July 30, 2014

Achica Living: Interview with the queen of cake decorating Lindy Smith

“There is never just one thing that leads to success for anyone. I feel it always a combination of passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time.” Lauren Conrad

I couldn’t agree more with this quote, you can work incredibly hard and have tonnes of passion but you also need to be in the right place at the right time! It was certainly a case of being in the right place when I met one of my fans, Emma Morton Turner, who also happens to be a Guest Editor for Achica Living! We met whilst I was demonstrating in a fabulous film set kitchen in London for Dunelm. As always, it was wonderful to talk to someone who was very enthusiastic about my work and shared my passion for cake decorating. Emma asked me there and then if I would be happy for her to interview me, and of course I said yes. Below is a short extract from my interview to read more just click the links.

Achica Living interview with the queen of cakes Lindy Smith

Click to read Lindy’s full interview

“Lindy Smith is a world renowned cake decorator with a tonne of books under her belt and her latest one ‘Creative Colour for Cake Decorating’ won her the prestigious International Gourmand Cookbook Award. Here we delve into the world of sugarcraft and talk cake, coffee and discover what she can’t live without…

How did you get into baking and cake decorating?

I’ve baked since I was old enough to hold a wooden spoon. I was lucky that both my mother and grandmother were keen bakers so learning to bake cakes was all part of growing up but it was my own wedding cake that inspired me to take evening classes in cake decorating. I fell in love with it from my very first lesson and since then i’ve tried many other crafts but sugarcraft is the one that I love the most – it combines my love of baking, art, design and colour.

Who or what inspires you?

I’ve met many talented sugarcrafters from Brazil to Australia whose work is amazing, but when it comes to inspiration for my own cakes I look to the world of art and design. I like to be different and take influences from what I love whether it’s a flower in my garden, a piece of wrought iron work or an elaborate wall paper design.” Continue reading…… by clicking here

Emma has her own blog ‘Cakes, Bakes and Cookies‘ and if you follow this link you can read  Emma’s version of our meeting and also see her cute version of my whale cake  from ‘Party Animal Cakes’ which she created for her daughter’s 7th birthday!

Happy reading

Lindy Smith

Is there a nut free alternative to ground almonds that I can use in a cake recipe?

Here at Lindy’s Cakes we are asked questions all the time and interestingly we receive many more questions about baking  then we ever do about cake decorating!! Now I love baking and have been baking for as long as I can remember, but I know that many of you are very new to this fascinating science and often need a little help and guidance. I therefore thought I’d share a… Continue reading

Cake designer Lindy Smith talks to Eric Smith on BBC Radio Shropshire’s Breakfast Programme

This morning I was up bright and early to drive north to BBC Radio Shropshire’s studio in Shrewsbury to be interviewed live on the Breakfast show. I love talking about my cakes, so it was a delight and a pleasure to answer Eric Smith’s questions on Shropshire Breakfast.

Book review for Lindy’s award winning ‘Creative Colour for Cake Decorating’ book

I love creating cakes and books that are a little different but still appeal. Over the years I have developed a style, which I am told is very recognisable, obviously not absolutely everyone’s cup of tea, but is one that has proved very popular. Books take a huge about of effort to plan, develop, create and write so I always love hearing what you have to say about my finished… Continue reading

Lindy Smith’s “Creative Colour for Cake Decorating” wins prestigious International Gourmand Cookbook Award for Best Pastry Sweets Book in the UK

My latest book, Creative colour for Cake Decorating  has just been honoured with the award for “Best Pastry Sweets Book in the UK” by the Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards.  What fabulous news and such a lovely way to end 2013. I am absolutely thrilled, especially as this book has to be my favourite of… Continue reading

Popular sugarcraft author Lindy Smith cuts ribbon for German cake decorating business

To some I am a ‘name’ in cake decorating, to others I am a cake  ‘celebrity’  but to me, I am someone who adores what I do, educating and inspiring others.  My books are extremely popular and have been translated into many languages, which is wonderful and means that  I sometimes get asked to do more than just teach classes and demonstrate sugarcraft techniques.

