August 19, 2017

Animal cake gallery

Lindy’s cute, charming and inspirational animal cakes

Animal cakes, cupcakes and cookies feature widely in many of Lindy Smith’s books. From cute ladybirds to smug cats, elegant lovebirds to colourful fish.  Scroll down and be inspired by Lindy’s amazing animal creations – can you pick a favourite cake? We’re not sure we can…but we know they all look far too good to eat!

pink flowerCreatures in all shapes and sizes:

“The first novelty cake I ever made was a large pink pig for my daughter Charlotte’s second birthday, it didn’t exactly turn out as I’d hoped, at that stage I still had a lot to learn, but she was thrilled. My children like many others are fascinated by the natural world so over the years I’ve had requests to make all kinds of animals from sharks and sailfishes to squirrels and butterflies. I really enjoy creating these cakes, as they almost seem to come alive and develop characters of their own whilst being made. Also, like us, animals are not 100% symmetrical so it doesn’t therefore matter if say one ear is larger than another or if an eye is slightly lopsided, in fact it can add to the appeal of the cake!”

sidney the snail cake

Sidney a much admired snail!!!

pink flowerLindy’s own favourite animal cake:

Lindy created this fabulous creature made out of sugar and cake for the Table of Honour at the British Sugarcraft Guild’s International Exhibition in 2001. He was very much admired and talked about at the time and is still remembered today! Lindy took inspiration for this unusual cake from the Roman snails that inhabit the Chiltern Hills where she lives. And before you ask – No Sidney does not appear in any of Lindy’s books, he is a very special snail and lives in a box at Lindy’s Cakes HQ!!

Would you like help making animal inspired cakes?

If you would like to make or adapt any of the following cakes you will find instructions in the books Lindy has written, please click on the relevant link to find out more about the book in question.

dragonfly dreams cake

pink flowerThe contemporary cake decorating bible

The design of this striking celebration cake was inspired by an art nouveau stained glass window that Lindy spotted in the beautiful medieval Spanish town of Girona in Catalonia. The window itself was not obvious but whilst relaxing over a tapas lunch with her family Lindy noticed the window hiding behind a the leaves of a very healthy tree! And another of Lindy’s cakes started to take shape. The dragonfly has been created using simple cutter shapes, used to echo the sections and style of the window. Instructions to re-create this cake are in Lindy’s ‘Cake bible’ book please click here for more details.

Retro Lovebirds cupcake

pink flowerBake me I’m yours…..cupcake celebration

Vintage is the height of fashion and this adorable blue lovebird certainly makes a statement. Create the bird as your centrepeice cupcake then add simple heart and stacked flower shapes to your remaining cupcakes to give a striking retro inspired cupcake collection – who wouldn’t be impressed?

Instructions to re-create this gorgeous cupcake plus many more are in Lindy’s ‘ bake me I’m yours………cupcake celebration’  book please click here for more details.

funky owl cookies

Funky owl cookies - what fun!

pink flowerBake me I’m yours…..cookie

Bright contemporary colours combine with bold patterns on these delightful, fun designer owl cookies. Vary the look by using different different colour combinations and the eye design by trying out duffernt flower cutters.

Instructions to re-create these striking owl cookies are in Lindy’s  ‘ bake me I’m yours………cookie’  book please click here for more details.

pink flowerParty Animal Cakes

A lovely collection of 15 animal themed party cakes from a purrfectly exotic white cat sitting proudly on elegant cushions to  dancing fish enjoying a pool party. From a simplistic fleecy sheep to realistic tigers head Lindy has created them all . For more details about this delightful cake book please click here.

“This is the cake book I always wanted to write, animals are a subject that really appeal to me and one that works suberbly in cake. The research is fun; the animal world is full of surprises and however much you know there is always more that you don’t. Did you know for example that the largest tigers live in Siberia, and a male African elephant can grow to almost 4m tall?”

birthday butterfly cake

Beautiful butterfly cake

pink flowerCelebrate with a cake

A beautiful colourful butterfly on a flower cake prefect  for a special birthday – what could be nicer! This cake design uses pastillage for the petals and butterfly but if painting the butterfly seems too daunting or time consuming you can always replace it with a ready made one or omit it all together.

Instructions to re-create this unusal cake are in Lindy’s  ‘Celebrate with a cake’  book, please click here for more details.

pink flowerStorybook Cakes

This book contains a wide selection of favourite animals from well loved stories:- The Frog Prince, a Teddy Bear, a Unicorn, Dick Wittington’s cat plus an Ark full of animals.

Instructions to re-create this selection of animal cakes plus other fairytale and childrens bedtime story favourites, are in Lindy’s  ‘storybook cakes’  book, please click here for more details.

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