August 19, 2017

How to use a sugar shaper – sugarcraft gun

A sugar shaper, sugarcraft gun, sugar extruder, clay gun…is a wonderfully clever cake decorating tool known by many different names. It is a tool I wouldn’t be without! It’s part of my essential cake decorating kit. I have had one ever since I started decorating 25 years ago and now I have three. Why? Well I am hoping by the end of this post you will know. But first of… Continue reading

Sugar Shaper Reassembly

We often receive requests for instructions on how to reassemble sugar shapers from customers for who have taken their sugar shaper apart and can’t put it back together!   … here they are:

sugar shaper reassembly instructions

Hope this helps!… Continue reading

New Autumn Inspired cake Workshops!

It has felt decidedly chilly over the last few days which is making me realise that Autumn is well and truly on it’s way! We have some fantastic themes for our up and coming workshops and these two are no exception.  ‘Autumn Inspired Cupcakes’ and ‘Autumn Inspired Mini Cakes’. Autumn is a… Continue reading

Clematis cutter/embosser now in stock

I love using patchwork cutters to help me decorate my cakes;  they are so easy and effective. I have used the clematis cutter on one of the demonstration cakes in my ‘Cake Jewellery Gems’ DVD. I think it works really well and is so simple.

Clematis flower cake decoration by Lindy Smith

How do I get my sugar shaper to work?

Sugar shapers or clay guns, craft guns, sugarcraft extruders as they are also know are one of my favourite sugarcraft – cake decorating tools, one that I really wouldn’t like to be without! I use mine to add trim around the base of a cake, add fine details to a side of a cake where piping a pattern wouldn’t

Spring Cookie Decorating Class

Decorated cookies – what a great alternative to traditional Easter eggs, I’m sure the family and friends of Fridays students will be suitably impressed. Many students were completely new to sugarcraft so I think you’ll agree they did really well. We even had two ladies fly over from Majorca specially for the class!! – It never ceases to amaze me the distance that people travel to my classes, but