August 20, 2017

Wonky cake gallery

Cakes in true iconic Lindy style!

If there is one cake style that shouts “created by Lindy Smith” it has to be a wonky cake. Her first wonky cake was created back in 2003 for her brothers wedding and the style became an instant hit with brides looking for something striking and unusual for their wedding cake. The popularity of this style has lead to Lindy featuring the wonky cake in two of her books using a step-by-step writing style, producing a DVD on how to carve and cover a wonky in real time, and adapting the style for both wedding cookies and cupcakes.

pink flowerCarved architectural cake shape that has taken the cake world by storm!

Modern masterpiece inspired by Kandinski

“I love wonky cakes, they really inspire me to be creative as the shape lends itself so well to an infinite number of different approaches. The Kandinski inspired wonky cake on the right, I think, is a good example of what is possible on the canvas of a wonky cake, as the carved lines of the cake reflect the geometric shapes that Kandinski used in his own work.

If you browse the web you’ll find similar cake shapes referred to as mad hatter, whimsy, topsy turvey, tilted, slanted etc. Most of these shapes are created with slightly different approaches and their proportions are not the same as a wonky cake – can you tell the difference?  In case you are wondering the term wonky cakes was coined by one of my brides, when I was taking commissions for these cakes !”  Lindy

Lindy’s wonky cake examples – which is your favourite?

Below you will find a selection of wonky cakes that not only include some of Lindy’s first wonky cake shapes but also her latest designs. If you look carefully at the photos you will see how the shape has subtly changed and become more angular as Lindy has tweaked and perfected her style.

Please click on the images to see and read a little more about each  wonky cake.

Inspired….. but need a little help!

pink flowerLindy’s DVDs

Everyone learns in different ways and for some the very visual nature of Lindy’s wonky DVD makes it an ideal learning tool, coupled with the fact that there is the ability to pause and rewind.
For more information please click on the link

‘Lindy’s wonkycelebration cakes‘ created by Lindy Smith 2009
The ultimate guide to carving and covering a wonky cake

pink flowerLindy’s books and DVDs

Step by step instructions to create wonky cakes feature in two of Lindy’s cake decorating books, the most up to date book, which we would recommend is:

the contemporary cake decorating bible by Lindy Smith‘The contemporary cake decorating bible’ by Lindy Smith, published October 2011.
This title includes two amazing wonky cakes and full instructions.

For further decorating ideas we would suggest:

1e cakestoinspireanddesire-frontcoverCakes to inspire and desire‘ by Lindy Smith, published November 2007
This book includes two wonky cakes plus a wonky square cake.

Both these books are available via our online shop please click on their titles to buy or for more information about these two popular titles.

pink flowerWonky cake carving and covering classes

If you fancy learning how to carve and cover a wonky cake successfully with expert tuition by Lindy herself, why not attend Lindy’s popular one day wonky style cake workshops? For full details and information, please visit the classes section of our website – Please click here to visit

pink flowerCake decorating products

Once your wonky cake is carved and covered with sugarpaste you will want to add some decoration to jazz it up and create a real centerpiece. We think it is important, if you are going to spend the time and effort that goes into creating a wonky cake, that you have the right products to hand to help you decorate your cake effectively. Lindy’s Cakes stocks a wide range of decorating supplies including a large selection of quality sugarcraft cutters, many designed by Lindy herself, plus other very useful items such as embossers and moulds. If you’d like more details please either click on the product category names above or click here to enter our online shop.

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