My recent teaching trip to… Continue reading

Twelve festive cake and cookie decorating ideas from sugarcraft expert Lindy Smith

Don’t you just love Christmas? Once the shopping is out of the way you get to indulge your sweet tooth without any guilt, and can treat your friends and family to an array of incredible treats.

This month I’ve pored through a few of Lindy’s amazing books and selected some cakes and cookies to give you a touch of Christmas inspiration… Continue reading

Don’t miss Craftsy’s online cake decorating class SALE – on over Thanksgiving weekend ONLY

If you are wondering whether or not to treat yourself to one of my online cake decorating classes with Craftsy, perhaps saving a few pounds will help!!! Yes Craftsy have all their classes, including ALL Cake Decorating Classes, on SALE over the Thanksgiving weekend. All classes will be $19.99 or less! Starting on Black Friday (November 29th) through Cyber Monday (December 2nd) at midnight MT (Mountain Time)… Continue reading

Lindy Smith and Lindy’s Cakes at Cake International 2013 – the largest cake decorating show of its kind in the world

‏November means Cake International the most important event in our cake calendar here at Lindy’s Cakes. This year the exhibition was the largest ever with exhibitors from right around the world. For me it’s always a wonderful opportunity, if only briefly, to catch up with all the students I’ve taught from both the UK and across the globe, be they from Italy, Brazil or Australia etcetera….. It’s also a marvellous… Continue reading

Lindy Smith and her cookie crackers in the spotlight, on the Christmas Stage at the ‘Ideal Home Christmas’ show

I love getting ready for Christmas, so I was thrilled to be invited to demonstrate at the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court this year. As the show was hot on the heels of Cake International at the NEC, I agreed to just provide demonstrations on the Thursday of the show. Sooooo pleased I chose Thursday because it so happened that… Continue reading

Lindy Smith gives baking and cake decorating tips to Ben Prater on BBC Radio Wiltshire Breakfast Programme

This morning I had the great privilege of speaking to Ben Prater on BBC Radio Wiltshire’s Breakfast programme. The radio station is helping to promote the Great Burbage Cake Off event, this coming Sunday in aid of Children in Need, and they contacted me for some baking and cake decorating tips. The full programme is available for the next week on iPlayer. I… Continue reading

Colour me beautiful … a word on Lindy Smith’s gorgeous new cake decorating book

I’m not colour-blind. I just lack the colour confidence gene. I’ve made cakes before (of course they’re a lot better since I did Lindy’s course), but choosing the right colour combinations …. let’s just say I used to stay “safe” going for a boring single colour creation, or go mad until my cakes resembled a “masterpiece” from a toddler let loose with a box of crayons.

Now… Continue reading

Enter to win a NEW Craftsy birdcage cage cake decorating class, Courstesy of Lindy Smith!

Your chance to WIN my NEW online Craftsy class being launched this week, all you have to do is click on the class title card and register your details with Craftsy – that’s it, nothing complicated!

Lindy's NEW Crafty Class, click to enter the giveaway competition Lindy’s NEW Crafty Class, click to enter the give… Continue reading

Starring role in The Telegraph online for Lindy’s ‘Awesome Owl’ cake

I was thrilled and delighted to discover my patchwork owl cake had been chosen, from many cakes at the Cake and Bake Show, to feature in the online version of the Telegraph Newspaper, published Saturday 14th September 2013. Here is what this prestigious paper had to say about the show and my cake:

“Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre becomes a cavernous cauldron… Continue reading

Hear what Lindy’s fans are saying about her exciting NEW cake decorating book

If you’ve not yet got your OWN copy of my NEW book ‘Creative colour for cake decorating‘ then have a listen to this short 4 minute sound track. You’ll hear me answer a few questions about this exciting new book plus you’ll hear from a few of my fans – their reactions to my new book and comments… Continue reading

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