August 17, 2017

Lindy Smith gets ‘Craftsy’ with her cake designs!

So what does the queen of Sugarcaft do when she has a few moments of spare time… she starts filming!! As if Lindy hasn’t got enough on her plate with Lindy’s Cakes, teaching and writing, the minute I turn my back she’s off in a studio far away being filmed doing what she does best. Cake friends I had to share this with you as it is an exciting new… Continue reading

Cake decorating expert Lindy Smith demonstrates her sugarcraft skills at Festivals of Food in London

Festivals have never been so popular in the UK. Over the past 5 years we have seen micro-festivals pop up everywhere, from Scotland to the Isle of Wight, you don’t have to travel too far from home to find a funky festival to attend! With the godfather of all festivals Glastonbury taking care of the music side of things there was always going to be room for bringing arts and… Continue reading

Fresh Plum & Almond Crumble Slice Teatime Treat Recipe!

I found this delicious recipe on the BBC Good Food website one evening whilst browsing looking for some inspiration!  It reminds me of a Bakewell Tart style cake, but a lot more moist.  It’s lovely on it’s own, or you could serve as a pudding with custard or cream. Mmmmm!

You will need :

250g butter (this must be very

I’m about to turn my passion for cake decorating into a small business but how much should I charge for my cakes?

I get asked this question all the time, as many of my students also want to turn their passion for cake decorating into a successful businesses.  The simple but frustrating answer is that no one can tell you how much you should charge.  Setting a price structure is one of the most difficult parts of any business.  With cakes, there is always the temptation when you first start your business to… Continue reading

Lindy Smith at ‘The Cake and Bake Show 2012’

The Cake and Bake show 2012  held at Earls Court, London,  on the 22nd and 23rd September this year was the first of it’s kind in the UK.  When I first heard about this show I understood it was more a baking show rather than cake decorating show, however such was the demand from the general public that only a few weeks before the show was due to open,  the 

Tiered Celebration Cake Class – Lindy’s students tackle stacking cakes and a cake jewellery fountain

What is better than one cake? … two cakes of course! Double the gorgeousness and double the fun. Today we warmly welcomed Lindy’s new class to our workshop collection… the elegant ‘Tiered Celebration Cake’.

Stacking cakes can send one into a panic… visions of a Wonky cake when… ahem… it wasn’t supposed to be that or the leaning tower of Pisa… ummm… it was never designed to be that… Continue reading

50th anniversary – family create a golden wedding cake

A golden wedding anniversary is always a special occasion and a time of celebration, 50 years of marriage is a huge milestone and one certainly deserving of a very special celebration cake.  I created my first golden wedding cake  for my  ‘Celebrate with a cake‘ book. However when my parents decided that they were going to celebrate their own golden… Continue reading

Caracoli Coffee and Cake Heaven in the heart of Winchester, Lindy Smith recommends

Do you love coffee and cake too?? Whenever I am out and about I often treat myself ….especially if I spot a small independent coffee shop  as I simply can’t resist investigating and sampling. I found Caracoli coffee shop on Winchester High Street – so pleased I walked further up the hill, it was a delight to  behold. … Continue reading

Step by step – Lindy’s ‘creative colour’ cake book photoshoot

I know from what my students and customers tell me that may of you don’t actually READ my books per se,  you tend  look at the pictures and revert to the text only when you want clarification!! This means that when I plan  the step photography for my books I have to make sure that as much as possible is covered in a visual form. For the creative colour cake… Continue reading

Behind the scenes – setting up the Lindy’s Cakes stand at the BSG exhibition Telford May 2012

Having a trade stand at any cake show is always a massive undertaking, it involves months and months of planning, preparation, logistics and  financial outlay and the 7th International British Sugarcraft Guild exhibition was no exception. However this exhibition was the first of it’s kind since 2004!  We were all very excited, despite the hard work, it almost felt on Friday morning that we were about to go on holiday…the… Continue reading

Students new to sugarcraft spend a day with Lindy Smith learning how to cover cakes professionally

The ultimate class for beginners is happening right here, right now. Guided by the safe sugared hands of Lindy Smith, our student’s ‘sugarcraft journey to a professional finish’ starts today! Take note however, this workshop is not exclusively for beginners … for even if you have been covering cakes for a while Lindy will give you a notebook full of tips and techniques that will help you achieve a… Continue reading

Flower posy cake class in Rome 2012

My first class, for this my third teaching trip to Rome, was the pretty flower posy cake – a current favourite with our UK students. Walking into the teaching room was a lovely experience, lots of enthusiastic students very pleased to see us including many familiar faces: Rosaria, Angela, Teresa, Gaia, and Francesca, two of whom have also attended my classes in the UK.

I usually find Italian students… Continue reading

Introduction to Celebration Cakes Workshop 27th Jan 2012

We’ve all got to start somewhere and Lindy’s ‘beginners’ class is a brilliant way to get you started with Sugarcraft. This is back-to-basics stuff but as Lindy is quick to point out “even if you have many covered cakes before this class will help you achieve that sometimes elusive professional finish”.

I am writing this blog ‘live’ sitting amongst our 10 lovely students. We had such good feed-back from… Continue reading

Sugarcraft Inspiration at Cake International 2011

The cake show at the NEC is always very busy, but this year I seemed to have less time than ever to see all the amazing cakes and sugarcraft creations and unfortunately only managed to have a really brief look at some of the tables. Here is a selection of what I saw, I hope you find them inspiring.

I love the colours used on this cake and the… Continue reading

Lindy’s new cake stencil designs prove extremely popular

As many of you know, I’m currently addicted to cake stencils….no seriously I am, I simply can’t seem to get enough of them. They are so easy to use and so versatile, whether you use them to subtly emboss your sugarpaste or to make bold statements on the top of your cakes or anything in between.

Last weekend, at Cake International 2011, Lindy’s Cakes  launched a further eight NEW… Continue reading