February 7, 2016

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Bride and groom wedding cake toppers

When it comes to personalising a wedding cake there is probably no more spectacular way than to model a bride and groom to resemble the happy couple. There are many approaches you could take to this, however after modelling many brides and grooms from sugar Lindy would recommend that you try using Artista soft – a very versatile  modelling medium  that can create a permanent reminder of a special day.

 pink flowerThe happy couple:

wedding couple model

A wonderful memento of a couples big day

“My first cake topper ‘bride and grooms’ were all modelled from sugar, however after a few mishaps with arms breaking and  grooms falling over, I decided there had to be a better option.  After some research, I starting using Artista Soft for my figures. It is not an edible  product but is used by cake decorators for decorations and models that do not touch the cake. Once dried it is very light weight and virtually unbreakable, so can be easily sent through the post!

I used to love making toppers, you are given a very special and privileged insight into a couples big day; details of the dress, the colour scheme, the flowers etc. Today I  no longer have time to make these fascinating characters, however once a year I run a two day workshop for brides and cake decorators to learn the art of modelling wedding couples from Artista.”  Lindy

Examples of real life bridal couples models

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What to try making your own topper….. but need a little help!

pink flowerLindy’s books

A simple sugar bride and groom features in  Lindy’s ‘Celebrate with a cake‘ book, this book is available via our online shop please click on the book’s titles to buy or for more information about this bestselling titles.

pink flowerModelling products

If you would like to try using Artista  we supply this amazing product via our online shop together with acrylic discs for displaying your figures. We also stock a good ranges of useful modelling tools and mini embossers, which are ideal for embossing details on the grooms waistcoat and the brides dress. If you’d like more details please either click on the product category names above or click here to enter our online shop.

pink flowerModelling  workshops

If you’d like to learn how to create these detailed figures, why not attend  annual Lindy’s two day workshop. To see if we have a class currently scheduled or to register your interest with our workshop co-ordinator please click here.

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