August 20, 2017

Lindy Smith’s very fabulous, super practical ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ class – November 2012

Appearing for the last time in 2012… Lindy’s very fabulous, super practical and we think, really important ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ class. This is the class that will give you an arsenal of hints and tips to help you create a sugarcraft cake with a professional finish.

Lindy has perfected the step-by-step approach to her workshops which give her students the confidence to work outside their comfort zone and apply their newfound knowledge to their work. Lindy teaches every class and is on hand with her team to help and support each student as the day unfolds.

I think I can safely say we have had every level of sugarcrafter on this class… from the ‘never handled sugarpaste before’ student to the pastry chef who wants to perfect a smooth finish.  We have also seen every un-covered cake imaginable arrive at our workshop, from the ‘Mt Vesuvius’ cake to the ‘doughnut’ cake, the ‘raw in the middle’ cake to the ‘rock hard’ cake. Nothing phases Lindy and her team… and I suspect nothing ever will. Lindy has lots of tricks up her sleeve to help students prepare their cakes for covering. You would never guess what lies beneath some cakes once they are decorated! Today it’s our sugarcraft secret…

We are joined by five students this morning all who have very little experience of covering cakes. There is already great comraderie amongst them… lots of giggles.

Happy students at the end of a fab class

Happy students at the end of a fab class

Zoe, a long time friend of Lindy’s Cakes, is here to see what all the ‘sugarcraft’ fuss is about. She knows Lindy well and is very familiar with Lindy’s Cakes but has never seen Lindy in action nor has she ever covered a cake in sugarpaste… I predict a new addiction Zoe!

On the other hand Leisa has made lots of cakes, her forte is making sugar models, particularly animals. She is keen to perfect the covering of a cake so her models can sit on a lovely smooth surface. The wonderful thing is that Leisa has handmade her own sugarpaste – Lindy’s recipe. In these days of convenience, we are very impressed… well done Leisa… sugarpaste respect!

Kim is a dab hand at making cupcakes and is now keen to know how to use sugarpaste. After a disaster using sugarpaste to cover her son’s Thunderbird 2 birthday cake she vowed never to use it again (he loved the cake by the way). Perhaps we may see a different style of decorated cupcake from Kim in the future. I wonder if she will do more cakes…

One of the things I love about working at a workshop is that you meet interesting people and everyone has a story to tell. Angela has been telling me that she is part of a cake group called the Clandestine Cake Club. I have never heard of it before but Lindy assures me that there is one very close to where we live. The idea behind this group is that you meet up, in secret locations, to talk and eat cake – real cake not cupcakes! Everyone brings a home-baked cake to share with the group and there is often a theme e.g. Christmas cake in December, Low-fat cake in January… love it!  I must investigate. Angela makes lots of cakes but has never worked with sugarpaste before. I think she will be able to wow her group in the future with her sugarcraft knowledge.

Jenny makes lots of cakes and is very popular amongst her friends and children’s friends often being asked to whip up a cake. Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries… she really enjoys creating cakes and does it for fun. She decided to do Lindy’s class to help her achieve the professional finish. She is keen to try stencilling today and I will eat my hat if this doesn’t become her new decorating obsession!

This class focuses on: the baking of the cake, shaping the cake, covering a board, covering the cake and decorating. Today Lindy is covering a chocolate fudge cake, which is just as well because she has just announced she’s suffering from chocolate cake withdrawal symptoms. Lindy’s chocolate fudge cake is truly superb and you can find this recipe on Lindy’s blog. Lindy has chosen beautiful winter berry colours. She is demonstrating stencils and moulds today to the oooh’s and ahhh’s of our students. They never fail to impress. Lindy is also showcasing her latest product the slim or ‘narrow spacers’. Perfect for getting the right thickness, or should I say thinness, of modelling. A very simple idea but ever so useful… that’s Lindy for you!

beautiful cakes to inspire - well done everyone

Beautiful cakes to inspire – well done everyone

I wonder if we should re-name this workshop to the ‘Essential Sugarcraft Workshop’. It truly is useful to all levels of sugarcrafter. Lindy adapts the pace to suit the class and there someone by your side every step of the way. Lindy personally shares her twenty one years worth of experience and knowledge in an easy to understand way. She will give you lots of hints and tips that will take your cake covering to another level. Knowledge that is essential to achieving a professional finish.

Join us in 2013. Pop a Lindy’s Cakes Workshop on your Christmas or Birthday wish list.

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