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Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible book by Lindy Smith

 Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible book by Lindy Smith
Abstrate reasons jewellery mini cake by Lindy Smith Floral elegance mini cake by Lindy Smith Butterfly buttons bag cookie by Lindy Smith Tea at the Ritz cupcakes by Lindy Smith Orient express cupcake by Lindy Smith seaside mini cake by Lindy Smith Cool blues mini cake by Lindy Smith Masked marvel cupcake by Lindy Smith Gaudi's granduer wonky cake by Lindy Smith Perfect poppies cake by Lindy Smith Cushion stack cakes by Lindy Smith Patchwork heart cake by Lindy Smith Crowning glory cake by Lindy Smith Cover of Lindy's Contemporary cake decorating bible book

This is the ultimate cake decorating and sugarcraft techniques book, from best-selling author Lindy Smith. It covers every must-know technique, starting with basic tools and ingredients and finishing with advanced modelling and decorating - essential for both beginner and experienced cake decorators. Step-by-step illustrated instructions cover every stage, from cake baking to adding the finishing touches. It includes techniques and inspiration for cupcakes and cookies, as well as cakes.

This book encapsulates 20 years of sugarcraft knowledge coupled with fresh unique contemporary designs and Lindy’s exquisite use of colour…all bound tightly into 164 glossy pages. 150 techniques, over 80 projects…page after page of stunning colour photographs, step by step instructions, recipes, tips and advice…everything you need to know to create cakes, cookies and cupcakes with the wow factor. With valuable advice for all levels of sugarcrafter, there is something for everyone.

Lindy will give you the tools and inspiration to create something quite wonderful.  We are  totally in awe of this book. We’ve watched Lindy put in long hours and many months of hard work into every page. The baking, the designing, the creating, the sugarcrafting, the colour matching, the styling, the photo shoots, the writing…it’s been a ‘ sweet labour of love’. Lindy is obsessive about detail and perfection…prepare to be dazzled. This is the biggest most comprehensive hardback book Lindy has ever written

Lindy Writes: "I have thoroughly enjoyed the creative process in putting this book together. I love colour, design, shape, fashion… one idea sparks another...leading to something else. It has been a wonderful voyage of discovery, a creative process I didn’t want to stop. I am essentially an artist, and my medium is sugar! In this book I have included many of the techniques that I frequently use on my own cakes and cookies. The very nature of this book means that I have not been able to include every possible technique. However, I am convinced that by using the techniques described in my book you will be able to easily create your own gorgeous contemporary cakes.

Contemporary well decorated cakes impress, whether they are dainty cupcakes, mini cakes or a large multi-tiered creation. Cakes don’t have to be complicated. Simply embossing sugarpaste, using cut out shapes, moulds or stencils are quick effective techniques that can be used to easily create stunning cakes. My advice is to start small…cupcakes and cookies are nowhere near as daunting as large cakes.

Colour is key to a contemporary look. Fashionable colours and colour combinations come and go. However, the simplest way for a cake to look modern is to use colours that you currently see all around you in magazines, catalogues, fabrics, couture, shop design, window displays, stationery, bedding etc. To make a contemporary cake today is much simpler than ever before because there is a fantastic selection of specialist equipment readily available to help you. This equipment is not essential by any means but it does help you achieve striking results more easily. You will find that cakes are an excellent way of experimenting with contemporary design. Cake experiments are edible so nothing goes to waste and you’ll have no problem finding family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances to be ‘taste testers’… I don’t!"

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Hardback - first published in October 2011

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Price: £19.99 (24.99)

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