April 27, 2017

Learn how to make edible gelatin baubles

Edible gelatin baubles, or bubbles if you prefer, are a really effective eye catching cake decoration. I know this as whenever I decorate a cake with these baubles, everyone seems totally fascinated by them. The visiting crowds of cake decorators at last weekend’s Cake International show at Alexandra Palace in London, were no exception, they seemed equally enthralled by the ‘bauble’ cakes on my stand.  The gelatin bauble demonstration I gave, received a wonderful response, a packed out theatre, lots of good questions plus lovely comments and thank you’s afterwards. One delightful lady even said:

“That was the best demonstration I’ve ever been too”

A big thank you to everyone. I love to inspire and teach and feedback like this certainly spurs me on.

Fuchsia pink and metallic edible gelatin baubles adorn this striking chocolate drip cake

Fuchsia pink and metallic yellow edible gelatin baubles decorate Lindy’s chocolate drip cake

I promised at the show that I’d share with you how to make these highly attractive edible gelatin baubles. Gelatin baubles are nothing new, I first saw them featured in an Australian cake decorating magazine, about 10 years ago but never got around to experimenting until last year. Why did I wait so long? They are fun to make and unlike most handcrafted three dimensional cake decorations they are really easy. You just need a little patience whilst the gelatin is drying.

Gelatin baubles make excellent cake toppers

Gelatin baubles make excellent cake toppers

Ingredients and equipment to make edible gelatin baubles

You will need:

  • Powdered gelatin
  • Water
  • Edible liquid food colours/dusts
  • Solid white vegetable fat (eg Trex or Crisco)
  • Small white balloons
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Masking tape
  • Cake dummy or similar

1:2 ratio – gelatin to water

It doesn’t matter how much mix you make but what does matter is that you use a ratio of one part gelatin to two parts water. So if you want just a few baubles mix 1 tablespoon of gelatin to 2 tablespoons of water. I usually mix up at least 2 tables gelatin with 4 tablespoons of water but suggest you experiment with small quantities and then multiply up.

Colouring the edible gelatin baubles

The easiest way to colour your baubles is to replace some of the water with water based liquid food colour or airbrush colours, I have found that magic colours airbrush colours work really well, as used on my chocolate drip cake above. To make metallic baubles either use metallic airbrush colours or alternatively add edible lustre dusts into the mixture once it has melted.

How to make the baubles

My video, originally film live on Facebook, shows you how I make my edible gelatin baubles, so please sit back, learn and enjoy.

To summarise:

  • Blow up the balloons and tie the ends.
  • Secure balloons to cocktail sticks with tape.
  • Smear each balloon with white vegetable fat – VERY IMPORTANT
  • Put gelatin and water in a bowl and allow to bloom – go spongy. Remember you can replace some of the water with liquid colour to colour the baubles.
  • Melt the mixture in a microwave – 10 – 20 seconds depending on how much mixture you are melting. Keep a close eye and check every 5 seconds or so.
  • Colour with dust if required.
  • Dip balloon into the gelatin and cover, like you would a toffee apple.
  • Place upright to dry.
  • Once dry unwrap tape and remove balloon.
Edible gelatin baubles slowly drying

Edible gelatin baubles slowly drying

I hope you have as much fun as I do making these highly effective gelatin baubles. If you’d like to learn about other cake decorating techniques why not take a look at the FREE TUTORIALS section to see what else you could learn.

Sweet wishes


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