August 19, 2017

Magazine Featured Cakes

Lindy’s colourful cakes in the press

flower pot fairy cake article by Lindy Smith

A page spread of Lindy’s from Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine

Lindy’s imaginative cakes first featured in print in 1997 and have continued to make appearances in numerous magazines ever since. In the early days Lindy wrote regular articles for cakes and sugarcraft magazines, then as her wedding cake business grew her wedding cakes and toppers featured in dozens of different wedding publications. Today Lindy’s stunning cakes often make guest appearances in many magazines, including popular cake decorating magazines around the world.

pink flower “How to” cake decorating articles by Lindy

It was ‘Cakes and Sugarcraft’ magazine that first approached Lindy to write articles for their publication, and her features became a regular part of the magazine for a number of years. Lindy has continued, from time to time, to contribute to this and other cake decorating publications both in the UK and around the world.

Lindy’s articles are too numerous to mention in detail here, however below are some magazines that feature Lindy’s amazing cakes on their front covers.

“My first article was probably the hardest and most difficult to write.  I had no previous experience and remember poring over articles by well known sugarcrafters of the time to source ideas and guidance as to how I should write up my feature. Looking back however, the numerous features I wrote were an excellent training ground for my book writing which was to come later. If you aspire to write your own book one day, why not try submitting your ideas to a cake decorating magazine first – I know they are always looking for new and exciting material and the experience will be invaluable” Lindy

pink flower Wedding cakes featured in the press

The slide show on the right shows a very small selection of publications that have featured Lindy’s wedding cakes and toppers.

“ Today I am usually asked by magazines to submit cake photos, however magazines are often only too happy to consider new material. So if you have good quality, high resolution (300dpi min) photographs you would like to share with others, why not send them to your chosen publication – who knows where it may lead…..! Good luck” Lindy

pink flower ‘In the media’ category on our blog

If you’d like to know who has been featuring Lindy recently why not visit our ‘in the media’ category on the Lindy’s Cakes blog – Click here to visit.

pink flower What others say…..

“Lindy has bought cake decorating up to date with a bang. She has shared techniques and photographs of projects when other cake decorators treated hints and tips like a state secret. Well done Lindy.” Maria White

“I think that what is special about Lindy is that she shows originality and is imaginative and artistic in her cake designs. She pays attention to detail and doesn’t cut corners. I really feel I am learning from an expert!” Ruth Gammon

“Thanks for all the amazing ideas you pass on, and for your willingness to share your expertise with others”. Sarah Yuile

“Very impressed by Lindy’s range of designs and the fact that they are achievable and yet look so impressive”. Karen Broadbent

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