August 17, 2017

Sugarcraft Awards

Lindy’s competition cakes – some of her early work

Lindy is a many times gold medal award winning cake decorator. In her early years as a sugarcrafter, before she became ‘a name’  in the cake decorating world, she entered many prestigious cake decorating and sugarcraft competitions.

pink flowerThe competitions:

The first sugarcraft competition Lindy entered was in March 1997.  Never doing anything in half measures, she entered a national competition run by Squires Kitchen as part of their annual cake and sugarcraft exhibition. She did exceedingly well, considering this was her first competition, and came overall third. This spurred her on to enter a number of classes at the British Sugarcraft Guild’s International Exhibition at the Telford Exhibition Centre that same year.  To her own amazement she received 3 gold awards:- two for sugar flowers and one for a novelty cake (the Park Keeper Cake below). Now there was no stopping her and over the next few years she took on more challenges including a number of Salon Culinaire competitions and again won gold and “Best In Class” awards for her exhibits.

pink flowerA selection of Lindy’s award winning cakes:

The cakes below are samples of Lindy’s prize winning cakes, her favourites are the animal cakes – ‘Formidable Freda’ the fish cake based very loosely on an angler fish, ‘The Cockerel’ and a cake that is known as ‘Lindy’s Dragon’ which was inspired by a children’s book.

“I have always really enjoyed the challenge of competition work and would encourage anyone who is possibly thinking about entering a cake decorating competition to certainly give it a try.  You can learn a lot in the process and of course it is a good way of meeting fellow sugarcraft enthusiasts. I personally think it is always good to test yourself to see what is possible and I’m sure many of you would surprise yourselves at what you can achieve.
Best wishes and good luck!” Lindy

pink flowerAn historically important cake!

award winning celebration cake by lindy smithIf you are familiar with Lindy’s cakes, you may not immediately think that the unusual and stunning cake on the right is a Lindy Smith cake.  However this a very important cake in Lindy’s cake decorating career as it was the one that initiated an invitation to write an article, the first of many, in the Cakes and Sugarcraft magazine.

The decoration on the cake was based on a photograph of a beautiful round lattice window.  Lindy used brush embroidery and string work to decorate the cake itself, whilst the sugar flowers were based on beautiful orange Zinnias growing in her garden.

“I have always liked to create something a little different, so the idea of placing a round cake on its side appealed to me, and it is a style that I have repeated a few times since – although I would say it’s a little trickier to cover than a standard cake…Hope it inspires you” Lindy

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