August 20, 2017

Sugar Painting Techniques for Cakes Class with Lindy Smith

If you didn’t know better, you might think you had stumbled across a watercolour painting class at Lindy’s workshop today! In some ways you have, for sugarpaste is our canvas and edible food colours our artistic medium. The painting techniques for today’s class, all much loved by Lindy, have been showcased in her most recent book ‘The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible’. Painting… Continue reading

Sugar Teddies Galore – Chelmsford BSG Branch Table

As many of you will know, the British Sugarcraft Guild has many local branches, both large and small, across the UK.  At the BSG International Sugarcraft Exhibition at Telford,  last weekend,  these individual branches competed against each other by creating display tables on different themes.  These branch tables were a real delight to see, they were created by both experienced members and members relatively… Continue reading

Wonky Cake Class October 2011

From all accounts a fabulous time was had by all at Lindy’s  ‘Wonky Cake’ workshop last Friday. A masterclass in carving, and covering, and adorning this iconic cake! Here’s a few photos from the day

Wonky Class Oct 2011

Wonky Cakes in Production!

And here they are…

[caption id=”attachment_8643″ align=”aligncenter” width=”450″ caption=”Wonderful… Continue reading

Cake Stencil Technique Workshop: October 2011

Our increasingly popular technique focus cake masterclass featured again this week with Lindy’s ‘Stencil Technique Workshop’. This type of class allows you to focus on one technique and spend a whole uninterrupted day practicing it… and we love it! This class is so much fun and produces fabulous results, this class has the ‘WOW’ factor!

Lindy is a big fan of stencils, in fact she loves them so much… Continue reading

Introduction to Celebration Cakes 2: Sept 2011

Here we go again! Lindy’s ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes’ workshop is so popular we decided we just had to run it again. Nine eager students, nine naked cakes ready for the Lindy Smith treatment!

This is the most fabulous course for the beginner sugarcrafter. It is basic cake covering at it’s best, the humble beginnings of sugarcrafting, and that’s exactly where Lindy starts.  Her ‘back to basics’ approach works equally… Continue reading

Paste Patterning Techniques Class – September 2011

Such is the interest in Lindy’s approach to her work that she has created a collection of technique workshops. We trialled them last season and by popular demand have kept them on our Autumn workshop programme. I have a feeling they are here to stay!

The focus today was on patterning paste. Lindy’s love of colour, her eye catching colour combinations and her pattern designs are getting a lot… Continue reading

A Wonky Style Cake Workshop in July with Lindy Smith

It’s Wonky time again! Today seven cake, sugarcraft and Lindy Smith fans learnt how to make Lindy’s iconic Wonky style cake. We do love a Wonky workshop. This step by step format, created by Lindy,  is the ultimate way to learn the techniques needed to carve and create this leaning tower of cakeness! We had a truly international class with students from as far away as Australia, Spain and Venezuela… Continue reading

Stencil Technique Workshop with Lindy Smith June 2011

This will come as no surprise to our cakefriends…Lindy loves stencils!  So much so that she created the ‘Stencil Technique’ workshop to devote a whole day to this stunning effective and, dare I say it, simple technique.  Our students adorned cupcakes, cookies and a celebration cake today. With expert tuition by Lindy, and a step-by-step format, our students had time to experiment with different patterns and colours. Lindy is well… Continue reading

Paste Patterning technique workshop June 2011

I knew Lindy was never going to be artistically content with plain coloured sugarpaste! Famous for her eye catching colour combinations Lindy has  blended her love of colour with her love of pattern and design,  taking sugarcraft to a new level of gorgeousness. For the first time ever we bring you a workshop uniquely focused on these fabulous paste and pattern techniques. Stripes, swirls, checks, marbling and the beautiful Millefiori… Continue reading

Matriarch & vegetable inspires winning cake recipe

We are thrilled to bring you the second of our winners in our ‘Creative Writing Competition’.  We loved this entry by Cecille Sia in the ‘Best Cake Recipe’ category.  Cecille is one of our international cake friends and customer! She is from Manila in the Philippines, she grew up here and says that her Grandparents were hugely influential in her life.  To us this story encapsulates what baking

Sugarpaste & Fondant are they the same?

I find that many newbie cake decorators become easily confused with all the different names given to the soft roll out icing that we use these days to cover most of our cakes. However, basically yes, sugarpaste is the term most widely used in the UK  for this soft icing and the term fondant when used in the US, is the US equivalent.

BEWARE, in the UK

Floral cupcake class with Lindy Feb 2011

It was cupcakes galore on Friday and a fabulous day was had by all! There was a complete mix of students, from total beginners making their first forays into the world of cake decorating to experienced students with City and Guilds cake decorating qualifications.  However as you can see below everyone produced a fantastic array of decorated cupcakes. Perfect for baby showers.

In Australia these are also known as… Continue reading

Designer Wedding Cookies Class

As the wedding season fast approaches……as the nation prepares to be captivated with a Royal wedding this summer… as talk of Kate, & the other Kate’s wedding dominate our glossy magazines…we at Lindy’s Cakes are getting into the Wedding spirit with sugar!  Today we welcomed seven students to our Designer Wedding Cookies workshop, 2 came all the way from Italy and one from Spain!

[caption id=”attachment_4321″ align=”aligncenter” width=”450″ caption=”Beautiful… Continue reading

Our Photoshoot for Lindy’s new book!

Last week can only be described as a glorious shambles at Lindy’s Cakes HQ… all in pursuit of celluloid perfection of course!  Our office has been transformed into a photograhic studio and Lindy’s office is packed with beautiful props…fabrics, vintage crockery, jewellery, lace, toys…  Lindy and I have had the lovely task, not arduous at all, of choosing what should go with the beautiful cakes that Lindy has designed and… Continue reading

A Wonky Cake Workshop Feb 2011

If there is one cake that epitomises Lindy’s creative style it’s the Wonky Cake.  It features on our logo, it gets the most ‘oohhhs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ when on display at cake shows,  it even stars in it’s own DVD ‘Lindy’s Wonky Celebration Cakes‘  This is surely Lindy’s ‘celebrity’ cake and we love it!

Cakefriends, today was a ‘Wonky’ workshop day and what a super day it was… Continue reading