August 20, 2017


Lindy Smith’s cake decorating DVDs

Lindy's wonky celebration cakes dvdLindy’s DVDs were created in response to her fans numerous requests. Teaching is something that Lindy really enjoys, so creating a collection of DVDs was the next obvious step and one that has proved extremely popular. Everyone learns in different ways and for some the very visual nature of Lindy’s DVD makes them an ideal learning tool, coupled with the fact, of course, that there is the ability to pause and rewind.

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If you are interested in finding out more about what went on behind the scenes whilst Lindy’s DVDs were being filmed, please visit the Lindy’s Cakes blog “DVD news” section, where you’ll find a few video snippets like the one below, plus photos of Lindy in action and comments from Lindy herself.

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We have received some wonderful feedback regarding Lindy’s DVDs.  Below is just a very small sample of some of our customers comments:

Lynne (Sydney, Australia)
“I purchased this DVD and foolishly began watching it at 11.00 p.m last night. At 1.00 p.m I had watched only the first disk and then could not get to sleep with the thrill of it all. How generous this DVD is !! I know now what to aim for in my decorating which I have just resumed seriously. Although I am in my late sixties I am enthused to master the new techniques and the exciting new directions of cake decorating. I do teach decorating in schools and I am about to expand this business to include adults but I still have a lot to learn. Thanks to Lindy for this wonderful teaching aid. I hope she will come to Sydney again. Regards Lynne”

Rebecca Heron (UK)
“I have been off work with the flu and generally feeling rubbish, so when I received my copy of ‘Wonky Celebration Cakes’ it really brightened up my day!! I sat up in bed with a nice hot Ribena and watched both DVDs. Lindy, you are a wonderful teacher, and explain everything so well. The DVD was very well set out and covered every single topic – I especially loved the troubleshooting section! I was always very nervous to attempt this style of cake, but now I can have your DVD on alongside me, and give me that little bit more confidence to make my first ‘Wonky’!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!! Becky xx”

Rachel Harris (UK)
“Hi Lindy, Just a quick note to say thank you so much for publishing the DVDs. I have both! I have attempted both wonky cakes and cake Jewellery in the past, but neither have turned out well, now I know why, once again thank you. Rachel x”

pink flower Buying copies of Lindy’s DVDs

If you would like to be taught by Lindy in the comfort of your own home, with the ability to press pause and rewind then one of Lindy’s DVDs is the answer. Please visit our online shop for more details by clicking here.

 Lindy’s Wonky Celebration CakesDVD Free download

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Lindy’s Cake Jewellery Gems DVD Free download

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