July 28, 2017

Lindy Smith gets ‘Craftsy’ with her cake designs!

So what does the queen of Sugarcaft do when she has a few moments of spare time… she starts filming!! As if Lindy hasn’t got enough on her plate with Lindy’s Cakes, teaching and writing, the minute I turn my back she’s off in a studio far away being filmed doing what she does best. Cake friends I had to share this with you as it is an exciting new… Continue reading

Cake decorating expert Lindy Smith demonstrates her sugarcraft skills at Festivals of Food in London

Festivals have never been so popular in the UK. Over the past 5 years we have seen micro-festivals pop up everywhere, from Scotland to the Isle of Wight, you don’t have to travel too far from home to find a funky festival to attend! With the godfather of all festivals Glastonbury taking care of the music side of things there was always going to be room for bringing arts and… Continue reading

‘In the kitchen with Lindy Smith’ – Cake Decoration Heaven Spring 2013 magazine feature

Cake Decoration Heaven magazine, is a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to the cake decorating press. Brought to you by the enthusiastic baking people at Food Heaven – the Spring 2013 issue is full of inspiring cake decorating ideas, mind you I may be slightly biased as nine of my cakes (from some of my earlier books) are featured!  There’s… Continue reading

Lindy Smith awarded ‘Business Woman of the year 2012-2013’ by Insight Magazine

Insight magazine's seal of excellenceThe last couple of weeks have been very eventful at Lindy’s Cakes and created a real buzz in the office. Firstly, completely out of the blue, Lindy’s Cakes was awarded  a certificate of excellence by Insight magazine, a glossy weekly lifestyle and leisure publication, and then a week or so later we also learnt… Continue reading

Rose Tinted Sugarcraft Inspirations … Lindy Smith’s Species Rose Stencil

To Lindy, cake decorating is where her creative passions become poetic. Her sugarcraft designs always stem from something she’s seen. It could be a particular shape, a textured pattern or colour scheme that has caught her eye or a perhaps a particular place she’s visited or a a page in a magazine.

The real magic begins as she applies those ideas and inspirations to create something unique and edible… Continue reading

Full class at Lindy’s Introduction to Celebration Cakes – 15th June 2012

Lindy would never be drawn on what her favourite workshop is but I can… I love the beginners’ workshop and always have. I think the appeal for me is that our students achieve so much in one day… err and perhaps because it’s aimed at my own sugarcraft level!!

Most students arrive with very little knowledge of cake decorating sugarcraft style but everyone leaves with a wealth of knowledge… Continue reading

Wonky wedding cake cookie inspiration by Lindy Smith

I simply love decorating cookies – cookies are all about having fun in the kitchen creating gorgeous tasty treats that everyone loves! Serve them with coffee or place them in clear cookie bags or decorative boxes and give to friends and family or use as wedding favours!

When it comes to decorating cookies, there are so many exciting possibilities. Last year I was a demonstrator at the British Sugarcraft… Continue reading

Recollections of a Sugarcraft Teaching Trip to Rome

Arriving in Rome for my second visit was just as exciting as the first. We were met at the airport by Laura from 34U and driven straight to our hotel to unpack and get ready for the next day’s class. There was lots of talk of snow, but there were no signs of it that evening.

Saturday morning was

Stencil Technique Workshop 20th Jan 2012 – Live Report

We commenced our early spring workshops today with Lindy’s Stencil Techniques class. As you know Lindy absolutely loves stencils and they have become the technique du jour in the Sugarcraft world. We also launch this, our very first Live workshop blog – written during the workshop with quotes as they happen. We hope you like our new approach, do let us know what you think…but now back to stencilling…… Continue reading

A Wonky Style Cake Workshop in July with Lindy Smith

It’s Wonky time again! Today seven cake, sugarcraft and Lindy Smith fans learnt how to make Lindy’s iconic Wonky style cake. We do love a Wonky workshop. This step by step format, created by Lindy,  is the ultimate way to learn the techniques needed to carve and create this leaning tower of cakeness! We had a truly international class with students from as far away as Australia, Spain and Venezuela… Continue reading

Stencil Technique Workshop with Lindy Smith June 2011

This will come as no surprise to our cakefriends…Lindy loves stencils!  So much so that she created the ‘Stencil Technique’ workshop to devote a whole day to this stunning effective and, dare I say it, simple technique.  Our students adorned cupcakes, cookies and a celebration cake today. With expert tuition by Lindy, and a step-by-step format, our students had time to experiment with different patterns and colours. Lindy is well… Continue reading

New students create mini cakes

I love mini cakes; whether they are cute and adorable or bite-sized packages of sophistication, making and decorating mini cakes is always fun, there is no pressure, you can experiment with design and colour and if you’re not happy with the result it really doesn’t matter you, can always have another go! Which is why I always look forward to teaching  mini cake classes.

So what is a mini… Continue reading

Opalescent colour palette for mini cakes

“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment” is a quote from Claude Monet, the founder of French impressionist painting, and yesterday I had to agree with him! I am sure many of you know that I love to use colour on my cakes, I like to try new combinations to see what I can create. So yesterday I set myself the challenge of using a colour palette that is… Continue reading

Creating handbags made from cake!

The workshop team at Lindy’s Cakes all love Fridays, it’s our chance to have a little fun and to inspire our students to have as much pleasure from cake decorating as we do!! Yesterday was no exception, in fact it was one of my favourite classes – carving and decorating a handbag cake, also known as a purse cake. Every time I have taught this… Continue reading

Lindy’s Kissing Ball Cake Workshop May 2011

This was an eagerly anticipated workshop by Lindy and the workshop team, and we weren’t disappointed. The new Lindy Smith ‘Kissing Ball Cake’ workshop was an absolute joy!  The ‘Kissing Ball Cake’  idea is based on the Victorian wedding tradition of hanging handmade balls of flowers in archways, doorways or outdoors. They were also carried by flower girls at weddings. Lindy based her own design on this traditional floral arrangement… Continue reading