July 28, 2017

Happiness and the therapeutic power of cake decorating

I think most of us can say that we strive to be happy. It’s been proven that money doesn’t primarily affect how happy we are, so what makes us happy?

As a cake designer, I have known for many years that the process of designing, baking, decorating one of a kind cakes makes me extremely satisfied and happy. It is why I do what I do. Interestingly, it has… Continue reading

Recipe for Moist and Delicious Blackcurrant Flapjack Squares

I must admit that of all the summer fruit that grow in my garden, blackcurrants are probably my least favourite. I guess this is because I find them rather too sour to eat straight off the bush, so unlike raspberries and redcurrants, there is no instant reward for picking them!  Blackcurrants are abundant and plentiful right now and I have three bushes, so lots of blackcurrants. Many of these currants will end up in my freezer… Continue reading

Baking and Street Market Inspiration in Taupo, New Zealand

On a recent trip to my parents home in Taupo, New Zealand, my mother took me to the most wonderful market. The Taupo Riverside Market is a weekly market held every Saturday morning. With a focus on bread, arts and crafts, free-range eggs, baking, second hand goods, Murray’s second hand books, clothing, carvings, Hugh’s hand made furniture, honey, flowers, coffee beans, photographs, natural beauty products… and so much more! A… Continue reading

Would you like to take part in Channel 4’s Baking Mad Competition?

Are you passionate about baking? Have you got some impressive dessert recipes up your sleeve that could wow even a master baker? If so, you might be interested in applying to take part Channel 4’s hit show Baking mad.

The show is looking for passionate bakers to compete in a mini bake off, all details in the flyer below:

[caption id=”attachment_8877″ align=”aligncenter”… Continue reading

Olive’s Fabulous Flapjacks: Recipe

This is a tried and tested recipe at Lindy HQ. We all love our accounts lady, Olive’s  flapjacks. They are oatylicious, not too sweet and have just the right amount of chew! Olive likes to adorn hers with a decadent topping of dark chocolate, but these flapjacks are just as delcious naked! Or, if you would like just a hint of chocolate try drizzling some  randomly over the

Tate & Lyle Royal wedding baking competition

We know you all love competitions, so we thought we’d let you know about the latest Royal wedding themed competition from Tate & Lyle Sugars. Their current campaign is called ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ , a Royal Wedding baking competition.

Anybody can enter through Facebook with either a picture or drawing of their cake design. The winner will have their cake displayed at Wellington Arch, London  for… Continue reading

Julie’s Cake Hobby – A perfect pastime!

We’ve got a name for students that do lots of courses with us…’Serial Workshoppers’! And I think I can safely say that Julie Marney is one of our most prolific workshoppers to date! We love a familiar face in our workshops because it’s like catching up with old friends. We enjoy building up a cake friendship with our students and Julie truly is a friend of Lindy’s Cakes!  … Continue reading

Baking The Perfect Madeira Cake

After several requests from workshop students, I am posting the “Madeira Cake” blog.  Good luck and hope this helps you.

Before working at Lindy’s I had never made a Madeira cake.  My first attempts weren’t great – they came out of the oven domed, very crispy on the outside and really dry.  I had conquered the decorating but the cakes weren’t getting eaten! So Lindy set me a challenge… Continue reading

Baking Mini Fruit cakes

Contrary to popular opinion, many people do like fruit cake and it’s not just the elderly. Fruit cake is one of my favourite cakes, as it is my 14 year old sons! The secret, I think, is to have a really good recipe – try the one in my books, it often converts people that say they don’t like fruit cake!

I’ve… Continue reading

Why do my cakes sink in the middle?

Cakes usually sink when the cake batter is not completely cooked; everyone’s ovens are different so you need to find the optimum baking time for you oven.  Also towards the end of baking test the cake repeatedly to see if it is fully baked. If a skewer inserted into the cake does not come out clean, then bake the cake for a little longer.

However other things can be… Continue reading

New – fitted dress cookie cutter

We all like to feel good, and what better way than dressed in a figure hugging curvaceous dress! I know… we don’t all have hour glass figures, I certainly don’t have much of a waist to speak of – just straight up and down, that’s me! However I hope you’ll agree that my new fitted dress cookie cutter will

Why does Lindy use Madeira cakes?

We are often asked “Can you use a carrot cake/Victoria sponge etc?”

The simple answer is that Lindy prefers not to for two reasons.

Baking deep Madeira/Chocolate cakes

To get nice high sided cakes (you need 3 inches for carving Lindy’s wonky cakes) try wrapping the outside of the cake tin with newspaper (just like you would for a fruit cake). This slows down the cooking of the outside of the cake allowing time for the sides to reach the right height. You may find that