August 17, 2017


Introducing Lindy Smith’s published cake decorating books

Lindy is as passionate about writing books as she is about sugarcraft. World renowned for her exquisite attention to detail and her eye for colour, Lindy has been translating her extensive sugarcraft knowledge into books for many years. Her first cake decorating book was published in 2000 and she has continued to write cake decorating books ever since, loving the freedom it gives her to be highly creative and original.

Lindy’s instructions are clear and concise, she uses a step-by-step approach to her instructions as well as step photography, making her books truly accessible. Lindy’s books are user friendly and relevant to all levels of cake decorator. On every page you will find stunning photography and little ‘tips’ from Lindy which will ensure a professional finish to your work.  Be inspired by Lindy’s colours and unique cake designs.

Lindy brings a fresh contemporary look to cake decorating, this coupled with her superb technical ability, makes a Lindy Smith publication highly desirable. Click on the links below and enjoy taking time to browse through Lindy’s various titles – we are sure you will be amazed.

pink flowerSugarcraft and cake decorating books by Lindy

IN PRINT……. and available to purchase

These books are available to buy online direct from Lindy, please click on the book cover of your choice for more detailed information about each book and for a “buy now” button link to add the book to your Lindy’s Cakes online shop basket.

Lindy Smiths Simply Modern Wedding Cakes Book Cover image

Published March 2016

Lindy Smith's mini cakes Acadamy cake decorating book

Published October 2014

Quick and Clever Party Cakes book by cake decorating expert Lindy Smith

Re-published November 2013

Creative colour for cake decorating book by lindy smith

Published September 2013

Celebrate with cupcakes by Lindy Smith

Published March 2012

the contemporary cake decorating bible by Lindy Smith

Published October 2011

celebrate with mini cakes book by Lindy Smith

Published November 2010

Bake me i'm yours cupcake celebration book by Lindy Smith

Published September 2010 part of the ‘bake me i’m yours..’ series.

bake me i'm yours cookie book by Lindy Smith

Published October 2008  part of the ever growing ‘bake me i’m yours…’ series.

Cakes to inspire and desire book by Lindy Smith

Published November 2007

party animal cake book by Lindy Smith

Published March 2006

celebrate with a cake book by Lindy Smith

Published March 2005

storybook cakes book by Lindy Smith

Published April 2004

Note: If you would like Lindy to sign your copy please put a note to this effect in the comment box during check out. Please be very specific if you would like a name inscribed in addition to Lindy’s signature.

OUT OF PRINT……. No longer available from us

The following books are no longer available from Lindy, but you may be able to track down second hand copies on the web or borrow copies from your local library.

Hobby cakes book by Lindy Smith

Published March 2000

Creative celebration cakes book

Published June 2003

NOTE: If you are looking to buy Hobby Cakes, this book is now considered a ‘rare book’ and can go for as much as £150, on sites such as ebay.

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Lindy smith best selling and award winning cake decorating authorMessage from Lindy
“I hope that you enjoy my cake decorating books. I love being able to share my designs with you and demystifying the art of cake decorating. I pride myself on giving easy to understand instructions with lots of photos to make the cakes easy to achieve at home. If you do have any thoughts or suggestions I’d love to hear from you. By buying my books direct from me, you help make it possible for me to dedicate more time to writing further books and work on new designs.” Thank you, Lindy

pink flowerBook Reviews

Read about what others think before you buy………..

You will be able to find many reviews of Lindy’s books on this and many other websites but here are a selection of comments we thought you might find informative:

“The instructions are so clear and detailed without being overwhelming. They show a generosity in sharing Lindy’s expertise unlike some other ‘celebrity bakers’ who give barely any information on how the cakes are made.” Julie Gibson

“Lindy is one of the most visually inspiring artists in her field. My family now know to get me Lindy’s books for Birthdays and Christmas!” Diana Taylor

I like the straightforward way in which each design is explained, the novel ideas stretch the imagination of the reader, who gazes at each page and wonders ‘Can I do this’ and with the clear instructions it so happens I have!!! which is absolutely fantastic. Don’t know where you get your ideas from but do keep it up!!!” Marion Armstrong

“Lindy I always wonder what else you can do until I see your books and then the ideas seem endless!” Becky Wilding

“Lindy’s designs – Wow what is to be said they are fantastic and set the pace for others” Christine Plested

“The books are written in an easy to understand and warm and friendly manner that I love.” Mrs H Garey

“Lindy shares a lot of handy tips and is never afraid to teach even the most talented cake maker or the newest novice to cake making showing all her knowledge where as some cake designers show only some skills and leave the rest for the reader to learn and find out for themselves.” Maureen Betts

“My favourite thing about the books – a unique and inspiring style shines through each book.” Julie Gibson

“Very different, when I first saw Lindy’s books I loved the fact that they were very individual and original; I loved them as they veered away from the traditional and sometimes frumpy cake design. I particularly like the colour, cake shapes and very original ability to produce fantastic cakes. She’s a great inspiration to me.” Jo Wainwright

“Lindy pushes the boundaries of cake design and makes me ‘think outside the box’.
Her books – they’re exciting, inspiring and full of useful information – the best ‘ideas’ books I own!” Sarah Yuile

“I love looking at Lindy’s cakes, because sometimes I have an idea, but am not sure how to turn it into reality, but then I can look in one of Lindy’s books and there is the answer!” Christine Birch

“I started making cakes about 3 years ago and ‘Storybook Cakes’ was the first book that I ever used, it was so exciting compared with all the others that I had seen. I have used it constantly since, the chocolate cake is my staple and always gets a fantastic response.I now am due to take my cake making to the next level and start my own business, and its all thanks to this book!” Zoe Smith


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