August 20, 2017

Edible sugar buttons perfect for vintage style cakes

What is the secret of a successful sugarcraft design?  There’s certainly no set formula but design is not just something that catches the eye but also that pulls on the invisible, very personal soul strings of our memory … and so it is with buttons.

Do you remember twiddling the buttons on your childhood clothes (perhaps you remember your mother telling you not to!), or sifting through your granny’s button tin like a pirate through treasure?  All the colours of the rainbow, every kind of shape and texture – pearlescent and jet-black, heart-shaped or hexagonal.  Just the very sight of these little design classics always rekindles my love of the retro and the vintage … and I just love how I can take them and re-make them, recreating past times … and creating anew.

Recently I did a workshop, making this beautiful posy cake out of sugar flowers and buttons.  It certainly created a lot of interest on Facebook!   It is making most of the recent trend to make button bouquets and I used both button moulds and flower moulds and arranged them in layers.  The effect is one of buttons and flowers cascading in colour – a real treat for design-lovers!

Kissing ball cake by Lindy Smith decorated with sugar buttons and flowers

Button inspiration on a cake!

I have also used buttons many times in the past to make pretty and slightly quirky adornments – as a centrepiece to a flower on Bring out the Bunting, for example from my Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible … or on my Patchwork Heart Cake and the Butterfly Buttons Bag.  They are an ever-versatile design statement and, even better, there’s a button out there for everybody!

Butterfly buttons bag cookie created and decorated by Lindy Smith

Even butterflies wear buttons beautifully!

Happy Sugar Button Making!

Lindy  :-)