July 28, 2017

Cupcake gallery

Cupcakes  –  miniature works of edible art!

Decorating cupcakes is all about personal taste, imagination and suitability for an occasion. There are endless possibilities when it comes to deciding what to create so we hope you will feel inspired by some of Lindy’s examples below to have a go… or to be a little bit more adventurous.

pink flowerCupcakes a true taste sensation that looks beautiful too:

shopping spree cupcakes

High heel shoes and party dresses means fashion on a cupcake - how adorable!

“Cupcakes are currently taking the world by storm and I think I know why……baking and decorating cupcakes is great fun, rewarding and not too time consuming. On my travels around the globe I’ve seen cupcakes in all shapes and sizes, in tiny little boutique cake shops and large supermarkets. I have also been given them as welcome gifts –  it seems everyone loves a cupcake!

My aim with my cupcakes, whether it is developing tasty recipes or designing the decorations, is to help put the humble cupcake centre stage to show the world just what it can be: a beautiful, ‘collectable’, miniature work of art that is a true taste sensation not just a fashionable cake to bake!”   Lindy

Lindy’s  cupcakes – which is your favourite?

Please click on the images below to see and read a little more about each cupcake.

Inspired….. but need a little help!

pink flowerLindy’s books

Cupcakes feature in many of Lindy’s cake decorating books however if you require a definitive guide to cupcake baking and decorating we would recommend:

Lindy's cupcake book‘Bake me I’m yours…cupcake celebration’ by Lindy Smith, published September 2010

For further decorating ideas we would suggest:

the contemporary cake decorating bible by Lindy Smith‘The contemporary cake decorating bible’  by Lindy Smith, published October 2011

Both these books are available via our online shop please click on their titles to buy or for more information about these two popular titles.

pink flowerCupcake products

It is very important if you are going to spend the time and effort decorating your cupcakes that you have the right products to hand. Lindy’s cakes stocks a wide range of cupcake decorating supplies including quality cupcake cases, that keep their colour whilst baking, small cupcake sized cutters, a large range of mini embossers plus a beautiful selection of culinary stencils. If you’d like more details please either click on the product category names above or click here to enter our online shop.

pink flowerCupcake workshops

If you’d like to learn  how to decorate cupcakes or  perfect your existing skills, why not attend one of Lindy’s popular one day workshops. For full details and  information please visit the classes section of our website – Please  click here to visit.

pink flowerCupcake recipes

Are you looking for tasty cupcake recipes?  Well apart from those found in Lindy’s books you’ll also find an ever increasing number in the recipe category of our blog,  how about chocolate and raspberry cupcakes?  This not only sounds delicious it tastes delicious! All the recipes are tried and test by use click here to find out more.

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