August 19, 2017

Baby & christening

Baby themed cakes and cookies by Lindy Smith

Baby showers and christenings are a wonderful excuse to get baking and be creative. A time of much joy this is a wonderful opportunity to eat cake! There is often a softness to a baby themed cake making them utterly adorable. Have a look at Lindy’s baby themed cakes and have a go at created a special cake for a very special little person.

pink flowerBaby inspiration both large and small:

“From talking to my students I know that having babies and young children is often the  reason why many people make their first forays into cake decorating. Some start small with cute little baby shower cupcakes or tasty bitesized cookies whilst others jump in the deep end and make  full sized celebration cakes.  These first steps in sugarcraft are often frustrating as skills and knowledge take time to acquire,  however the wonderful thing about cake decorating is that virtually all mistakes are edible and that most people are very easily impressed! My children played a very important part in my sugarcraft journey, they were the ones that inspired me to start pushing the boundaries of cake decorating and begin designing ‘outside the box’. So where ever you are in your journey, I hope I can help you enjoy the ride!” Lindy

Would you like help with your baby cakes and cookies?

The following cakes and cookies appear in Lindy’s books so if you would like to make or adapt any, you will find instructions as detailed below. Please click on the relevant links to find out more about each book or to treat yourself to a copy!

pink flowerThe contemporary cake decorating bible

pram cookie

Sweet dreams!

This adorably cute little baby pram cookie with matching hearts would make a perfect baby shower gift or christening party favour. The  cookies are decorated with different colours of stencilled sugarpaste. Choose your colours carefully to suit the baby in question, pastels or brights, pinks or blues, yellows or greens??!! Stencils and cookie cutter available via the Lindy’s Cakes online shop.

Full instructions on how to re-create these cookies, along with a plethora of  other cookies, mini cakes, large cakes and cupcakes can be found in Lindy’s ”cake bible’ book, please click here for more details.

pink flowerBake me I’m yours…..cupcake celebration

We all love teddy bears!

Hearts and teddy bears…..what little girl wouldn’t adore these irresistible cupcakes?  The hearts are simply stenciled onto shades of pink sugarpaste and then carefully lifted onto the cupcakes – it’s very easy, but don’t let anyone know! The teddy needs a little bit more care but full instructions are given in Lindy’s book.  If you are catering for a little boy simply change the stencil design and replace the pink flower with a blue bow.

Instructions to re-create these gorgeous cupcakes plus many more are in Lindy’s ‘ bake me I’m yours………cupcake celebration’ book please click here for more details.

pink flowerBake me I’m yours…..cookie

Baby faces, tiny footprints, cute baby socks plus balloons and selection of nursery toys – how will you choose which to make? Instructions to re-create these cute baby cookies can be found in Lindy’s ‘ bake me I’m yours………cookie’ book please click here for more details.

pink flowerCakes to Inspire and desire

baby blocks cakes

One, two, three.... all fall down!

Building blocks appeal to all generations, everyone loves to see how high they can build before the bricks come tumbling down!  This delightful stack of decorated cake  bricks is made from 10cm (4in) cubes of cake decorated with squares of sugarpaste. Nursery motifs are then added to each face using a mixture of cutters, supplied by Lindy’s cakes online shop, and templates included in the book . Try varying the colours, bright primary colours would look stunning. Replace the motifs with cut out  letters to spell the baby’s name. For an older child, try changing the motifs to a space ships and planets or fairies and flowers,or other suitable child themes.

Instructions for this amazing cake can be found in Lindy’s ‘Cakes to Inspire and desire’ book please click here for more details.

pink flowerCelebrate with a cake

baby cake


A  little boy’s face peeping out from a soft blanket, so cute, children can be so adorable at times!!! This cake would make an excellent christening or first birthday cake.  The patchwork sides are made from embossed squares of modelling paste which are attached to the covered cake to form a patchwork quilt. The child’s face is formed using a mould, supplied by Lindy’s Cakes, and of course the skin, eyes and hair colour can be made to match baby’s own. If a life-like face seems a little too challenging Lindy also gives instructions for a simple cheeky baby head made from a ball of modelling paste.

Instructions to re-create this adorable cake are in Lindy’s ‘Celebrate with a cake’ book, please click here for more details.


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