August 17, 2017


Cake, cookie and sugarcraft inspiration at the click of a mouse!

Lindy has designed, baked and decorated thousands of cakes and cookies over the years, how many we don’t know – she’s never counted! Whilst we can’t be held responsible for the time that you might find yourself spending on our site we are confident that her cakes, mini cakes, cupcakes and cookies will inspire, captivate and impress you. Lindy generously shares her designs and technical knowledge. We hope that you enjoy the experience and that in one way or another… like commenting on our facebook & blog, attendingĀ  one of Lindy’s classes, buying Lindy’s publications or treating yourself to sugarcraft products at Lindy’s on-line shop… you support Lindy and her work in return. ENJOY…

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pink flowerCakes:

Single tier special occasion cakes

Stacked cakes

Wonky cakes

Ball/sphere cakes

pink flowerSmall cakes, cookies & toppers:

Mini cakes



Bride and groom toppers

pink flowerThemes:

Animal cakes

Baby shower and christening

Autumn & Halloween


pink flowerTechniques:

Cake jewellery



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