August 20, 2017

Cookie gallery

Decorated cookies – what a treat!

Cookies and biscuits are delicious in there own right but decorating them can make them that extra bit special. Many cookies can be quickly decorated in a couple of minutes but by spending a little more time you can also create cookies that are truly magical and almost too good to eat! Hang them from your Christmas tree or place them in clear cookie bags or decorative boxes to give to friends and family or simply serve with a cuppa for a homemade tea time treat. There is always a reason why you can have fun creating your own little works of cookie art.

pink flowerDecorating cookies is not just childs play:

butterfly button bag

Handbag style on a plate!

“Fundamentally a designer at heart, I find that cookies, like cakes, make an excellent canvas on which to create designs that are both appealing and stylish. There are a number of possible ways to decorate cookies but  I must admit to favouring  sugarpaste. With sugarpaste you can not only easily introduce colour but also add texture and 3 dimensional elements, to create cookies that will wow all those that see them.

As you probably appreciate, decorating cookies is not only childs play, cookies are all about having fun in your kitchen creating gorgeous tasty treats that everyone will love. When it comes to decorating cookies, there are many possibilities so I hope that  I will inspire you not only to copy my designs but to create designs of your own too.  Happy baking.” Lindy

Lindy’s decorated cookies – which is your favourite?

From high fashion to seasonal delights, weddings to designer style,  whatever the occasion  we hope you will  spot something you would like to bake to treat your friends, lighten up your work colleague’s day or spoil your family. Please click on the images below to see and read a little more about each cupcake.

Inspired….. but need a little help!

pink flowerLindy’s books

Decorated cookies feature in many of Lindy’s cake decorating books however if you require a definitive guide to cookie baking and decorating we would recommend:

bake me i'm yours cookie book by Lindy Smith‘Bake me I’m yours…cookie’ by Lindy Smith, published September 2010

For further decorating ideas we would suggest:

the contemporary cake decorating bible by Lindy Smith‘The contemporary cake decorating bible’ by Lindy Smith, published October 2011

Both these books are available via our online shop please click on their titles to buy or for more information about these two popular titles.

pink flowerCookie decorating  products

If you feel inspired to turn your cookies or biscuits into something a little more interesting, you might wish to invest in a few peices of equipment to help make this possible. First and foremost you’ll need some cookie cutters, the shapes and quality of these vary enormous but at Lindy’s cakes we stock a wide selection for you to choose from, including Lindy’s own unique designs.  Once your cookies have cooled you’ll want to decorate them, but in order to turn your cookies from the ordinary to the extraordinary you will also require a few specialised items. Lindy’s cakes stocks a wide range of  suppplies to help you do this  including a selection of quality sugarcraft cutters and stencils many designed by Lindy herself, plus other very useful items such as embossers and moulds. If you’d like more details please either click on the product category names above or click here to enter our online shop.

pink flowerCookie decorating classes

If you fancy learning how to  decorate cookies or wish to perfect your existing skills, why not attend one of Lindy’s popular one day workshops. For full details and information, please visit the classes section of our website – Please click here to visit

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