August 20, 2017

Ideas for creating textures using sugarcraft cutters

“Ways of creating textures in sugarpaste please” is one of the most recent requests I have received from my students. There are, of course, countless ways to do this. I always like to throw something new into the mix, so decided to experiment using cutters and this blog is all about the 3 dimensional textures and patterns I discovered. Can I inspire you to experiment too? Here are some of… Continue reading

Learn how to make edible gelatin baubles

Edible gelatin baubles, or bubbles if you prefer, are a really effective eye catching cake decoration. I know this as whenever I decorate a cake with these baubles, everyone seems totally fascinated by them. The visiting crowds of cake decorators at last weekend’s Cake International show at Alexandra Palace in London, were no exception, they seemed equally enthralled by the ‘bauble’ cakes on my stand.  The gelatin bauble demonstration I gave, received a wonderful response, a… Continue reading

Tips on creating beautiful sugar embroidery patterns

‘Tips for recreating your beautiful sugar embroidery patterns please’, is a request I have received a few times recently. Everyone seems to love my ‘Fair Isle & Beyond’ set of mini cakes, they have even bought the embroidery grid embosser to enable them to have a go… BUT it seems some people get a little stuck on how to proceed. Let me help you out with a few… Continue reading

How to use a sugar shaper – sugarcraft gun

A sugar shaper, sugarcraft gun, sugar extruder, clay gun…is a wonderfully clever cake decorating tool known by many different names. It is a tool I wouldn’t be without! It’s part of my essential cake decorating kit. I have had one ever since I started decorating 25 years ago and now I have three. Why? Well I am hoping by the end of this post you will know. But first of… Continue reading

Girly Fashion Cake Inspiration plus Cake Decorating Tips

I simply loved putting this girly fashion cake together. The idea, as so often happens, came from a number of sources. Firstly Kate, who was my 1-2-1 student last Friday, she wanted to learn to doodle using a fluid writer. Secondly, the redesign of our Lindy’s Cakes website and online shop. This is a massive project! I’ve been adding photos to the new site to illustrate how I have used… Continue reading

Decorate a Heart Cookie for Valentine’s Day – super easy when you know how

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving a card and may be a chocolate or two on Valentines Day. Sending tokens of love on the 14th February is a very old tradition that can trace it’s roots back to ancient Rome.

simple yet effective decorated cookies for Valentines day

Simple yet effective, decorated cookies for Valentines day

How to make white chocolate mirror glaze marbled patterns to decorate your cakes

Mirror glaze or “glaçage miroir” is a technique for decorating cakes that right now is becoming increasingly popular. I am not surprised, the marble patterns that can be created are very varied, colourful and quite beautiful. It is not a new technique but it is one that until yesterday I had not tried. I was set the challenge to see what I could do with this technique, by one… Continue reading

How to make ombre sugar ruffles for cakes

Ombre sugar ruffles, so pretty! I loved creating these for the ‘Sweetheart Stripe’ wedding cake below – you’ll now find the cake in my ‘Simply Modern Wedding Cakes‘ book. It was such fun experimenting with all my cutters to find which ones worked, which didn’t and which I liked the most. The winner was definitely my moghal arch cutter, as once frilled it created such a beautiful shape – so… Continue reading

Doodling, Facebook Live and the Curious Cake Decorator

You have probably heard the old English proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat’ used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. But I would argue that in most cases, the smart reply of ‘and Satisfaction brought it back’ taught to me by my grandmother, is more appropriate. I am naturally curious, always have been and always will be. So I was thrilled to read in Elizabeth Gilbert’s recent… Continue reading

Tips for using Royal Icing for Lettering and Run Outs – Lindy’s Facebook Live video

Royal icing is not a sugar medium I work with everyday, but it is a form of icing that I have always loved using on my cakes. Royal icing is incredibly versatile and an excellent medium for adding decorative elements to cakes and decorated cookies, whether these be piped pearls, decorative scrolls or piped line work. It is also a very good option for adding lettering to cakes. I grant… Continue reading