August 20, 2017

Sugarpaste & Fondant are they the same?

I find that many newbie cake decorators become easily confused with all the different names given to the soft roll out icing that we use these days to cover most of our cakes. However, basically yes, sugarpaste is the term most widely used in the UK  for this soft icing and the term fondant when used in the US, is the US equivalent.

BEWARE, in the UK

How do I make Sugarpaste?

Sugarpaste, also referred to as rolled fondant or ready roll icing,  is available from supermarkets and cake decorating suppliers in many countries of the world. However not everyone likes what is available to them and many countries new to the craft of cake decorating do not have a ready source of sugarpaste, so I’m often asked how is it made.

We are very lucky here in the UK we… Continue reading

Rolling out sugarpaste – Top Tips

Learning how to handle sugarpaste/rolled fondant comes with practice, however my practical tips may help shorten your learning curve!

  • Knead the sugarpaste/icing until it is soft and pliable – for comments on the