August 20, 2017

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Examples of Cake decorating class topics taught by Lindy Smith

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One day sugarcraft workshops with Lindy Smith

Below is the selection of classes Lindy has taught. For ease of reference we have divided them in to types of class, starting at the top with our cake themed classes leading onto technique focused workshops. Then we have included Lindy’s fabulous cupcake and decorated cookie classes and finally modelling workshops.

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N.B. All these sugarcraft classes have been taught by Lindy but not all have dedicated class pages. However if you search through the the Lindy’s cakes blog you will find Workshop Reports on many  more classes and if you visit the Lindy’s Cakes Facebook page you’ll be able to see even more photos and read what our students have to say – have fun exploring!

Celebration Cake Decorating Classes:

floral heart cake

Floral heart cake class

lindy's cat cake

Cat cake carving class

whale class

Whale cake carving class

Chimp class

Chimp cake carving class

Mini Cake Decorating Classes:

Sugarcraft Technique Classes:

op art boxes cake

Cutter technique class

Cupcake Decorating Classes:

floral cupcake class

Fabric flower cupcake class

fashion and flowers cupcake class

Fashion and flowers cupcake class

Autumn inspired cupcakes

Autumn inspired cupcake class

Cookie Decorating Classes:

spring cookie class

Spring cookie decorating class

Christmas tree cookie class

Christmas tree cookie class

designer fashion cookie class

Designer fashion cookie class

party cookies

Christmas party cookie class

Sugarcraft Modelling Classes:

karting model class

karting modelling class

bedtime story modelling class

Bedtime story modelling class

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