August 20, 2017

Carving cakes successfully – a few tips from Lindy

Having a cake of the correct shape is fundamental to any good cake design. If, like some, you shy away from carving you are limiting yourself to just basic shapes and yet with a little bit of courage and armed with a sharp knife it is perfectly possible to sculpt a shape from cake that can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Baking Mini Fruit cakes

Contrary to popular opinion, many people do like fruit cake and it’s not just the elderly. Fruit cake is one of my favourite cakes, as it is my 14 year old sons! The secret, I think, is to have a really good recipe – try the one in my books, it often converts people that say they don’t like fruit cake!

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Tips on using Lindy’s sugarcraft cutters

I know many of you enjoy using my stainless steel sugarcraft cutters, however if you are a little unsure on the best way to achieve perfect results each time then here are a few tips that you may find useful:

The pastes to use

  • Only use modelling paste, pastillage or flower paste to cut out the flowers – you need a firm paste

Rolling out sugarpaste – Top Tips

Learning how to handle sugarpaste/rolled fondant comes with practice, however my practical tips may help shorten your learning curve!

  • Knead the sugarpaste/icing until it is soft and pliable – for comments on the

Flavouring Madeira Cakes

Often Madeira cake is left plain but there are lots of ingredients that you can use to add a different flavour.


For a six egg quantity Madeira, an 20cm (8 inch) round cake, try one of the following

Baking deep Madeira/Chocolate cakes

To get nice high sided cakes (you need 3 inches for carving Lindy’s wonky cakes) try wrapping the outside of the cake tin with newspaper (just like you would for a fruit cake). This slows down the cooking of the outside of the cake allowing time for the sides to reach the right height. You may find that