November 27, 2015

Cake decorating classes & tutorials with sugarcraft author Lindy Smith

Learn to decorate beautiful cakes, cupcakes and cookies with an expert!

Lindy is passionate about teaching and loves to share her amazing skills and extensive knowledge of Sugarcraft and cake decorating through her full day and evening cake decorating workshops and classes, as well as her highly informative online tutorials.

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Sugarcraft Workshops and Classes

The cake decorating classes we run at Lindy’s Cakes are based in glorious South Shropshire, next to the popular Ludlow Food Centre. Here we arrange a selection of classes throughout the year. You can expect expert tuition from Lindy herself plus the support of her workshop team. Classes are fun, friendly and welcoming. We want you to make the most of your time with us and for it to be an enjoyable, educational and rewarding experience. Many of our students return time and time again and some travel great distances  for the experience of being taught by Lindy. Click the buttons below to find out more:

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What you need to know before you book a cake decorating class with us.

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Learn more about some of Lindy’s full day classes, to help you decide which to choose!

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Workshops around the world. Learn how you can help make this happen!

At Lindy’s Cakes we offer a unique workshop programme that covers all aspects of Lindy’s work. From basic Sugarcraft classes where you can learn how to ice a cake successfully e.g. our ‘Introduction to Celebration Cakes Class’, to the advanced, and hugely popular, ‘Wonky Syle Cake Cake Class’. Our workshop categories focus on: Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes and Cake Toppers. The class themes are often seasonal like ‘Summer Floral Cupcakes’ ‘Decorated Cookies for Spring’ and ‘Mini Christmas Cakes’. We choose our themes very carefully, we want to inspire you. And because our classes are suitable for the beginner through to the advanced sugarcrafter there is sure to be a course to suit you!

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Online Cake Decorating Tutorials

We know that it is not possible for all of you come and join us at a Lindy’s Cakes workshop, so Lindy in collaboration with the US company has produced the next best thing – online interactive classes. So far Lindy has produced two; an Art Deco design based class and a vintage birdcage inspired class – we hope more will be in the pipeline very soon.

Click for Lindy's craftsy art deco class

“I absolutely love this tutorial…One of the best ones on Craftsy!!! And the cake and techniques were just amazing!! Thanks Lindy”

Lindy's NEW Crafty Class

If you’d like to find out more about Lindy’s ‘how to’ Craftsy classes please click on a class pictures for more information.

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