February 14, 2016

What kind of Cake Decorator is Lindy Smith?

Cake Masters recently published a multiple choice quiz in their monthly magazine, where they identified five different types of cake decorator. Always up for some light-hearted entrainment, I eagerly answered their questions to find out the results described me perfectly.

The Cake Masters cake decorating types: A:Precision Princess B: The Bright Side C:Stress Head D:Last Minute Magician E: The Innovator

The Cake Masters Cake Decorating Types: A: Precision Princess, B: The Bright Side, C: Stress Head, D: Last Minute Magician, E: The Innovator

I think that it is always important to try and understand people, so I have decided to share the answers I picked. I hope it will give you a little insight into how I work when designing and creating cakes for you.

The Cake Masters Quiz:

Q: How do you come up with your designs?

A: E) My brain is overflowing with ideas! – Yes definitely, I’m always being inspired and have far too many ideas spinning around in my head! Occasionally, just occasionally, I wish I could switch off, but I can’t and sometimes I get flashes of inspiration when I least expect them!!!

Q: Do you sketch your cakes?

A: E) I have a sketch, but it tends to develop as I make it – I use annotated sketches as a way of anchoring and conveying my ideas to my clients but I prefer to work in three dimensions as what works on a two dimensional sketch doesn’t necessarily translate. My sketches are my starting points and what develops from these is the exciting part!

Q: Do you try new techniques?

 A: E) All the time, I love trying new things – So true, I’ve always have a long list of things I want  to experiment with and ideas I would like to try.

Q: How do you deal with mistakes?

A: E) I’d add a new design element – of course I would, makes me think of the wonderful quote by Scott Adams “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”.

Q: Do you have a schedule?

A: E) I give myself extra time because I know I get carried away  – I  am always looking at ways of making a design even better so it’s important that I have enough time to give me the freedom to experiment. I always need time near the end of a project to make those little, all important, tweaks – they can have such a huge impact on the overall effect and success of a design.

Q: How clean is your workspace?

A: E) It is organised when I start, but I add things as I go, so it can get messy. – So true, I am highly organised, everything is researched, planned and to hand. However as a cake takes shape, I am totally focused on what is in front of me and it looks like chaos rules around me, as I pick and put down my tools, research, pastes etc. I have learn to accept this over the years, it’s how I work best!

Q: When you’ve finished, what do you do?
A: E) What if I’d added this or changed that? I can’t stop thinking of possibilities – I’m never satisfied when I’ve finished decorating a cake, it won’t be until months later that I look back at a project with fresh eyes that I actually see what I have created as a whole!

My quiz result - I'm sure you've guessed - INNOVATOR

My quiz result – I’m sure you’ve guessed -I’m an INNOVATOR

As you have probably spotted my answers all came out as E)’s which means I’m an INNOVATOR:

“You are constantly coming up with new ideas, new designs and new techniques. Yo’re so creative it sometimes gets a little hard to control! But you always end up with amazing work”.

So that’s me in a nutshell, I hope you have found this insight informative.
If you are looking for a highly innovative cake decorator you know who you can ask!!

I love what I do and being creative makes me happy!

Lindy x


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