August 19, 2017

Moulds gallery

Moulding – a quick and effective decorating technique!

Anyone can add impressive decorations  to their cakes and cookies by using moulds (molds, if you are from the US). Moulding sugar can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it.  Use a single colour or  introduce more colours into a mould for some fabulous effects. If you’ve not tried using moulds to decorate your cakes then we hope to inspire you to have a go with the selection of Lindy’s cakes and cookies below. Many of these appear in her latest decorating books where you’ll find full instructions and more ideas plus step by step photographs on how to make your very own moulds!

pink flowerMoulded sugar decorations as the icing on the cake!

Black and nude designer handbag cake by Lindy Smith

This fashionable handbag cake was created by Lindy in class as a demonstration cake. It uses three different moulds – all available via our online shop

“ If you wish to make beautifully detailed sugar decorations but do not have much time, one of the best solutions, in my opinion, is to choose a delicately crafted silicone mould and use this to create stunning and impressive pieces in no time at all. Elaborate carved moulds have been used for sugar work for hundreds of years, however today the advent of silicone has meant that moulds are now affordable and that there are many to choose from. Be careful however as the quality of silicone moulds does vary, you usually get what you pay for as the saying goes.” Lindy

Lindy’s cake and cookie examples – Do you have a favourite?

Below you will find a selection of Lindy’s cakes and cookies where she has used moulded sugar shapes to help compliment her designs, we hope they inspire you. Please click on the images to see and read a little more about each example.

Inspired to try moulds….. but need a little help!

pink flowerLindy’s books

Step by step instructions on various ways to us moulds on your cakes and cookies are found in a couple of Lindy’s cake decorating books, but we would recommend:

the contemporary cake decorating bible by Lindy Smith‘The contemporary cake decorating bible’ by Lindy Smith, published October 2011.
This title includes a whole chapter showing various ways to use moulds plus instructions  on how to create your own unique ones.

For further decorating ideas we would suggest:

Lindy's cupcake book‘Bake me I’m yours…cupcake celebration’ by Lindy Smith, published September 2010
This book gives you a number of ideas for quick and effective decorations using moulds – we’re sure it will inspire you.

Both these books are available via our online shop please click on their titles to buy or for more information about these popular titles.

pink flowerMoulding technique classes

If you’d like to experiment and learn how to use moulds under expert tuition, then why not treat yourself to a Lindy Smith workshop? Lindy includes using moulds on her designer cake carving class, various cupcake classes and mini cake classes, also if requested she will also demonstrate them on her introduction to celebration cake class. For further details and information about Lindy’s classes, please visit the classes section of our website – Please click here to visit.

pink flowerBuying Moulds

There are literally thousands of different food grade silicone moulds available, so take time to look around to find ones that you like and are a suitable size for the designs you are planning.  Silicone moulds are all soft and flexible but their quality does vary. Lower quality moulds are more prone to tearing, whilst higher quality moulds can withstand high fluctuations in temperature, are odourless and completely non-stick.

We think it is very important that you invest in good quality moulds that are robust enough to be reused time and time again. This is why we only stock moulds that we know will withstand repeated use. To view our  selection of tried and tested designs, which all appear in Lindy’s books, please visit our online shop by clicking here.


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