July 28, 2017

Back to basics cake decorating class – not purely for the novice sugarcrafter but also those who want a professional cake finish

When it comes to colour, pattern and design in cakes… cake couture… no one does it better than Lindy Smith. Always pushing the boundaries in her craft and creating new looks on a daily basis, she seems to have a never ending mental capacity to design. However, from these fabulous looks comes a simple starting point. Sometimes you need to go right back to basics in order to come out… Continue reading

Lindy’s cake decorating workshop dedicated to all things patterned… stripes, spots, checks, marbling, millefiori

As one of the worlds leading cake designers Lindy Smith is always pushing the boundaries of design in sugarcraft. So it will come as no surprise to you that she was never going to be content with colour blocking of sugarpaste! Enter the art of paste patterning. Today’s workshop is dedicated to all things patterned… stripes, spots, checks, marbling, millefiori. The sugarpaste will not remain one colour for very long… Continue reading

Mother and daughter pretty posy cake decorating class with Lindy Smith March 2013

I always know when a cake decorating class I’m teaching is going well, because time simply flies by and the day is over before it’s seems to have begun! This was definitely the case with our first ever mother and daughter class last Saturday.  Despite the snow and severe weather warnings, everyone arrived more or less on time having travelled from Ireland, Bristol, London, Coventry, Hertfordshire and the south coast… Continue reading

Stylish Bride & Groom Cake Toppers created with sugarcraft expert Lindy Smith February 2013

In the glorious shabby chic venue of the Lady Gray tearooms in Wendover I sit amongst beautiful vintage furniture, a stunning chandelier, bunting and naked bodies!! Luckily they are made of Atrtista Soft so it’s not embarrassing at all. It’s that time of year when Lindy holds her annual Bride & Groom Topper course. We really look forward to this 2 day course… we all love a wedding and this… Continue reading

Carving cakes class with Lindy Smith – handbags with style Spring 2013

Couture designers divide people… are you a fan of Prada, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Cabana or perhaps the re-invented Victoria Beckham’s designs are inspiring you? The spring collections are starting to appear in magazines and online, the mailorder companies are starting to trickle in spring clothing alongside the winter sales. We are all trying to imagine ourselves in lighter colours and softer fabrics. Some of us will be looking at… Continue reading

How to cover a ball cake class given a seasonal Christmas twist by Lindy Smith

Lindy’s Christmas Bauble cake workshop marks the start of Christmastime at Lindy’s Cakes. Let the celebrations commence. I think it worth celebrating the fact that you can cover a ball shape in sugarpaste… it gets me every time!

On this snowy wintery day we gather for a day or sugarcraft learning and fun in our cosy studio hall, welcoming students from far and wide … UK, Kuala Lumpur and… Continue reading

Lindy Smith’s very fabulous, super practical ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ class – November 2012

Appearing for the last time in 2012… Lindy’s very fabulous, super practical and we think, really important ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ class. This is the class that will give you an arsenal of hints and tips to help you create a sugarcraft cake with a professional finish.

Lindy has perfected the step-by-step approach to her workshops which give her students the confidence to work outside their comfort zone and… Continue reading

Tiered Celebration Cake Class – Lindy’s students tackle stacking cakes and a cake jewellery fountain

What is better than one cake? … two cakes of course! Double the gorgeousness and double the fun. Today we warmly welcomed Lindy’s new class to our workshop collection… the elegant ‘Tiered Celebration Cake’.

Stacking cakes can send one into a panic… visions of a Wonky cake when… ahem… it wasn’t supposed to be that or the leaning tower of Pisa… ummm… it was never designed to be that… Continue reading

Sugar Painting Techniques for Cakes Class with Lindy Smith

If you didn’t know better, you might think you had stumbled across a watercolour painting class at Lindy’s workshop today! In some ways you have, for sugarpaste is our canvas and edible food colours our artistic medium. The painting techniques for today’s class, all much loved by Lindy, have been showcased in her most recent book ‘The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible’. Painting… Continue reading

New students, new term, new cakes, new colours

As the new ‘school’ term gets underway in the UK so does a new collection of Lindy Smith sugarcraft workshops. In these times of austerity and the ‘make do and mend’ reminders everywhere it certainly does seem that people are tapping into their creative side and choosing to go ‘hand made’ over ‘bought’. I’ve written much about the joy of making, giving and receiving a home made cake… but when… Continue reading

Summer 2012 Introduction to Celebration Cakes class, humidity and cakes just don’t mix!!

Introduction to celebration cakes… yay… what a great way to end this collection of Lindy’s classes. You all know it’s my favourite class and as we down tools for the summer holidays Lindy and I have been reflecting on the classes of previous weeks. For the first time ever we have held two Introduction to Celebration Cakes workshops in this collection and they have sold out both times, proving that… Continue reading

Cake Stencil Techniques live class blog with Lindy June 2012

Sometimes plain sugarpaste just won’t do! Sometimes you just feel the need to glam it up a bit. Like adding a glamorous statement necklace to a simple outfit, it changes everything. The same applies to sugarcraft. So, Lindy has created the ultimate technique class to help you adorn, embellish, add bling, and beautify your work.

Working with stencils today, a Lindy favourite, she is guiding our eight students through… Continue reading

Full class at Lindy’s Introduction to Celebration Cakes – 15th June 2012

Lindy would never be drawn on what her favourite workshop is but I can… I love the beginners’ workshop and always have. I think the appeal for me is that our students achieve so much in one day… err and perhaps because it’s aimed at my own sugarcraft level!!

Most students arrive with very little knowledge of cake decorating sugarcraft style but everyone leaves with a wealth of knowledge… Continue reading

Students new to sugarcraft spend a day with Lindy Smith learning how to cover cakes professionally

The ultimate class for beginners is happening right here, right now. Guided by the safe sugared hands of Lindy Smith, our student’s ‘sugarcraft journey to a professional finish’ starts today! Take note however, this workshop is not exclusively for beginners … for even if you have been covering cakes for a while Lindy will give you a notebook full of tips and techniques that will help you achieve a… Continue reading

Cake Couture – a designer handbag cake carving class with Lindy

Ah the handbag… such a statement piece… the accessory that defines your style. Do you tote… or are you slouchy (me)… do you like a clutch… or a simple shopper (Lindy) classic brown or black leather (me – always)  or something colourful (Lindy) green leather (Jane).

MNO (money no object) what handbag would you buy? Valentino (Lindy)… Chanel perhaps… Vivienne Westwood (Jane)… Prada… or perhaps something a little less… Continue reading