yellow - lovely colours for spring Julia

Speaking of colour I am loving Tricia’s colour combinations… she is using mint green with pastel pinks, blue and yellows. They are adorable and they scream “bite me”  Tricia is no stranger to a Lindy workshop either, this is her 5th class.

Easter and Mothers day covered in one class Tricia!!

Easter and Mothers day covered in one class Tricia!!

Katherine, who I first met on a Christmas cookies class in 2009, is joining us for the 6th time! She is a now dab hand at working with sugarpaste and clearly loves her craft.

Having a ball - Katherines cupcakes and cookies

Quote form Katherine "This was my favourite class"

The award for interesting product of the day has to go to Michelle! We see all sorts of wonderful tools and sugarcraft accessories at a Lindy workshop but this one really made me smile. It’s a square piece of foam with small egg shaped indents. Michelle uses this to place her sugarpaste flowers in to dry before adorning her cakes. Apparently these foam trays were made for the egg industry… I love this novel use for them! Michelle, who has clearly done this before, has created a lovely set of pink, purple and teal cupcakes and cookies… there is no chance that her flowers will have lost their shape!!

spring cookies by Michelle

Love the heart cookie Michelle!

Have just been chatting to Helenna who has taken a break from a professional course on sugarcraft and sugar flowers to extend her skill set even further with this Lindy Smith class! Will she be able to make this into a career… we hope so and wish her every success if she does. Today she has used pastel pinks, blues and some navy. Lovely!


Pretty cupcakes by Helenna

Dainty cupcakes by Helenna

Linda’s collection of cupcakes look so pretty in sitting in her cupcake box. Looking through the clear lid is like looking into a cupcake shop window.

cupcakes galore - Linda wins the prize for decorating the most!!

cupcakes galore - Linda wins the prize for decorating the most!!

Evani is here today because her daughter Priscilla gave her this workshop as a gift! What a lovely present and I know that Priscilla is going to be amazed at what her Mum has created today. Her cupcakes are really pretty.

Evani's spring cupcakes and cookie

Evani's spring collection - love the heart cookie!

The final technique for the day is brush embroidery. It is definitely more time consuming than the other techniques Lindy has shown today but the results are so jaw droppingly stunning that it is worth having a go. As seen in Lindy’s book The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible, Lindy loves brush embroidery and the delicate lace like effect it creates.

The wonderful thing about a technique class is that you get to cover lots of cupcakes and cookies in a day. As our students confidence grows so does the number of pieces they finish. By 4pm our students tables are full of colourful creations… it’s a joy to see and I know that Lindy loves seeing her teaching come to life through our students sugarcraft work.

If you’d like to join us on a similar class why not take a look at our workshop calendar to help you decide which to choose.