July 28, 2017

Is there a nut free alternative to ground almonds that I can use in a cake recipe?

Here at Lindy’s Cakes we are asked questions all the time and interestingly we receive many more questions about baking  then we ever do about cake decorating!! Now I love baking and have been baking for as long as I can remember, but I know that many of you are very new to this fascinating science and often need a little help and guidance. I therefore thought I’d share a… Continue reading

I’m about to turn my passion for cake decorating into a small business but how much should I charge for my cakes?

I get asked this question all the time, as many of my students also want to turn their passion for cake decorating into a successful businesses.  The simple but frustrating answer is that no one can tell you how much you should charge.  Setting a price structure is one of the most difficult parts of any business.  With cakes, there is always the temptation when you first start your business to… Continue reading

Sugar Shaper Reassembly

We often receive requests for instructions on how to reassemble sugar shapers from customers for who have taken their sugar shaper apart and can’t put it back together!   … here they are:

sugar shaper reassembly instructions

Hope this helps!… Continue reading

What is Gum Arabic used for?

We sell a selection of edible gums here at Lindy’s Cakes, all with their own specific uses, which can lead to a little confusion as they all look very similar.

We guess you wouldn’t expect that the a substance used in incense, shoe polish and make-up could also be used to to help add sparkle and shine to your cakes. It’s an all natural product, from the African Sahel… Continue reading

My Madeira cake has large holes in it, why?

When you cut or carve a baked  Madeira cake you will always see a few holes or air bubbles, but baking is a science and there are a number of factors that can cause excessive or extra large holes. Here are a few examples:

  • The flour is too strong
  • The mixture is too stiff – add a little milk to soften slightly
  • Over mixing

Sugarpaste & Fondant are they the same?

I find that many newbie cake decorators become easily confused with all the different names given to the soft roll out icing that we use these days to cover most of our cakes. However, basically yes, sugarpaste is the term most widely used in the UK  for this soft icing and the term fondant when used in the US, is the US equivalent.

BEWARE, in the UK

How do I make coral pink sugarpaste?

We are often asked how to create the sugarpaste colours featured in Lindy’s ‘Pastel Flower Tower’ wonky cake – the one that’s featured on the front cover of her ‘Cakes to Inspire and Desire’ book.

Pastel Flower Tower from Lindy's Cakes to Inspire and Desire book

There are… Continue reading

What is Gum Tragacanth?

When demonstrating I am often asked to explain the difference between the gums we cake decorators use. When making modeling paste I prefer to use gum tragacanth rather than its synthetic substitute CMC basically because gum tragacanth gives me a firmer paste and I find it easier to work with.

The proportions I use in the UK are 1tsp to 250g sugarpaste. Knead the gum into your sugarpaste and… Continue reading

How do I change cake recipe quantities?

I keep being asked how to adapt/scale a cake recipe to bake a larger or smaller cake. It’s not difficult and instructions are given in both my ‘Cakes to Inspire and Desire’ and ‘Celebrate with a cake!’ books! Below however is the chart you will need if you are up for the maths! If not see my alternative in Pink at the bottom… Continue reading

How do I make stencils fit my cake?

I love stencils they are fantastic, so quick and easy to use. I first came across culinary stencils in Florida last year at the ICES convention, I saw them being demonstrated and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The easiest way to use is stencils is on a flat surface, however once you have practised a few times then you can also stencil on the side… Continue reading

Why do my cakes sink in the middle?

Cakes usually sink when the cake batter is not completely cooked; everyone’s ovens are different so you need to find the optimum baking time for you oven.  Also towards the end of baking test the cake repeatedly to see if it is fully baked. If a skewer inserted into the cake does not come out clean, then bake the cake for a little longer.

However other things can be… Continue reading

How do I make Sugarpaste?

Sugarpaste, also referred to as rolled fondant or ready roll icing,  is available from supermarkets and cake decorating suppliers in many countries of the world. However not everyone likes what is available to them and many countries new to the craft of cake decorating do not have a ready source of sugarpaste, so I’m often asked how is it made.

We are very lucky here in the UK we… Continue reading

How do I get my sugar shaper to work?

Sugar shapers or clay guns, craft guns, sugarcraft extruders as they are also know are one of my favourite sugarcraft – cake decorating tools, one that I really wouldn’t like to be without! I use mine to add trim around the base of a cake, add fine details to a side of a cake where piping a pattern wouldn’t

Where can I find Hobby Cakes?

Rarely a week goes by when we are not asked about Lindy’s first book Hobby Cakes and this is no exception. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the book contains amongst others:

  • Mini car cake
  • Fishing cake

What is White fat used for?

I couldn’t create my cakes without this very useful product!

White vegetable fat (shortening), is a solid white fat that has traditionally been used in pastry making, however in cake decorating it has a number of uses: