July 28, 2017

Cake Decorating Hen Parties – what fun!

I love teaching at cake decorating hen parties and always feel very privileged to be part of such a happy and joyful get together. Amusingly, when I mention this to my friends and family they look at me strangely. I guess hen parties sometimes get a bad press. However a cake decorating hen party is, by it’s very nature, quite civilised. Don’t get me wrong, the parties I run are by no means quiet and studious. Parties are designed to bring laughter, to be fun and help a group of girls, that may no all know each other, bond.

cake decorating hen parties with Lindy Smith

Cake decorating hen parties are always so much fun!

Without exception, all the cake decorating hen parties I have taught have been a delight to teach. They are often part of a hen weekend and one of a number of activities. I find the cake decorating hen parties I am involved with, often take place in large light and airy farmhouse kitchens or characterful period holiday cottages. Lindy’s Cakes is based on the Shropshire Herefordshire border, near Ludlow, so there are plenty of lovely properties to choose from. However as long as there is a table large enough to seat everyone, most locations will suffice. After all the focus is all about having fun whilst learning a few potentially useful cake decorating techniques.

cake decorating hen parties with Lindy Smith

Two participants very proud of their creations

Bride and groom cupcake decorating

Last Saturday, I was over at Ryton Grange, a wonderful old building not that far from Shrewsbury. The girls were connected via the military and had come from far and wide, to spend the weekend together. Their chosen cake decorating activity; bride and groom cupcakes, what fun! Only one of the girls had done any cake decorating before. I was therefore really impressed by what was achieved and how creative everyone became as the morning drew to a close. I’ve used some of the cupcakes the girls created on the poster below – aren’t they delightful…

Cake decorating hen parties by Lindy Smith

Bride and groom cupcakes to inspire


Cake decorating hen parties

If you would like me to run a similar cake decorating session for you, why not get in touch. And yes, I do travel.

Hoping you feel inspired and a little creative


Popular sugarcraft author Lindy Smith cuts ribbon for German cake decorating business

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From complete novice to competent cake decorator in just six amazing hours …

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Lindy’s cake decorating workshop dedicated to all things patterned… stripes, spots, checks, marbling, millefiori

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Mother and daughter pretty posy cake decorating class with Lindy Smith March 2013

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Stylish Bride & Groom Cake Toppers created with sugarcraft expert Lindy Smith February 2013

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Carving cakes class with Lindy Smith – handbags with style Spring 2013

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Cake decorating workshop for two…Prettiest Posy Cake with Lindy Smith – where learning is fun!

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How to cover a ball cake class given a seasonal Christmas twist by Lindy Smith

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Lindy Smith’s very fabulous, super practical ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ class – November 2012

Appearing for the last time in 2012… Lindy’s very fabulous, super practical and we think, really important ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ class. This is the class that will give you an arsenal of hints and tips to help you create a sugarcraft cake with a professional finish.

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Tiered Celebration Cake Class – Lindy’s students tackle stacking cakes and a cake jewellery fountain

What is better than one cake? … two cakes of course! Double the gorgeousness and double the fun. Today we warmly welcomed Lindy’s new class to our workshop collection… the elegant ‘Tiered Celebration Cake’.

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Sugar Painting Techniques for Cakes Class with Lindy Smith

If you didn’t know better, you might think you had stumbled across a watercolour painting class at Lindy’s workshop today! In some ways you have, for sugarpaste is our canvas and edible food colours our artistic medium. The painting techniques for today’s class, all much loved by Lindy, have been showcased in her most recent book ‘The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible’. Painting… Continue reading

New students, new term, new cakes, new colours

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Summer 2012 Introduction to Celebration Cakes class, humidity and cakes just don’t mix!!

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