July 28, 2017

Wonky Cake Class October 2011

From all accounts a fabulous time was had by all at Lindy’s  ‘Wonky Cake’ workshop last Friday. A masterclass in carving, and covering, and adorning this iconic cake! Here’s a few photos from the day

Wonky Class Oct 2011

Wonky Cakes in Production!

And here they are…

[caption id=”attachment_8643″ align=”aligncenter” width=”450″ caption=”Wonderful… Continue reading

Introduction to Celebration Cakes 2: Sept 2011

Here we go again! Lindy’s ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ workshop is so popular we decided we just had to run it again. Nine eager students, nine naked cakes ready for the Lindy Smith treatment!

This is the most fabulous course for the beginner sugarcrafter. It is basic cake covering at it’s best, the humble beginnings of sugarcrafting, and that’s exactly where Lindy starts.  Her ‘back to basics’ approach works equally… Continue reading

My Madeira cake has large holes in it, why?

When you cut or carve a baked  Madeira cake you will always see a few holes or air bubbles, but baking is a science and there are a number of factors that can cause excessive or extra large holes. Here are a few examples:

  • The flour is too strong
  • The mixture is too stiff – add a little milk to soften slightly
  • Over mixing

Introduction to Celebration Cakes Feb 2011

Introduction to Celebration Cakes is our absolute favorite workshop…we never leave this popular course off our workshop programme because it is just too fabulous!  Time and time again we are told that even if you have some sugarcraft experience, this course is fantastic for perfecting the finish of your cake and for picking up hints and tips that will become invaluable! I think our cake friend, and serial workshoppper, Julie… Continue reading

A beginners cake decorating workshop!

What a super way to kick off our Autumn collection of workshops…the ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’! We love this beginners course because our students gain so much in just one day. Having the oppurtunity to observe and be guided by Lindy in your sugarcraft is truly valuable, having an ‘expert assistant’  like Sally is truly comforting and being supported in a small class situation enables you to achieve… Continue reading

Cake missing in action…I apologise!

My sincere apologies go to Verity, one of our students on our Friday workshop, because I left her cake out of the photograph on our blog yesterday.

I am so very sorry Verity. It is rather fabulous  for a first cake as you can see….

Verity's Cake

Verity worked really hard on this… Continue reading

Floral Heart – ‘Learn & Laugh’ class

Love is in the air… a love of sugarcraft that is! We have had the most wonderful day at Lindy’s Floral Heart Cake workshop today, and I can vouch for this because today I became one of Lindy’s students!  I am nicknaming this particular class the ‘Learn & Laugh’ class because it was an absolute hoot!  There was such a lovely atmosphere today, which is powerfully conducive to learning

Baking The Perfect Madeira Cake

After several requests from workshop students, I am posting the “Madeira Cake” blog.  Good luck and hope this helps you.

Before working at Lindy’s I had never made a Madeira cake.  My first attempts weren’t great – they came out of the oven domed, very crispy on the outside and really dry.  I had conquered the decorating but the cakes weren’t getting eaten! So Lindy set me a challenge… Continue reading

Flavouring Madeira Cakes

Often Madeira cake is left plain but there are lots of ingredients that you can use to add a different flavour.


For a six egg quantity Madeira, an 20cm (8 inch) round cake, try one of the following

How do I use a Ball Cake Tin?

We are often asked about how to use ball tins. Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that the ball tins we sell have the manufacturer’s suggestions/instructions printed on the reverse of the box label so please remove it if you are throwing the box out!

If you are making a fruit cake in the ball tin you will bake the cake as one ball. Line both halves and sit the… Continue reading

Why does Lindy use Madeira cakes?

We are often asked “Can you use a carrot cake/Victoria sponge etc?”

The simple answer is that Lindy prefers not to for two reasons.

Baking deep Madeira/Chocolate cakes

To get nice high sided cakes (you need 3 inches for carving Lindy’s wonky cakes) try wrapping the outside of the cake tin with newspaper (just like you would for a fruit cake). This slows down the cooking of the outside of the cake allowing time for the sides to reach the right height. You may find that