August 20, 2017

Christmas gallery

Christmas themed cakes and cookies by Lindy Smith

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to be decorating cakes, the use of rich vibrant colours, edible sparkles and seasonal snowflakes makes choosing what to create exciting, but also perhaps a little daunting! We hope you will find a little inspiration from Lindy’s examples below:

pink flowerChristmas inspiration both bold and subtle:

“I  think Christmas is a fabulous time of year, cold but cosy, dark but exciting….everyone full of anticipation. An excellent opportunity to get together and celebrate with family and friends. When it comes to baking  for the festive season you have many options, I personally adore a traditional fruit cake, but I realise it’s not everyones cup of tea! Cookies for the tree however score on all accounts, they can be made in advance, are very decorative, good to eat and children can have lots of fun helping to help create them.  Cupcakes are another option, quick to bake and easy to decorate and who doesn’t love a cupcake? What will you make, bake and decorate this year? ” Lindy

Would you like a little help with your Christmas cakes and cookies?

The following cakes and cookies appear in Lindy’s books so if you would like to make or adapt any, you will find instructions as detailed below. Please click on the relevant links to find out more about each book or to treat yourself to a copy!

pink flowerThe contemporary cake decorating bible

Snap-bang Christmas party fun!

Did you know that Christmas party crackers are a British tradition  that dates back to Victorian times, originally they contained sugared almonds but of course today any small gift can be found inside a cracker. Cookie crackers like the real thing can be simply or very ornately decorated, the choice is yours.  Use embossers, moulds and edible gold  and choose your colours to compliment your  Christmas colour scheme. Lindy’s cracker cookie cutter is available via the Lindy’s Cakes online shop.

Full instructions on how to re-create these cookies, along with a plethora of other cookies, mini cakes, large cakes and cupcakes can be found in Lindy’s ”cake bible’ book, please click here for more details.

pink flowerBake me I’m yours…..cupcake celebration

Festive christmas tree cupcakes

The Christmas tree tradition may have very ancient origins but these adorable festive tree cupcakes are bang up to date! The stencilled tree decoration is deceptively quick to apply so you could create batches of these in no time at all. The Christmas tree stencil is available via the Lindy’s Cakes online shop.

Instructions to re-create these gorgeous seasonal cupcakes plus many more are in Lindy’s ‘ bake me I’m yours………cupcake celebration’ book please click here for more details.

pink flowerBake me I’m yours…..cookie

There are many Christmas shaped cookie cutters available, father Christmases, angels, candy canes, reindeer, Christmas tree etc. So sometimes it can be hard to choose which to bake and decorate. Why not let Lindy inspire you with her ideas?  Instructions to re-create these colourful festive cookies can be found in Lindy’s ‘ bake me I’m yours………cookie’ book please click here for more details.

pink flowerCakes to Inspire and desire

Sparkling snowflakes on a cake!

One of the many amazing natural wonders is a tiny snowflake – an individual crystalline work of art. This beautiful, glistening snowy-white cake, made from three carved and stacked round cakes, is covered in a flurry of snowflakes each one with it’s own unique pattern. Made from pastillage and Artista soft, some of the snowflakes float on delicate crystal decorated wires and all are simply created using a variety of cutters. We think it’s a very original cake for  a winter wedding or large Christmas gathering.

Instructions for this amazing cake can be found in Lindy’s ‘Cakes to Inspire and desire’ book please click here for more details.




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