August 20, 2017

See Lindy Smith Live on Stage at Cake International Manchester this coming weekend for FREE

Event City, near the Trafford Centre in Manchester is where it’s all happening this weekend! For cake lovers, or more precisely those of us that like to decorate our cakes it is definitely the place be. I love Cake International Exhibitions and have exhibited at Manchester since it started a few years ago. This year, as well as demonstrating in the demonstration theatres, I’ll also be up on the large… Continue reading

Lindy Smith and Lindy’s Cakes at Cake International 2013 – the largest cake decorating show of its kind in the world

‏November means Cake International the most important event in our cake calendar here at Lindy’s Cakes. This year the exhibition was the largest ever with exhibitors from right around the world. For me it’s always a wonderful opportunity, if only briefly, to catch up with all the students I’ve taught from both the UK and across the globe, be they from Italy, Brazil or Australia etcetera….. It’s also a marvellous… Continue reading

Lindy Smith and her cookie crackers in the spotlight, on the Christmas Stage at the ‘Ideal Home Christmas’ show

I love getting ready for Christmas, so I was thrilled to be invited to demonstrate at the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court this year. As the show was hot on the heels of Cake International at the NEC, I agreed to just provide demonstrations on the Thursday of the show. Sooooo pleased I chose Thursday because it so happened that… Continue reading

Lindy Smith launches her NEW ‘Creative Colour for Cake decorating’ Book at the Cake and Bake Show, London

“You have saved my life soooo many times” was one of the many wonderful comments I received during the launch of my fabulous NEW book, at the The Cake and Bake Show in Earls Court, London, recently. It’s always exciting when a book, I’ve spent literally months writing, is finally published as… Continue reading

Cake decorating expert Lindy Smith demonstrates her sugarcraft skills at Festivals of Food in London

Festivals have never been so popular in the UK. Over the past 5 years we have seen micro-festivals pop up everywhere, from Scotland to the Isle of Wight, you don’t have to travel too far from home to find a funky festival to attend! With the godfather of all festivals Glastonbury taking care of the music side of things there was always going to be room for bringing arts and… Continue reading

Best-selling cake decorating author Lindy Smith at the first Cake International Show in Manchester – March 2013

Over 18,000 cake decorating, sugarcrafting and baking enthusiasts flocked to the Cake International show last weekend in Manchester. It certainly felt like that many, if the amount of times I had my photo taken with excited visitors to the show, was anything to go by! It was the first time Cake International had held an exhibition in Manchester, so I am pleased it was such a success. For me, it… Continue reading

Lindy’s Cakes celebrate 10 years at the NEC cake show

I can still hardly believe that last weekend’s Cake International Show at the NEC was the 10th time Lindy’s Cakes has exhibited at this ever growing and hugely popular cake decorating show.

Creating an attractive stand is always a challenge and one that we spend months deliberating over. A stand to both inform and entice our cake friends, Facebook fans and customers old… Continue reading

Lindy Smith at ‘The Cake and Bake Show 2012’

The Cake and Bake show 2012  held at Earls Court, London,  on the 22nd and 23rd September this year was the first of it’s kind in the UK.  When I first heard about this show I understood it was more a baking show rather than cake decorating show, however such was the demand from the general public that only a few weeks before the show was due to open,  the 

BSG, branch table, sugarcraft, Exhibition, seaside, beach huts

The branch tables at the British Sugarcraft Exhibition in Telford in May were just stunning and it’s been a joy to blog about them.  Little did we know when we started to blog about the delicious sugarcrafted seaside scene that it was made by ‘Exeter Cygnets’ – a group of British Sugarcraft Guild members who are all under the age of 18.  If these young people are our sugarcraft future… Continue reading

Gold Award for the Jubliee Garden Party at the Vicarage – Maidstone BSG branch table

Welcome to a Garden Party at the Vicarage to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  A traditional and inviting tea adorns the table, freshly picked English flowers are in a jug … strawberry tartlets so delicious are saying ‘eat me!’ … but wait a moment.  It’s the Maidstone BSG Branch Table at the Telford International Exhibition!

you are invited….

The Five Rings Pub in Sugar – Gold Award Winning Branch Table by Harrogate BSG

No it’s not Lindy’s Great Pub Guide!  It’s our second branch table report from the BSG Exhibition in Telford. We’ve already blogged about the delightful Chelmsford Branch teddy bear table  so  now it’s the turn of  the Five Arrows Pub beautifully created by Harrogate Branch .  To see sugar being used in such a creative way… Continue reading

Sugar Teddies Galore – Chelmsford BSG Branch Table

As many of you will know, the British Sugarcraft Guild has many local branches, both large and small, across the UK.  At the BSG International Sugarcraft Exhibition at Telford,  last weekend,  these individual branches competed against each other by creating display tables on different themes.  These branch tables were a real delight to see, they were created by both experienced members and members relatively… Continue reading

Behind the scenes – setting up the Lindy’s Cakes stand at the BSG exhibition Telford May 2012

Having a trade stand at any cake show is always a massive undertaking, it involves months and months of planning, preparation, logistics and  financial outlay and the 7th International British Sugarcraft Guild exhibition was no exception. However this exhibition was the first of it’s kind since 2004!  We were all very excited, despite the hard work, it almost felt on Friday morning that we were about to go on holiday…the… Continue reading

Shop til you drop for Telford – Last little reminder

Shopping is often a last minute kind of thing, so if you are visiting the BSG International Sugarcraft Exhibition 2012 at Telford this weekend and you’d like to purchase something specific please let us know.  The van is ready to load but we’re as still happy to add whatever you may need.  We are only taking a selection of our products so why not ensure we include your must have… Continue reading

Show and Telford: A Sneak Preview of Lindy’s Cakes

We’re counting down to the BSG International Sugarcraft Exhibtion 2012, Telford.  Only four more sleeps to go and we’ll be there!

Lindy is very excited and has actually just become a blur around the office – a colourful blur, mind, so we haven’t been falling over her – yet!   Lindy’s excitement is purely down to the fact that she loves to meet all you lovely ‘Cake Friends’ and has… Continue reading