August 19, 2017

Bride & Groom Toppers

2 Day Wedding Cake Toppers Class with Lindy Smith

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An elegant bride and groom by Lindy


A Bride & Groom Topper  is a wonderful adornment to put on the top of a wedding cake. On this  modelling workshop, using the beautifully user friendly Artista Soft modelling medium, you will create a detailed and personalised keepsake of a bridal couple.  A truly unique memento of a special day.


Bride & Groom Toppers are both stunning & humorous in equal measure because the bride & groom will be personalised in caricature style. Your figures can be matched to the bridal couples hair, skin, bridal flowers and clothing. The best thing of all is that the topper will be a permanent reminder of a wonderful occasion.


Bridal toppers in progress

Bridal toppers in progress

Anyone who wants to create their own unique wedding topper or who would like to learn the necessary skills to create personalised figures for their cakes . It will help you tremendously  if you have a little previous sugarcraft or modelling experience.

What the course will cover:

On this 2 day course you will learn how to create  and dress  two models using Artista Soft. Artista is a wonderful medium to work with because it is incredibly versatile and user friendly. Artista contains no toxins or resins and is predominantly made from rice and potato flour. It doesn’t become sticky so is wonderful to work with!  It comes in a range of colours and can be blended to create bespoke colours as you would with sugarpaste. You will create 2 bodies in this masterclass and ‘dress’ them.  You will use a sugarshaper to create the hair and embossing sticks to add ’embroidered’ texture to the  fabric, as often seen on the groom’s waistcoat and bride’s bodice.

Completed models – 2011 class

Your figures will be bespoke and you will have full creative input into how you want them to look. This class is challenging but, as with every Lindy Smith workshop, you will have Lindy and her team supporting you every step of the way. Our workshops are fun, informative and supportive.

You will be taught by Lindy herself who is recognised as one of the most exciting contemporary experts in sugarcraft. We pride ourselves on our ability to make our students feel at ease and encouraged, giving assistance where needed and space when not. You will end the workshop having created your very own Bride & Groom Topper and will have gained valuable modelling knowledge with Artista plus techniques and tips for use in all aspects of your modelling/sugarcraft.

What you need to bring:

Once you have booked your place on the  Bride & Groom Toppers class we will send you a comprehensive information pack including a list of what you need to bring.  Included in this list will be:

A photo of the bride and groom or  wedding magazine cuttings with details of wedding hair styles, flowers etc that will help you create  realistic models. Plus Artista Soft modelling medium and a selection of tools.

N.B. Many of the items you will need can be purchased in advance from us – we give you a 10% discount on class pre-orders.

What our students say:

“I had a great time on the course. You have great patience and lots of inspirational tips. Yes I got the bride and groom home in one piece. It was good to work with Artista Soft. Yes I must admit it is better to work with than sugar.” –  Nicola

“Enjoyed a brilliant two days learning how to make bride and groom toppers from Artista soft with the fantastically charismatic Lindy Smith.”  Facebook quote from Ali, Putnoe Cakes

Previous Classes:

Stylish Bride and groom cake Toppers created with sugarcraft expert Lindy Smith February 2013
Modelling bride and grooms from Artista Soft – Class with Lindy Smith March 2012

 “Truly cannot thank you all enough for a wonderful couple of days and for curing my fear of modelling! Thank you Lindy for sharing your wonderful skills/knowledge in your own amazing way and to Jane and Sarah for their wonderful organisational skills and assistance together with superb lunches! I have learned so much in addition to making some wonderful new friends.” Julie

Bride and groom toppers workshop 2011

“Hi Lindy, I had a great time really enjoyed myself, and I have been making models of doctor who! for my little boy. My family thought my bride and groom were fab!! Thank you” –  Natalie

Bride and groom modelling 2010

“This was such a fabulous course – great fun and so much to learn. I thoroughly recommend this course and Lindy’s teaching and can’t wait to go back and learn something else! Thanks for a fab couple of days.” –  Julie Gibson

Artista Soft modelling class 2009

“I had such fun on this course and as always picked up loads of tips. It was great spending a couple of days with fellow sugarnutters. The only disappointment was from my kids when they discovered that they couldn’t eat my bride and groom!”  – Suzie

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Finding out more:

If you have any further questions about our Bride & Groom Toppers class or you would like to register your interest in a future Bride & Groom Toppers class,please contact us using the contact button at the top of the page.

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