August 20, 2017

Cake jewellery gallery

Adding glamour and glitz to Cakes!

Cake jewellery adds a touch of sparkle and luxury to cakes – use on its own or combined with sugar decorations to make eye-catching centerpieces. The beading world is seductive, all those wonderful, colours, shapes, choices and possibilities. If you have never tried cake jewellery before we hope that Lindy’s cakes below will inspire you to try your first garland, fountain or jewellery crown. The popularity of this decorating style has lead to Lindy writing step by step instructions in her books, and producing a cake jewellery DVD.

pink flowerSparkle and luxury – cakes that have that  WOW factor!

Pink fizz!!!

“I really enjoy creating cake jewellery for my cakes, whether the cakes are large multi-tiered wedding cakes or petite individual mini cakes. I find making cake jewellery very therapeutic and love the fact that because the decorations can be made in advance there are no last minute time pressures!

Choosing the beads and wires is all part of the fun… they can be used to complement a cake design or used in their own right as the principle decoration.

Just remember that all cake jewellery should be removed from the cake before cutting and that non edible beads or crystals should NEVER be stuck directly onto the icing of a cake” Lindy

Lindy’s  cake jewellery examples – which is your favourite?

Below you will find a selection of cake jewellery cakes that not only include some of Lindy’s first examples using fountains but also some of her her latest  cake crown designs. If you look carefully at the photos you will see how her  jewellery has subtly changed over time as Lindy has tweaked and perfected her style. Please click on the images to see and read a little more about each cake.

Inspired by cake jewellery….. but need a little help!

pink flowerLindy’s DVDs

Everyone learns in different ways and for some the very visual nature of Lindy’s cake jewellery gems DVD makes it an ideal learning tool, coupled with the fact, of course, that there is the ability to pause and rewind.
For more information please click on the link

‘Lindy’s cake jewellery gems’ created by Lindy Smith 2009
The ultimate guide to creating your own cake jewellery:
from cake fountains, garlands, and crowns to abstract and wire flowers

pink flowerLindy’s books

Step by step instructions on how to create your own cake jewellery feature in Lindy’s cake decorating books, the most up to date book, which we would recommend is:

the contemporary cake decorating bible by Lindy Smith‘The contemporary cake decorating bible’ by Lindy Smith, published October 2011.
This title includes a whole chapter dedicated to showing you how to create your own amazing cake jewellery pieces.

For further decorating ideas we would suggest:

1e cakestoinspireanddesire-frontcoverCakes to inspire and desire‘ by Lindy Smith, published November 2007
This book includes a number of step by step examples
including fountains, garlands and crowns

Both these books are available via our online shop please click on their titles to buy or for more information about these two popular titles.

pink flowerCake jewellery classes

If you would like to learn how create your own cake jewellery but would prefer to do this under Lindy’s eagle eye, why not attend one of  Lindy’s popular one day cake jewellery workshops? For full details and information, please visit the classes section of our website – Please click here to visit

pink flowerBeads, wires and cake jewellery sundries

Not everyone has easy access to bead shops or jewellery supplies so here at Lindy’s cakes we stock a wide selection of beads suitable for cake jewellery plus  the wires that you need to create, garlands, crowns and fountains etc. We also stock the all important non-toxic permanent jewel glue and the posy picks, which are inserted into cakes to hold the wires. If you’d like more details please either click on the product category names above or click here to enter our online shop.

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