August 20, 2017

Learn how to make edible gelatin baubles

Edible gelatin baubles, or bubbles if you prefer, are a really effective eye catching cake decoration. I know this as whenever I decorate a cake with these baubles, everyone seems totally fascinated by them. The visiting crowds of cake decorators at last weekend’s Cake International show at Alexandra Palace in London, were no exception, they seemed equally enthralled by the ‘bauble’ cakes on my stand.  The gelatin bauble demonstration I gave, received a wonderful response, a… Continue reading

Tips for using Royal Icing for Lettering and Run Outs – Lindy’s Facebook Live video

Royal icing is not a sugar medium I work with everyday, but it is a form of icing that I have always loved using on my cakes. Royal icing is incredibly versatile and an excellent medium for adding decorative elements to cakes and decorated cookies, whether these be piped pearls, decorative scrolls or piped line work. It is also a very good option for adding lettering to cakes. I grant… Continue reading

Recipe for Moist and Delicious Blackcurrant Flapjack Squares

I must admit that of all the summer fruit that grow in my garden, blackcurrants are probably my least favourite. I guess this is because I find them rather too sour to eat straight off the bush, so unlike raspberries and redcurrants, there is no instant reward for picking them!  Blackcurrants are abundant and plentiful right now and I have three bushes, so lots of blackcurrants. Many of these currants will end up in my freezer… Continue reading

Fresh Plum & Almond Crumble Slice Teatime Treat Recipe!

I found this delicious recipe on the BBC Good Food website one evening whilst browsing looking for some inspiration!  It reminds me of a Bakewell Tart style cake, but a lot more moist.  It’s lovely on it’s own, or you could serve as a pudding with custard or cream. Mmmmm!

You will need :

250g butter (this must be very

Inspiring Sugar Flowers: Lindy’s Flower Paste Recipe

Flowers are nature’s crafted perfection – the way the petals form and fall, their inherent sculpture and simple yet stunning beauty.  Flowers  symbolise feelings and emotions, and give us a unique way of being able to say just what we mean.  Roses have been offered as a token of love, lilies to mean purity, marigolds for happiness and violets signifying virtue.  There really must… Continue reading

Lindy’s Chocolate and Red Wine Cupcake Recipe

Delicate to the touch, delicious to the taste, gorgeous to the eye … what more could we ask of a cupcake? When it comes to flavours, what could be more perfect than combining the most divine in food and drink – dark chocolate and red wine?   I know, some things are just meant to be together, aren’t they? I’ve found over my lifetime love of cakes that baking has a… Continue reading

Hungry Teenagers….try this Mary Berry Muesli Cookie Recipe

Do you, like me, have teenagers in the house? Are you always hearing “is there anything to eat?”. If so I may have a solution. Mary Berry’s Muesli Cookies from her Ultimate Cake Book. This is a recipe I use if there isn’t “anything to eat”. They are great little cakey/biscuits that fill a little gap when the children come in from school, and are really easy

Lindy’s passion fruit cupcake recipe

I have always adored passion fruit, such a fabulous flavour,  exotic and tangy. So I thought I’d share this delightful recipe for passion fruit cupcakes, which I picked up in a supermarket in Singapore! I have tweaked it slightly. Passion fruits are now readily available in UK supermarkets so there is no reason why you also can’t enjoy this recipe.

Beautiful passion fruit – yum!

Chocolate and raspberry cupcake recipe

Some taste combinations work beautifully together and one of my favourites at the moment is raspberry and dark chocolate. These two ingredients not only look fantastic together but compliment each other extremely well, as the tartness of the raspberries is balanced by the sweetness of the chocolate.

This year, the raspberries at the bottom of my garden are being wonderfully prolific, which has meant I’ve been able to experiment… Continue reading

Royal Chocolate biscuit cake Recipe

I have always loved chocolate biscuit cake, but haven’t eaten it for years – however I think that after last Friday’s Royal Wedding, we are going to be seeing a huge rise in its popularity. The recipe for Prince William’s wedding cake was, we are told, taken from Princess Diana’s personal chef, Darren McGrady cookbook ‘Eating Royally‘, with a few secret ingredients added.

[caption id=”attachment_4730″… Continue reading

Yummy Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

Invariably my teenage son and his friends arrive in my kitchen, just as I’m taking a cake or cupcakes out of the oven! They are of course ‘starving’ and simply have to cake…..however sometimes I feel very mean, as one of my son’s friends is allergic to eggs – a dry biscuit is not quite the same as a freshly baked cake!!!  So when I stumbled across a vegan chocolate… Continue reading

Delicious chocolate fudge cake recipe as baked by Lindy

I have been experimenting recently with a chocolate fudge cake recipe that my sister gave me years ago.  I love the chocolate cake recipe that appears in many of my cake books but it does take a while to make and creates loads of washing up to do afterwards! The Chocolate mud cake recipe on this blog is also very popular with my family but it is a… Continue reading

Sticky ginger cupcake recipe

My new cupcake celebration book is about to hit the shelves so  I thought I’d tempt you with one of the cake recipes – a taster of what’s to come! If you haven’t yet ordered your copy why not do so now…!! Click to order

Easy to make – delicious to eat!

A Kiwi Carrot Cake Recipe!

As many of you will be well aware we are completely snowed in here in Wendover, UK. Schools have been closed since last Wednesday and it’s been really tricky to get to work. Most of us have been staying put, snuggled up cosy inside. This kind of weather evokes a desire for warming comfort food… soups, rustic ‘slow’ food, hot drinks and baking. Being forced inside gives us a chance to do all the… Continue reading

Spiced Orange Cookie Recipe

At the recent cake decorators seminar in Sydney I demonstrated how to decorate a selection of my cookie designs – this relatively new idea to Australians seem to go down a treat so due to the multiple requests for a good recipe, I have copied below my favourite  from my ‘Bake me I’m yours… cookie’ book.

Spiced Orange Cookie Recipe
75g (3oz) butter
75g (3oz) soft brown… Continue reading