August 20, 2017

Coffee, Cake and moments of happiness….experiences of Filming a cake decorating class in Denver for Craftsy

The other day I was sitting in a wonderful little coffee shop slowly sipping a sublimely smooth cappuccino when I noticed a quote on the wall which, as a cake designer and sugar artist, really appealed to me. The quote said:

“We seek goodness and beauty in everything we do to inspire moments of happiness….”

This is so true of what I do and probably why… Continue reading

Don’t miss Craftsy’s online cake decorating class SALE – on over Thanksgiving weekend ONLY

If you are wondering whether or not to treat yourself to one of my online cake decorating classes with Craftsy, perhaps saving a few pounds will help!!! Yes Craftsy have all their classes, including ALL Cake Decorating Classes, on SALE over the Thanksgiving weekend. All classes will be $19.99 or less! Starting on Black Friday (November 29th) through Cyber Monday (December 2nd) at midnight MT (Mountain Time)… Continue reading

Be tempted by….Lindy’s Craftsy online cake decorating class trailer

We are all so excited here that my first online cake decorating class with Craftsy is proving so popular. I’ve received some lovely comments since the launch last week and now the trailer has been released – how exciting!!

The class is around 2 1/2 hours long so this trailer is to give you a quick feel for my teaching style and

It’s Live – Lindy’s Art Deco Craftsy class is launched

Had an exciting week as my first Craftsy class has gone live. For those of you who’ve not heard of Craftsy, they are an online teaching platform for all types of craft including crochet, knitting, photography, fine art, embroidery, cooking  to name a few AND, of course, cake decorating. I was approached last year to film a couple of classes and this is the first! I hope you… Continue reading

Lindy Smith gets ‘Craftsy’ with her cake designs!

So what does the queen of Sugarcaft do when she has a few moments of spare time… she starts filming!! As if Lindy hasn’t got enough on her plate with Lindy’s Cakes, teaching and writing, the minute I turn my back she’s off in a studio far away being filmed doing what she does best. Cake friends I had to share this with you as it is an exciting new… Continue reading

Video clip – planning your wedding cake

As part of the extras on my recently launched cake decorating DVDs , there is a small section where I have a chat with a wonderful wedding planner called Tammy Wilson. Tammy is an amazing person – I thought I was organised but now I know that to a few, like Tammy, it is an art at which they simply excel!

[caption id=”attachment_1516″ align=”aligncenter” width=”450″ caption=”Screen… Continue reading

Lindy Smith’s new DVDs now despatched

It’s been a huge task but we done it! – So thank you everyone who pitched in. So much paperwork to organise, DVDs to pack, sacks of parcels to fill etc. – A bit of a marathon but we’ve almost got to the end, as I write it’s just the despatch notes to send….

This means that my DVDs will start arriving through your letterboxes… Continue reading

video snippets: Lindy’s cake jewellery DVD

I’ve had some great feedback regards the wonky cake dvd snippets I uploaded yesterday, so thank you…..but there’s more….here is the taster for the cake jewellery DVD.  The running time of the dvd itself is 135 minutes on disc one plus extras of 24 minutes on disc two, this clip is only just over 7 minutes long so it only contains a very small fraction of the overall material… Continue reading

Video snippets of Lindy’s Wonky cake DVD

Well we’re almost there!

We’ve just set the release date for the DVDs  – it’s next Monday (8th June)

All the pre-ordered DVDs will be sent out on a strictly first come first sent basic, so please be patient with us as its going to take us a few days!!!!

However in the meantime we thought you’d like to see a few snippets from… Continue reading

Lindy’s DVD duplication – in action

Just returned from a visit to the DVD duplication company – it’s another world! We were given a guided tour and were informed that they are the UK leading DVD duplicating company – I can see why, all very impressive!

We were taken through the various rooms where all the different processes happen. The most impressive was the litho printers in action, this is how my discs are… Continue reading

Lindy’s Cake decorating DVDs – The covers

I know some of you are eagerly waiting for my DVDs to arrive – not long to go now! They are currently in the process of being duplicated so I thought I’d treat you to a preview of the covers. I’m really pleased with them – hope you like them too.

Lindy's Wonky Celebration Cakes DVD

DVD interview – Rough cut

There is something a little bizarre about watching yourself over and over again on film!!! But this is exactly what I’ve been doing over the last few days. The interview section is an extra on my DVDs but even so I want it to look right. I must say that after the fourth time of viewing I’m a little fed up with all the “ums” but having listened to the… Continue reading

DVD release date – Early June

Not long to wait now! I know some of you are very eager to see the DVD’s so I’ll give you a realease date as soon as I can. A few of you have told us that you were a little disappointed to read in the Lindy’s Cakes May Newsletter yesterday that my DVDs will not be ready until June. However this is only a 2 week delay and… Continue reading

Cake jewellery DVD photoshoot

Yesterday I took the main cake jewellery cakes from my cake jewellery gems DVD  to be professionally photographed. It was such a lovely day that we decided to create a lifestyle shot of one of the cakes and enjoy the sunshine at the same time….lovely!  Getting set up always takes ages. Here is Vicki in action, ascertaining the best angle to shoot from.

[caption id=”attachment_1132″ align=”aligncenter” width=”400″ caption=”Checking… Continue reading

Cake jewellery DVD – Rough Cut

How exciting – I’ve just seen the rough cut of my cake jewellery DVD! The film company say it’s   “…..a bit like offering a taste of a cake before its even half cooked” but who doesn’t like raw cake mixture?  I certainly have enjoyed seeing the ‘half baked’ DVD – just me in action, no graphics, music or cake close ups! It’s been very reassuring to… Continue reading