February 25, 2017

Colourful Mandala Cake Design Project for Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine

I loved creating the colourful Mandala cake design that appears on the cover of the current issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine. I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to create this cake for the magazines special ‘colour issue’. As many of you will know, colour is my trademark. I love working and experimenting with colour and trying out new combinations really excites and inspires me. I know, from years of experience, that we don’t all see colour in the same way and that whilst my colour perception is extremely detailed for others colour is a real challenge.

Magazine cover mandala cake design by Lindy Smith

Magazine cover mandala cake design by Lindy Smith

My cake design brief

My brief was simply to create “a colourful contemporary design to feature on the cover of our March Colour issue” – no pressure then! Starting with a blank canvas like this can be both exciting and daunting. I find inspiration is key to my creativity, so it was time for my researching to begin. Colour was obviously going to be vitally important, so I started by looking at the spring summer colour trends for 2017. I found all sorts of wonderfully colourful images and amongst these images was a photograph of a painted mandala design that caught my eye. I had the beginnings of an idea…Mandala…adult colouring books…doodling… all current trends, all ‘contemporary’, another key word in my brief.

Researching lead me to learn a little more about mandala patterns; the word mandala is a Sanskrit term that loosely means “circle” but it has a more complex meaning than just a simple circle, it signifies wholeness, life, the universe. Mandalas are widespread and used by variety of cultures and religious traditions to express beliefs and visions. The term mandala can be a generic term for any pattern based on a variety of geometric shapes.

Some of the Mandala inspirations I discovered

Some of the Mandala inspirations I discovered

Colourful mandala cake design

Inspiration found, it was time to let the magic happen. I love this part, it’s where I get to ‘play’ by experimenting with ideas, colours and shapes. In this case I emptied my cutter box and made patterns with the geometric shapes that I found. The decorated sugar elephants are a reference back to the Sanskrit origins of the word mandala. I even designed the elephant cutter that I used, as I couldn’t find a suitably detailed one on the market. I am really pleased with the result and think it makes a rather striking celebration cake.

The magazine’s guest editor Zoe Burmester has given my mandala cake design her ‘Zoe Loves’ stamp of approval, thank you Zoe. This is what she has to say about my cake:

“As a child I loved kaleidoscopes and this mandala pattern reminds me so vividly of those explosive dancing patterns. What I particularly like is that it’s essentially a very simple technique of cutting and applying shapes, and with a bit of patience you can create something visually impactful. I love Lindy’s use of colour and the added dimension of the piped beads and dusts for extra tonal depth. The base layer decorated with elephants gives the cake a playfulness and I love the fact that they colour co-ordinate with the central design.”

Magazine Teaser

With me perched precariously on a wobbly stool, we shot this video teaser at the very end of a long photoshoot day. I am pleasantly surprised with the results and pleased that you can see my mandala cake design in all its glory. I hope you find it inspiring.

I’ve received some fabulous reactions on Facebook, here is a small sample:

‘That is absolutely stunningly beautiful wow xx’ Julie-anne Crabb
‘Wow no words is amazing cake!!!’ Claudia Estrada
‘Show stopper!’ Rina Ramthol

If you like what you see and fancy having a go at making your own mandala cake design, why not download the magazine direct from Cakes Decoration & Sugarcraft. Alternatively pick up a copy from any good supermarket or WHSmiths – full step by step instructions inside.

Happy Baking and Decorating
Lindy Smith

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