July 21, 2017

Inspiring Sugar Flowers: Lindy’s Flower Paste Recipe

Flowers are nature’s crafted perfection – the way the petals form and fall, their inherent sculpture and simple yet stunning beauty.  Flowers  symbolise feelings and emotions, and give us a unique way of being able to say just what we mean.  Roses have been offered as a token of love, lilies to mean purity, marigolds for happiness and violets signifying virtue.  There really must… Continue reading

Edible sugar buttons perfect for vintage style cakes

What is the secret of a successful sugarcraft design?  There’s certainly no set formula but design is not just something that catches the eye but also that pulls on the invisible, very personal soul strings of our memory … and so it is with buttons.

Do you remember twiddling the buttons on your childhood clothes (perhaps you remember your mother telling you not to!), or sifting through your granny’s… Continue reading