July 28, 2017

From complete novice to competent cake decorator in just six amazing hours …

Yes it possible!! Read how from guest blogger and cake decorating novice Donna Ashcroft.
“Before going to Lindy’s Introduction to Celebration Cakes Workshop I bought my cakes from shops. Then I decorated them with pre-coloured sugarpaste (I’d also bought) before covering up the lumps, bumps and oodles of inadequacies with plenty of butter icing. The result wasn’t pretty. Now, after just one day with Lindy and her talented team I… Continue reading

Julie’s Cake Hobby – A perfect pastime!

We’ve got a name for students that do lots of courses with us…’Serial Workshoppers’! And I think I can safely say that Julie Marney is one of our most prolific workshoppers to date! We love a familiar face in our workshops because it’s like catching up with old friends. We enjoy building up a cake friendship with our students and Julie truly is a friend of Lindy’s Cakes!  … Continue reading

Profile of a student…Sarah Dawson

We are always interested, and intrigued, as to what our workshop students do with the skills they take away with them after a Lindy’s course.  We get to know our students quite well, especially the ones that are ‘ frequent workshoppers’!   Let me introduce you to Sarah Dawson. Sarah is a regular student of ours, she also runs a super cake company called ‘Cake & Eat it’ in Oxfordshire… Continue reading